2022 Accessory Trends: Jewelry Stacking

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Everyone loves jewelry, and wearing just one piece of jewelry can get monotonous and boring. This is why we present to you- Jewelry stacking. This trend is sweeping the media by storm and is extremely popular among celebrities and influencers. In a nutshell, jewelry stacking is the process of enhancing an outfit by layering several necklaces, rings, or even bracelets.

It’s the best way to express yourself as freely as you need to. We at Thaya Jewels absolutely adore that about stacking—you can be as bold or as feminine as you want to be! Getting creative with your ideas has never been more fashionable than this!


Why will it not? When you layer your jewelry, you can wear any necklace you want, whether it’s a silver or gold one, and you never have to worry about looking out of place. You can wear both of them to the dinner you’re planning to go to! Nowadays, when most trends come and go, we know that the best ones always come back, thus we bring you back- Stacking jewleelry.

Switching up your stacks with a few staple pieces can give you various new looks fit for every occasion.The versatility this trend provides is impeccable; it’s no wonder why it comes back around every time! Only this time, it’s here to stay.


Celebs love their jewelry! With our classic jewelry, Thaya Jewels can assist you in achieving these types of looks. Deepika Padukone, Rihanna, as well as Billie Eilish, are frequently spotted following this trend. Its hand downs one of their best kept secrets to jaw dropping outfits that we cant take our eyes off! The Hadid Sisters have jumped on the bandwagon and are the queens of pulling off this look.

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This Hadid sister is constantly spotted stacking her jewelry. For her birthday, Gigi Hadid is seen here rocking this style. Best Birthday fit in existence? We saw hell-yeah!

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She’s living proof that any fit can be jaw-dropping with this jewelry stacking wave! We often see Bella Hadid wear simple outfits and elevate them with stackable jewelry, and we are here for it!


Stacking can get tricky. It might appear tacky if done incorrectly and improperly. There are a few straightforward guidelines for stacking; follow these fundamentals, and you’re ready to start!

  • RINGS:

Rings can be a great anamnesis for important milestones as well as people around you that you adore. One of the most sentimental types of jewelry out there, rings serve as a reminder of your loved one, best friend, or family. Stacking these can be fairly simple.

Here is a little to-do list for your guidance:

  • Always start with simple rings first. Glamour them up into more interesting pieces as you go. It will enable you to make the most of each item in your jewelry collection.
  • Stack strong multiple layers on 2-3 fingers / minimal stacking on all fingers. Using either one of the two will make your hands look oh-so-artsy.
  • Use different ring width sizes as well as textures for a more put together look.

Here are a few rings from Thaya Jewels we strongly recommend:

If you have an admiration for minimal silver jewlery, heres a stackable ring you will love!


Necklaces are one of the best ways to accentuate your entire outfit. However, they are the trickiest to crack, but we always see celebrities do it so effortlessly. We’re here to tell you how with the following tips:

  • Use a statement choker with dainty sterling silver chains or vice versa, but remember to have only either 1-2 bold statement pieces for your neck.

  • Use varying lengths for your neck pieces.

  • Mixing different metals. Wearing that silver chain necklace or that 18k gold chain is not something you have to settle on. Wear them both!

  • To make the stack more distinctively you, experiment with different shapes and textures. Use your imagination and charms, gemstones, and diamonds, etc. Go all in!

  • Layered Necklaces are your best friends. It makes stacking extremely easy.

  • Remember to always use both neutral as well as strong pieces when stacking. Stacking is essentially the beautiful collaboration of both these types of jewelry.


Bracelets exentuatate one of the most beautiful parts about the woman, her delicate hands.


  • 1. Start with one statement bracelet and base the rest of your stack on it. It will make your hands appear less unkempt.
  • 2. Once you have your statement piece, use smaller and more minimal looking pieces that complement the same. One thing about stacking that we love is, there are no boundaries. So go all out! Here are our suggestions:
  • 3. Thats it, add as many layers as you want and have stacking that beautiful wrist of yours! As long as it doesn’t become excessively bulky and heavy, you can add a couple of statement pieces and build the stack around them. Unless you want it too, who cares as long as you feel good about it!
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Pro tip: Charm bracelets are the best statement bracelets. It is highly recommended that you use a product similar to this one from Thaya Jewels:

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For a more simple look, we suggest something that looks like this piece from Thaya Jewels :

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For the days we feel a lil extra and feel like going all out, we recommend using filler bracelets like this one:

That was the complete A-Z of the jewelry stacking trend that is here to stay! We strongly recommend you try this out A well-put-together stacking look can make your look go from a 7 to a 10 in no time. Although it can be a little difficult, if you use our advice, you should be fine. Once you crack the code, you’ll have consistently stunning looks that will make heads turn.

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