2020’s Top Stories On Jewelry Trends

Jewellery plays a vital role in our overall look. The kind of jewelleries we choose tells a lot about our outfits and the way we want to present ourselves. While we keep up with the present fashion trends and try blending it with our style, somehow we fail to inculcate the jewellery trends not only because we prefer minimalist jewelleries as our go to pieces, but often we cut out accessories from our fashion bucket list.

In the article, we’ll be taking you through the year 2020 and the jewellery trends associated with it. So as you reach towards the end of the article we hope you’ll get a clear idea of how jewellery becomes a breathtaking part of a glamorous look.


1. Layered Neck-pieces

While 2020 was all about Quarantine and Lockdown, it didn’t stop people from exploring some never ending fashion aesthetic. One such trend is ‘Layering.’ Whether you’re opting for a bold Turtleneck or a V-neck Top, layered neck-pieces are capable of elevating your entire look. All you’ve got to do is make sure you keep in mind the kind of look you desire: Subtle or Bold. Then pick up perfect pieces for layering to add shimmers to your outfit.

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Layered Necklace at Etsy


2. Statement Chokers

Whether you’re opting for a bold and audacious look or simply choosing an effortless look, Chokers can genuinely change your entire outfit game. If you’re up for showing off your ‘bad girl’ outfit, then go for gothic chokers without a doubt. And if you’re keen on witnessing your inner diva, get your hands over adorned chokers that are way too beautiful to be left out.

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Rhinestone Decor Choker at Shein


3. Mismatched Earrings 

Well, when we say Mismatched Earrings, we don’t actually mean a pair or two totally different Earrings. Mismatched Earrings are made in such a way that they appear different in designs but still look like they belong together. While the fashion industry is evolving every now and then, jewelleries trends are setting up the bars. And amidst all this, mismatched earrings have found their way out. While this trend might seem too weird to be followed, it actually looks great.

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Mismatched Earrings at Thaya


4. Charm Bracelets

Picking up charm bracelets over plain ones is a complete mood. These, not only impart a different element to your styling but the charms also speak a lot about your personality because of course, we pick up charms that we feel are relatable to our interests and who we are as a person. And an advantage being: these can never go out of style and are a trendy piece of jewellery.

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Charm Bracelets at Ruby Lane


5. Midi Rings

Wearing just one or two rings went out of style long ago. Now it’s the era of Midi Rings that have taken over the Ring trends. This set of rings impart a bohemian and carefree look to your personality and outfits. So if you’re someone who prefers de-glam jewellery that aren’t way too funky, these are just made for you. And the best part being: these can go along with a number of outfits.

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Midi Rings at Bling Jewellery

There are a lot of jewellery trends that came to might last year, but not every trend is followable. So we picked up for you 5 jewellery trends that are easily accessible. Now turn that jewellery game on!

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