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Starry Night Couple Rings

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Inspired by Van Gogh’s masterpiece- Starry Night, this beguiling enamel ring brings artistry in the form of jewelry. Wearing one around your fingers is like carrying a miniature version of this timeless art piece with you. It is a perfect gift for a lover intrigued by art. It would be a beautiful piece to wear together as a couple. The jewelry showcases the abstract interpretation by Van Gogh of a hill above a village in the backdrop of which lays a sky filled with stars as seen from his window.  It is designed to perfection by skilled craftsmen so as to bring only the best options for you to choose from.

  • Brand: Thaya
  • Ring height: 5mm-6mm
  • Ring Weight: 2.3g-4g
  • Ring Circumference:
    • Male Ring: 55-62mm
    • Female Ring: 48-58mm
  • Process: Handmade
  • Material: A combination of 925 Sterling Silver, gold plated cloisonne, and midnight blue enamel
Handling and care:
  • Keep out of contact with cosmetics, perfumes, and other chemicals.
  • Silver is subject to oxidation over time and wears out after some time. Wipe gently with a silver wiping cloth regularly to maintain its sheen.
  • Silver has a soft texture so one should be careful to prevent any bent.
  • Handle with care while wearing and removing.
  • Keep away from extreme heat.
  • It is recommended to keep jewelry out of the water so as to prevent any tarnish.
  • Avoid contact with other jewelry and objects which may cause resistance through friction and cause damage.
Each package includes:
  • 1 piece silver wiping cloth
  • 1 piece enamel ring
Note: The product may differ slightly from their representation in the pictures due to the difference in lighting in different monitors. Please allow slight deviation for the measurement data.
A Word From the Designer: “I have a small wish in my heart that I always make when I see a star. I wish that I am the lonely Cypress tree, painted by Van Gogh’s brush.”

Ode To Vincent Van Gogh - Starry Night Jewelry

Mention Vincent Van Gogh’s name and the first thing that’ll come to your mind is ‘Starry Night.’ Starry Night is undoubtedly Vincent Van Gogh’s one of the most celebrated artworks to ever exist. A 19th Century Oil Painting that depicts a dreamy amalgamation of isolation and hope, combined into poetry and art at the same time. Till date, the painting managed to strike a fragile cord in the hearts of people and the resonation it creates is an evidence of how it’s beauty is perpetual.

The Story Behind Starry Nights

Considered as one of the most prominent art works in the world, Starry Night was painted by Vincent van Gogh in 1889, during his stay at the asylum of Saint-Paul-de-Mausole near Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France. The artist needed medical supervision because when he suffered a breakdown, he severed his own ear with a razor. The cruel act of self-harm marked the beginning of his depression. So while he stayed at the asylum, he was a recipient of various freedoms that the other patients remained unaware of. Van Gogh could paint, write and read stuff in his room. While his mental health seemed to improve, he relapsed again. The artist soon began suffering hallucinations and even started having thoughts of suicide. The fact that he had harmed himself previously was proof that if unattended, he could even take major steps.

Van Gogh was soon engulfed by depression and the same was reflected by the tonal shift in his work. From incorporating bright colours in his work, he began using darker tones and it all began from Starry Night. The view depicted in Gogh’s painting is the one he observed from his barred bedroom window in the asylum. During his stay, he wrote various letters to his brother Theo, a fellow painter Émile Bernard and to his sister Willemien. In the letters he addressed to them, he claimed that the nights were more colorful than the day and the stars were not just mere dots, but an epitome of beauty that is a sight to behold.

Observation & Imagination

Before getting his hands on canvas and putting down his imagination, Gogh wrote to Theo-“This morning I saw the countryside from my window a long time before sunrise, with nothing but the morning star, which looked very big.” The painting is dominated by a moon and stars-filled night sky. Starry Nights seem to be turbulent as the objects are given a new definition by swirling strokes and waves. Beneath the expressive sky sits a small and hushed village of humble houses that surround a church, with mountains in the background. But above all, a cypress tree sits in the foreground of this beautiful night scene. Like a flame, it rises and reaches towards the topmost edge. While people have made various assumptions about the styles and objects used, some of them really seem to be metaphorical.

Starry Night Ring By Thaya

Starry Night is the epitome of metaphorical paintings that speaks about isolation, life, hope-all at the same time. Merchandise, drawing inspiration from this particular artwork is a sight to behold. And what could be better than artistic starry night jewelry that stays close to you all day long and reminds you of how you should never stop hustling and moving forward?

The rings are available for both men and women and are resizable from size 5 to 9 (US). Made out of S925 silver, the ring represents the beauty and hardships of life. Just as the painting is poetic and metaphorical, the ring too is full of artistic elements. The ring is a miniature version of the Starry Night painting made with a combination of midnight blue enamel, a gold-plated cloisonne, and an oil dripping design.

The blue midnight sky represents the sadness we endure in our lives when life takes on an unusual turn. The cypress tree represents the evergreen urge for humans to stay pure and positive. The stars and the moon stand as the heights of dreams and hopes that we strive for in our life. As the ring draws inspiration from one of the most prominent artworks of the late painter, it has hidden notions of motivation and a newfangled vision towards life. As a poem remains undescribed, so does an artwork. To draw the actual hidden thoughts behind it is the work of a critic. So wear your ring and be your own motivation. Make your dream come true with a perception of hope, happiness and hard work.
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Reviews (37)

37 reviews for Starry Night Couple Rings

  1. Carla Houston (verified owner)

    Great product, arrived in 20 days in Italy, very fast

  2. Kaitlyn Kristy (verified owner)


  3. Sally Selcen Stochliya (verified owner)

    Van Gogh’s Starry Night Ring · Sterling Silver with Cloisonne Enamel

  4. Abigail Akon Obro (verified owner)

    Beutiful and shiny! Love it

  5. Candice Cromwell

    Super any comments. Fast shipment

  6. Samantha Smith

    Wonderful make of art, it has arrived quite fast and overcame loads of expectations!!!

  7. Claire Divas (verified owner)

    It came very fast and it’s nice

  8. Ashley Rosa (verified owner)

    Love love love!!!!

  9. Jillian Wyatt (verified owner)

    it was too small

  10. Natosha Jacobs

    Beautiful very fine and beautiful quality

  11. Elizbeth Smith (verified owner)

    The seller packed it so good and the package arrived really fast. thanks

  12. Priscilla Alexis Canales

    Very good quality. i’m delighted with the purchase.

  13. Crystal Waston (verified owner)

    The ring is beautiful, it looked good on me. They sent me as a gift another ring thinner and smaller but still beautiful, although i was hoping for a couple of gift rings that were what they had announced to me.

  14. Janet Chua (verified owner)

    Gorgeous My wife and I are delighted

  15. Penny Albritton

    Good qualitity made and design. It fit’s on any size of finger. Fast shipping. 15 days In Italy

  16. Jimena Canavesi

    Very fast 2 weeks to peter, quality very good, keychain as a gift-banana. bought a friend until i gave. i think she will like it. thanks for the excellent goods)

  17. Emma Megan (verified owner)

    The ring is small and neat, everything is as in the description. Like it.

  18. Lisa Resnick

    Very beautiful ring, but small.

  19. Brittany Jones

    beautiful rings !!! I will be back for more anybody tested to see if this is real silver? it is too cheap to be real silver

  20. Emma Emily (verified owner)

    The parcel came very quickly, the ring came very well. I’m delighted

  21. Mikayla Dickson (verified owner)

    These rings are amazing. Super good quality and soooo pretty.

  22. Brittany Lancaster

    Beautiful, came with some gifts

  23. Jennifer Spinnin Jenny Stevens

    Nice piece of jewelry. Arrived in 2 weeks.

  24. Wesley Bates (verified owner)

    Good quality adjustable size ring Packed in a box When flash is very beautiful shines There is a sample 925 In addition to the ring the seller put here such a charm✨

  25. Cynthia Coleman


  26. Audie Dewey (verified owner)

    Excellent, i recommend the seller. Gift small put

  27. Kalee Jordan Lagrone (verified owner)

    The goods fully correspond to the description, arrived to baku in 20 days. Fully consistent with the description

  28. Rasheek Swaggallover Crowley

    Qquickest delivery i ever had, amazing ring, so beautiful. Thanks for the gifts

  29. Nancy Perez (verified owner)

    Very beautiful ring, i recommend, probably i will order more)) it came quickly)) as a gift the cutest banana))

  30. Amy Zahirski (verified owner)

    Rings received, everything corresponds to the description. Very well packed, all clear, seller recommend!

  31. JONES

    I am using this as a wedding band.I was looking for a cheap substitute because I have a newborn baby and wash my hands a lot and don’t want anything snagging her clothes or skin.This ring is perfect for me.It’s lightweight, doesn’t tarnish, flat, comfortable, and thin.It seems a little thinner than 2mm though because its kind of domed.Finger has not turned green.I tried a silicone ring before this, and it was great for about a month, but started to stretch out after that.It started to feel like I was wearing a rubberband.This one won’t stretch out, but its so thin and comfortable that I barely feel that its there.

  32. MILLER

    Super Lightweight, cute and dainty/minimalist type of ring.I got one of these for Christmas in 2018 and never took it off for over a year and it started getting dull but it still looks nice.The one I bought myself dulling now also.I wear them both 24/7 and I cook/clean/wash my hand a lot at home so I’m almost certain it’s because of that.No bending or scratching of the silver.Comes with a tiny jewelry sack for the ring as well.Can fit a few rings in the same bag if you have multiple pieces of jewelry and want to keep them together.

  33. SMITH

    I’m so glad I ordered this night ring!! Not only is it so pretty, but the quality is exceptional! It has a nice silky feel but you can tell that it’s made tough to withstand everyday use.I love that it’s made in America too.We all need to support these businesses.Thank you, I love it!

  34. GARCIA

    I work in a grocery store the grocery department 40 hours a week.That means 40 hours of lifting, pulling, pushing, and overall wear and tear on hands and any accessories.This ring.Has not turned my finger green at all (I am the palest person I know all year round) and I have worn it on stop since receiving it.I ordered it months ago! It has been through hell and back.Showers, work, playing with dogs, cooking…are there a few scratches? Yes.But this ring is sturdy as all get up and still looks great.I can’t even feel when it’s on, which, again, is ALL the time.


    I’ve worn this, nonstop, for 5 months now and I have zero complaints.My finger is still it’s natural shade. The ring hasn’t dented or worn; regardless of wearing it while working, bathing, dishwashing, and swimming.It may be small in width, but it’s magnificnent on retaining its shape & color.10/10 would buy again! However, based on the review above,


    Packaging was really good, it even came in a velvet drawstring bag.Shipping was quick.I put the ring on as soon as I got it, 1.5 weeks ago, and havent taken it off.I am a mother of 3 small kids and I have done numerous loads of dishes, given kids baths, showered with it on and it hasnt turn my finger green or any other color at all! I wear this as a wedding band because my wedding ring doesnt fit (it hasnt fit since I got pregnant with my first child if I’m being real honest lol).If I ever lose this ring I will definitely purchase another.Amazing deal and amazing price!!

  37. BROWN

    I liked the thumb rings so much I purchased two more for my pinkies.I had to order four different sizes because I was not sure what would fit.Once I figured out my size I purchased another one and easily returned the ones that were too big.This is a great seller, in my opinion.The rings are exactly as pictured and described.The rings are sturdy, no bending or warping of the shape.I have had my two thumb rings and two for my ring fingers for a while.I wear them everywhere. They are still perfectly round, extremely shiny, and always comfortable.I can wear them alone or stack with these bands or other rings.I love them!I will keep purchasing more rings from this seller.As I lose more weight my ring size changes. They are so affordable that I can buy more.I purchased two of these Sterling silver bands as thumb rings. They are beautiful and look exactly like they do in the pictures and reviews.The price is so great I am going to purchase more of these rings in different sizes for other fingers and to stack.

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