A Song Of Ice & Fire: Thaya Dragon Jewelry

As a kid all our stories had fire-breathing dragons, creatures we at once feared but revered. With immense strength and the power to subdue anything around them, dragons were mythical creatures one learnt courage from. Sporting one of Thaya dragon jewelry will not only make you stand out but also let you feel the spirit course through your blood as you get ready to face every challenge that your daily life has to throw at you. The Thaya dragon series made of sterling silver are designs that are sleek, a perfect blend of fire and ice and will let your spirit soar through the sky.

Dragons are creatures we come across in our fairytale living in mythical lands, zealously guarding kingdoms and treasures. Dragons are an appropriation for the age of chivalry. Dragons rouse us to seek deep within us who we really are and have the courage to present that to the world without anything holding you back. 

With sleek designs made from sterling silver that will last a long time, you can wear these statement pieces anytime, anywhere. We can vouch that people will stop in their tracks to admire them. Go live your dashing fairytale on the back of a dragon, for who can stop the warrior in you?

1. Dragon Tail Earrings

These Best-selling earrings are a tale in themselves. A unisex piece, this creation from the Thaya dragon jewelry series is a blend of modernity while keeping the tradition of the mythical creature alive. The beauty is enhanced further with a dangling star taking you on a ride through space. The  build ensures that the clip doesn’t fall off with an additional gold plating that adds lustre to it. The piece inspires bravery being influenced by a dragon knight, get ready to take on your battles without fear with this work.

Designers at Thaya Jewels have produced a line of timeless classic earrings that any woman can wear, checkout our Style Guide to know more.

Thaya dragon jewelry

2. Dragon’s Breath Pendant Necklace

This alluring piece has a stud in the center which is a magical sight to behold and will give a peek into the emotions that roil in your heart. The dome is made of a multicolored crystal, with a rich antique look. This is a necklace that is meant to be a wake up call and make you look ahead with your head held high, like the majestic creature you wear on your skin. This is a unique creation from the Thaya dragon jewelry series.

Thaya dragon jewelry

3. Dragon Horn Tassels

This new pair from Thaya dragon jewelry that will catch your eyes because of a design you have never encountered before. As a child the horns of a dragon were a source of vivid imagination to take over and weave tales that went beyond our colored storybooks. To possess one as an adult would be a dream come true, if only one came with a kingdom. The swirling pattern is an original design and will blend your reality into a whirl of beautiful imagination. With sterling silver as its raw material, you can wear it without the fear of irritating your skin.

Thaya dragon jewelry
4. Dragon Phoenix Couple Rings

If you are a dreamy couple ready to bravely take on the challenges of the world, this set is perfect for you. Drawn from the rich heritage of Chinese tradition, the work brings together two of the bravest creatures to grace our books and our dream worlds- the phoenix and the dragon. Both teach you the power of fire to create and resurrect, not destroy, a sign of immense greatness. The two rings have complementing colors of blue and purple with slight embellishments that will look beautiful when worn in a pair. A match made in heaven, this piece will be a reflection of how well you two work together to win against a world meant to take you down. 

Thaya dragon jewelry
5. Tri-Stone Chain Bracelet

The three scales represent scales of a dragon held together by a string of silver. Each scale has a slightly different color with white zirconium embellishment. The elegant design will look beautiful adorning your hands and will enhance the overall beauty of your outfit with its slight presence. Neither too jazzy nor too bland, this is the perfect fit from Thaya dragon jewelry for every occasion from fancy dinner dates to an office meeting you have to rock. 

Thaya dragon jewelry

‘If the sky could dream, it would dream of dragons’- this quote stays with us, being awed by the prowess of this regal creature from time immemorial. Fire up the dragons in your life and conquer every fear, every failure. Fear not, the strength seated deep within your heart will never fail you. From learning to be scared of dragons to growing up to appreciate their sheer strength and regality, life progresses. We hope this article has given you pieces that you would love as much as we do. Be potent and mighty, and bring to life what Tolkien said- ‘Never laugh at live dragons.’ 

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