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Flamingo Earrings

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Design Concept:

Treat each other’s encounter as a little lucky—The Green Heron is a rare god among the legendary monsters of the East. Its wings can emit blue and blue firelight at night, and in case of this, it can protect the safety of Wudang Fengdeng and his family. May the little fairy with the blue heron fire cherish the people she meets and cherish every little luck.

Product story

Time is our traction line Look back thousands of times Meet in this life Love is sprouting in love The rest of the life We are each other’s hope Swing your wings to illuminate every night that has you With this lucky We go hand in hand If you ask me what I like meeting you

Product information

Product Brand: Thaya
Product Name: Flamingo Earrings
Material:925 silver needle, artificial opal, zircon
Process: electroplating, manual inlay
Weight: 2.5g
Size: 4cm/4.2cm
Style: Beautiful

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