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Pink Zircon Lotus Stud Dangle Earrings

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Lotus Elegance: Thaya Pink Zircon Lotus Stud Dangle Earrings

Experience the charm of summer with Thaya’s Pink Zircon Lotus Stud Dangle Earrings. Enthusiastic lotus blooms, creative design, and agile tassel embellishments make these earrings fine jewelry for every occasion. Embrace the elegance of the lotus with this unique accessory that rises to the sun, symbolizing purity and beauty. 1. Enthusiastic Lotus Blooms Step into the world of enchantment with Thaya’s Pink Zircon Lotus Stud Dangle Earrings. These earrings, inspired by the summer series, let the lotus become enthusiastic as it blooms with the heat of the season. Dive into the allure of the lotus, a symbol of purity and beauty. 2. Rise to the Sun: Summer Series Charm Experience the charm of the summer series with earrings that rise to the sun. Thaya’s design, inspired by Chinese solar terms, fuses the essence of Chinese culture into a new life derived from the classics. The style is in its own right, interpreting infinite possibilities for those who wear these earrings. 3. Blooming Lotus Creative Design The creative design of these Pink Zircon Lotus Stud Dangle Earrings unfolds a blooming lotus using electroplated pink zircon. Hand-inlaid white zircon embellishes the lotus, creating a fresh and refined look. The shape of a lotus pond is represented, with electroplated dark green zircon mimicking the lotus leaf, infusing the earrings with the delightful flavour of summer. 4. Agile Tassel Embellishment Delight in the agile beauty of tassel embellishments that add movement and playfulness to the earrings. As you wear these, feel the gentle sway that mimics the breeze over a lotus pond. The asymmetrical design on both sides adds a touch of personality, making these earrings a unique and expressive accessory. Creative Design:
  • Use electroplated pink zircon to create a blooming lotus, hand-inlaid white zircon embellishes the lotus, fresh and refined
  • The shape of a lotus pond, the electroplated dark green zircon represents the lotus leaf, full of summer flavour
  • Tassel embellishment, agile
  • Asymmetrical design on both sides, more personality
Product information:
  • Product Brand: THAYA
  • Name: Pink Zircon Lotus Stud Dangle Earrings
  • Material: Copper platinum, silver needle, pink zircon, synthetic cubic zircon, artificial crystal
  • Process: electroplating, inlay, carving
  • Weight: 3g
  • Size: 3.2cm/3.2cm
  • Design idea: Lotus
  • Colour: Silver colour, pink zircon
  • Shapepattern: Plant
Handling and Care Instructions:
  • Keep out of contact with cosmetics, perfumes, and other chemicals.
  • Handle with care while wearing and removing.
  • Keep away from extreme heat.
  • It is recommended to keep jewellery out of the water to prevent any tarnish.
  • Avoid contact with other jewellery and objects, which may cause resistance through friction and cause damage.
Tips: 1. Avoid contact with chemical products 2. Avoid wearing for a long time 3. Avoid acid and alkali and humid environment 4. Avoid being hit by impact and hard objects 5. Avoid wearing when bathing or sweating 6. Do not let children play to prevent accidental swallowing  


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