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Ultimate Guide to Chain Pendants – A Number Of Tips To Save Your Day!

Ultimate Guide to Chain Pendants – A Number Of Tips To Save Your Day!

∙ Marie Tomsen

Ultimate Guide to Chain Pendants - A Number Of Tips To Save Your Day! Thaya Jewels Chain Pendants

We choose how we represent ourselves to the world when we consciously choose what we wear. We may also have an aptness to dress in a way that conveys our emotions. Even the jewelry we choose to wear can influence the traits we develop.

At Thaya Jewels, we strive to create jewelry that is as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible in order to support the wise decisions of our beloved consumers. The pendant is of good quality and appears elegant. It enhances your outfits with a dainty touch, flatters women of all ages, and is a wonderful present choice to honor the beauty of women.

A necklace with a pendant is an easy and stylish way to give your clothing some more flare. We have pendants for all of your emotions, from elegant to eccentric. Without a doubt, the focal point and the centerpiece of any outfit is a pendant necklace.


  • Do pick a pendant that is either lighter than the chain or equal to it in weight. The lifespan of the chain holding may be shortened if a pendant is heavy and it may cause a premature tear.

  • Avoid selecting a chain that is extremely intricate since it could distract from the pendant. Simple chains are preferable since they go well with pendants.

  • Do coordinate the pendant’s color with the chain’s color. We suggest using sterling silver chains if you want to wear a silver pendant.

Some popular pendant shapes include heart designs, zodiac signs, and monogram initials.  

Thaya provide pendants made of silver that are recognized for their distinctive brightness, divine beauty, and cost-effectiveness. They are adaptable and not only give any appearance an exquisite touch.
  • 1. Know Your Style

    To pull off the appearance, accessorizing your outfit is also essential. If you don’t want to dress up gaudy, consider going through our style guide or   pick something that can match both your formal and informal attire. You can look great with a pendant and a short chain.

    1. 2. Avoid Layering Unless Necessary

      You wish to wear your favorite pendant chains and necklaces with certain outfits. One of the worst blunders is to wear several chains, pendants, and necklaces at once. You can choose minimal silver jewelry from Thaya  to provide a hint of opulence and refinement.

      1. 3. Do Ensure Purity

        When purchasing jewelry, the metal may not always be legitimate or may not even be in its purest form. Always make quality investments, and make sure to read the fine print. Thaya chain necklaces provide authentic, statement pieces that are created just for you.

        1. 4. Add a Dash of Individuality

          You can choose pendants that represent your individuality if you wish to define yourself via your jewelry. Pendants with initials, zodiac signs, and many more are excellent examples of this category.

          5. NECKLACE LENGTHS:

          Necklaces that are 16 inches or shorter fall just above the base of the neck and are designed to draw attention to the neckline.

          • Princess length, which ranges from 17 to 19 inches and falls over the collarbones, is the most popular length.

          • Opera length chains, also known as matinee necklaces, are typically worn with tops or dresses and are 24 inches long.

          • Rope length chains are at least 30 inches long and are typically worn without a pendant.

          Ultimate Guide to Chain Pendants - A Number Of Tips To Save Your Day! Thaya Jewels Chain Pendants 1
          • 6. Keep Additional Accessories to a Minimum

            Pendants make a statement when worn as jewelry. They typically receive a lot of attention because of their size and length. Be cautious when accessorizing a pendant if you are wearing one. Be sparing with additional jewelry and accessories.

            For instance, try not to pair a pendant necklace with large, dangling earrings. Choose little bulb earrings instead. Also, acceptable accessories include a watch, a tiny ring, or a dainty bracelet.

          • 7. Clean Your Jewels

            If you look closely at the jewelry you frequently wear or that has possibly been sitting unused for some time, you’ll probably find that it appears dirty, dull, and far from shining.

            You should take extra measures to preserve your jewelry from moisture if you reside in a humid environment. A humidity absorber placed close to where you keep your jewelry can be helpful. Regular cleaning will also help prevent tarnish on your silver jewelry.

            Finally, wearing your jewels frequently can assist to slow down the tarnishing process because the metal will aid to keep it clean by rubbing up against your skin.

          Ultimate Guide to Chain Pendants - A Number Of Tips To Save Your Day! Thaya Jewels Chain Pendants 4

          8. A Perfect Gift:

          Gift-giving should be enjoyable, right? Giving makes you happy, and the person you’re helping is moved by your kindness. Giving gifts can sometimes be stressful. There is pressure to provide the nicest gift possible, stay inside the right price range, not be overly personal but also not be impersonal. Be on time and make it memorable, by gifting an elegant pendant such as “Gift With a Bow Necklace”

          Choosing a pendant and chain is a very personal decision that ultimately depends on what you’re looking for. Select the one you prefer since keep in mind that these are classic pieces. Additionally, be sure to properly store your jewelry to prevent lustre loss. The best course of action is to store them in the box they arrived in and avoid packing too many necklaces into one package. Additionally, watch out for bent necklaces as these weaken the buckles. Also, look through some quick tips to keep your jewelry organized.

          We sincerely hope that some of our best pendant necklace designs have encouraged you to express yourself to the fullest. You may elevate your accessory game by expanding your jewelry collection with pendant necklaces.

          Wearing something that makes you feel and look amazing is all that matters, whether you’re searching for the ideal silver pendant, necklace, or any combination thereof. Therefore, feel free to experiment with various designs while you’re at it to determine which will complement your already stunning form. It’s time to upgrade your appearance by finding your ideal jewelry at  Thaya Jewels.

          Why are you holding out? Enjoy your shopping!

          Looking for a stylish pendant? Discover our comprehensive guide to find the ideal fit. Using the amazing selection of Necklace & Pendants, inspire the miracles that are tucked inside you.

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          2024 Accessory Trends: Jewelry Stacking

          2022 Accessory Trends: Jewelry Stacking

          ∙ Marie Tomsen

          2024 Accessory Trends: Jewelry Stacking Thaya Jewelry Stacking


          Everyone loves jewelry, and wearing just one piece of jewelry can get monotonous and boring. This is why we present to you- Jewelry stacking. This trend is sweeping the media by storm and is extremely popular among celebrities and influencers. In a nutshell, jewelry stacking is the process of enhancing an outfit by layering several necklaces, rings, or even bracelets.

          It’s the best way to express yourself as freely as you need to. We at Thaya Jewels absolutely adore that about stacking—you can be as bold or as feminine as you want to be! Getting creative with your ideas has never been more fashionable than this!


          Why will it not? When you layer your jewelry, you can wear any necklace you want, whether it’s a silver or gold one, and you never have to worry about looking out of place. You can wear both of them to the dinner you’re planning to go to! Nowadays, when most trends come and go, we know that the best ones always come back, thus we bring you back- Stacking jewleelry.

          Switching up your stacks with a few staple pieces can give you various new looks fit for every occasion.The versatility this trend provides is impeccable; it’s no wonder why it comes back around every time! Only this time, it’s here to stay.


          Celebs love their jewelry! With our classic jewelry, Thaya Jewels can assist you in achieving these types of looks. Deepika Padukone, Rihanna, as well as Billie Eilish, are frequently spotted following this trend. Its hand downs one of their best kept secrets to jaw dropping outfits that we cant take our eyes off! The Hadid Sisters have jumped on the bandwagon and are the queens of pulling off this look.

          2024 Accessory Trends: Jewelry Stacking Thaya Jewelry Stacking 6 2024 Accessory Trends: Jewelry Stacking Thaya Jewelry Stacking 7

          This Hadid sister is constantly spotted stacking her jewelry. For her birthday, Gigi Hadid is seen here rocking this style. Best Birthday fit in existence? We saw hell-yeah!

          2024 Accessory Trends: Jewelry Stacking Thaya Jewelry Stacking 2 2024 Accessory Trends: Jewelry Stacking Thaya Jewelry Stacking 3

          She’s living proof that any fit can be jaw-dropping with this jewelry stacking wave! We often see Bella Hadid wear simple outfits and elevate them with stackable jewelry, and we are here for it!

          HOW TO STACK?

          Stacking can get tricky. It might appear tacky if done incorrectly and improperly. There are a few straightforward guidelines for stacking; follow these fundamentals, and you’re ready to start!

          • RINGS:

          Rings can be a great anamnesis for important milestones as well as people around you that you adore. One of the most sentimental types of jewelry out there, rings serve as a reminder of your loved one, best friend, or family. Stacking these can be fairly simple.

          Here is a little to-do list for your guidance:

          • Always start with simple rings first. Glamour them up into more interesting pieces as you go. It will enable you to make the most of each item in your jewelry collection.

          • Stack strong multiple layers on 2-3 fingers / minimal stacking on all fingers. Using either one of the two will make your hands look oh-so-artsy.

          • Use different ring width sizes as well as textures for a more put together look.

          Here are a few rings from Thaya Jewels we strongly recommend:

          If you have an admiration for minimal silver jewlery, heres a stackable ring you will love!

          • NECKLACES:

          Necklaces are one of the best ways to accentuate your entire outfit. However, they are the trickiest to crack, but we always see celebrities do it so effortlessly. We’re here to tell you how with the following tips:

          • Use a statement choker with dainty sterling silver chains or vice versa, but remember to have only either 1-2 bold statement pieces for your neck.

          • Use varying lengths for your neck pieces.

          • Mixing different metals. Wearing that silver chain necklace or that 18k gold chain is not something you have to settle on. Wear them both!

          • To make the stack more distinctively you, experiment with different shapes and textures. Use your imagination and charms, gemstones, and diamonds, etc. Go all in!

          • Layered Necklaces are your best friends. It makes stacking extremely easy.

          • Remember to always use both neutral as well as strong pieces when stacking. Stacking is essentially the beautiful collaboration of both these types of jewelry.

          • BRACELETS:

          Bracelets exentuatate one of the most beautiful parts about the woman, her delicate hands.


          • 1. Start with one statement bracelet and base the rest of your stack on it. It will make your hands appear less unkempt.

          • 2. Once you have your statement piece, use smaller and more minimal looking pieces that complement the same. One thing about stacking that we love is, there are no boundaries. So go all out! Here are our suggestions:

          • 3. Thats it, add as many layers as you want and have stacking that beautiful wrist of yours! As long as it doesn’t become excessively bulky and heavy, you can add a couple of statement pieces and build the stack around them. Unless you want it too, who cares as long as you feel good about it!

          • 2024 Accessory Trends: Jewelry Stacking Thaya Jewelry Stacking 8

            Pro tip: Charm bracelets are the best statement bracelets. It is highly recommended that you use a product similar to this one from Thaya Jewels:

            Read more →

          • 2024 Accessory Trends: Jewelry Stacking Thaya Jewelry Stacking 9

            For a more simple look, we suggest something that looks like this piece from Thaya Jewels :

            Read more →

          • 2024 Accessory Trends: Jewelry Stacking Hc60e9c99ce144505941ea916500831649

            For the days we feel a lil extra and feel like going all out, we recommend using filler bracelets like this one:

            Read more →

          That was the complete A-Z of the jewelry stacking trend that is here to stay! We strongly recommend you try this out A well-put-together stacking look can make your look go from a 7 to a 10 in no time. Although it can be a little difficult, if you use our advice, you should be fine. Once you crack the code, you’ll have consistently stunning looks that will make heads turn.


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          Everything You Need To Know About Pearls

          Everything you need to know about Pearls

          Even though there are many attractive and glittering gemstones, only one is given the status of “Queen of Gems,” and that gemstone is famously known as a pearl. Have you seen that beauty? For good reason, pearls have become the most treasured gemstone of all time. In the course of human history, pearl jewelry has emerged as an embodiment of virtue and elegance. Since they were so uncommon and expensive, pearls were mainly valued by royalty and the powerful. Julius Caesar, the renowned emperor of ancient Rome, even enacted a law forbidding the wearing of pearls by members of the lower classes.

          Everything You Need To Know About Pearls image2

          It is clear from your appearance here that you are craving the same surge of affection that pearl jewellery brings to us. For your benefit, we at Thaya Jewels have gathered all the essential knowledge about pearls and pearl jewellery for you here. We highly urge you to explore every bit of information provided here so you can leave with no questions and the ideal pearl jewellery in your mind.

          Types of Pearl on basis of formation and water

          Do you know that pearls are the sole jewels to originate from a living thing, which is why they are known as everlasting precious stones? Pearls typically fall into one of two categories depending on the act of formation. They are mainly cultured and natural pearls.

          Everything You Need To Know About Pearls Thaya Jewels Natural Pearls

          Natural Pearls

          An oyster, mollusc, or clam will produce a pearl if an irritating particle—such as a shell piece or a parasite—becomes lodged inside the animal. As a defence mechanism, they start to produce fluid layers that are known as nacre. A stunning natural pearl is created from the layers that were first produced to shield the oyster, mollusc, or clam against foreign irritants. This natural process takes a lengthy period—it can even take years!

          Are you aware that only one pearl can be found in ten thousand wild oysters? We now understand why natural pearls are among the world’s most valuable gems. It makes perfect sense why pearls are becoming extremely highly priced!

          Everything You Need To Know About Pearls image1

          Cultured Pearls

          On the other hand, pearls that are obtained through human direct participation are known as cultured pearls. A nucleus is artificially placed into the oyster’s tissue by farmers. When the oyster perceives it as an irritation, it rushes to wrap it in thin coatings of nacre. Who is more skilled at what they do than nature? These gorgeous pearls are created artificially by this procedure. Cultured pearls make up a large proportion of the pearls sold currently.

          You might be surprised to learn that the first person to make a cultured pearl, Kokichi Mikimoto, took almost two decades. His breakthrough not only benefited millions of creatures but also completely transformed the pearl industry!

          There are numerous methods to categorize pearls, but were you aware that a pearl’s luster and pricing can greatly vary depending on where it was grown and, more particularly, what kind of water it was in? There are two varieties of pearls based on the type of water. These are primarily freshwater and saltwater pearls.

          Everything You Need To Know About Pearls Thaya Jewels Freshwater Pearls

          Freshwater Pearls

          Freshwater pearls are produced by mollusks that are found in streams and rivers, as well as ponds. Despite being smaller than saltwater pearls, freshwater pearls have a larger range of forms and hues. They are a popular option for everyday jewelry because they are less pricey than saltwater pearls. Freshwater pearls don’t have as much gloss or luster as saltwater pearls.

          Everything You Need To Know About Pearls Thaya Jewels Saltwater Pearls

          Saltwater Pearls

          The oysters that dwell in saltwater conditions, such as the ocean, are the source of saltwater pearls. In comparison to freshwater pearls, saltwater pearls are larger, have a smaller variety of shapes, and are more frequently white or off-white with tints of either gold or silver. Compared to freshwater pearls, saltwater pearls are much more highly priced and showcase a more dazzling lustre and elegance.

          Why is original pearl jewelry so expensive?

          Pearls, which were originally a legendary portrayal of the goddess Aphrodite’s happy tears, evolved into symbols of richness, grandeur, and beauty. For starters, Marie Antoinette’s pearl pendant, being the most priced natural pearl ever bought at auction, fetched $32 million at a Sotheby’s sale in 2018. Here are a few factors that explain why original pearl jewellery is so expensive.

          Everything You Need To Know About Pearls image4
          • Rarity

            Divers have demonstrated over a very long period of time that natural pearls are on the verge of extinction. As a result, they are currently difficult to locate on the ocean’s surface. Original pearl jewellery has grown noticeably more expensive in society as a result of its scarcity.

          • Size and Shape

            Original pearl jewelry that features drop-shaped and precisely circular pearls can be very expensive. In terms of size, a pearl’s price will often increase as it becomes bigger.

          • Colour

            The value of pearl jewellery increases when it contains pearls that are naturally black in hue or unusual colours like gold. For instance, Tahitian pearl jewellery can cost anywhere from $500 to more than $25,000 due to its rare dark colour.

          Explore Thaya Jewels inexpensive pearl and sterling jewelry collection

          For years, Thaya Jewels has been committed to producing and promoting exquisitely designed pearl jewellery that is also reasonably priced. For individuals with unique personalities like you, our brilliant designers have produced stunning minimalist pearl jewellery using freshwater pearls with excellent S925 sterling silver and gold plating. Explore below for some of our best-loved pearl jewellery.

          • Everything You Need To Know About Pearls image6

            Red Fox Pearl Necklace

            The form of a fox’s face is created using an oval gemstone and sterling silver components. The vivid red stone has a rich shine because it is made of a rare natural freshwater pearl. It also has white zirconium gems inlaid in it for enhanced glamour.

            Read more →

          • Everything You Need To Know About Pearls image3

            Pandora Pearl Bracelet

            As the name implies, this bracelet will astound everyone in your vicinity. Elegant 14k gold strings are used to interlace the freshwater pearls. This stylish, minimalist pearl jewelry is made of lovely colors and serves as a reflection of grace and solace.

            Read more →

          • Everything You Need To Know About Pearls image7

            Fish Scale Earrings

            The earrings were delicately crafted by hand and have the appearance of fish fins. In creating this wonderful minimalist jewelry, Thaya Jewels excelled. They interweave pins composed of S925 sterling silver with copper-plated platinum on top. The pearl stones that hang from the earrings make them stand out from a distance.

            Read more →

          • Everything You Need To Know About Pearls image5

            Moon Natural Pearl Pendant

            The pendant features a swinging crescent moon carved from a blue crystal that changes colour and has a sparkling halo. Natural oyster pearls add a more rich shine and are used to create lovely white florals. To achieve the maximum minimalism Thaya Jewels yearns for, this pearl jewellery is further embellished with floral accents and a triangular tassel.

            Read more →

          How to handle and care for our Thaya Pearls and Thaya Sterling Silver

          • Avoid pearl jewellery coming into contact with chemicals, perfumes, and cosmetics.

          • While putting on and taking off, handle carefully.

          • Avert pearl jewellery and sterling silver from intense heat.

          • To avoid tarnish, it is advised to keep jewellery away from the water.

          • Avoid touch with other jewellery and items as this could lead to resistance from friction and damage.

          Pearl jewelry is absolutely gorgeous and timeless. These skillfully designed natural objects might serve as the perfect accessory for any woman. From the history of pearls to pearl types, and pearl origins, you can learn everything you need to know about pearls from this article. Check out the elegant collection of minimalist Thaya pearl jewelry, and show your love by purchasing one!

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          Gift Beautiful Thaya Constellation Pendant On Your Bff’s Birthday

          A diamond isn’t a girl’s best friend. It’s her best friend who is a diamond!

          The importance of our loved ones has become increasingly evident in recent years, and nailing your best-friend gifts is a great way to show your appreciation for those who are always there for you. Because you are pretty well informed on your right-hand’s likes, dislikes, and things they truly need this year, shopping for your best friend won’t be quite as difficult as shopping for a partner or a colleague. Make her day with one of the prettiest necklaces and Constellation Pendant this season.

          Constellation Pendant

          Take a look at – my Thaya guide for the perfect affordable jewelry gifts for that best friend who can make you laugh even when you’re in a bad mood, who always answers the phone no matter how late it is, and who is the first to pop the cork if there’s a reason to celebrate right here:

          The Thaya Constellation Collection

          1. Constellation Pendant Charms

          1. Constellation Pendant Charms

          This handpicked selection of pendant charms includes many constellations found as a group of stars in the sky. The astrological sun and moon signs are also derived from these constellations, making the jewelry unique to each individual. It’s constructed of sterling silver of international high quality. The pendant is created using an electroplating process, after which it is embellished with hand-inlaid cubic zircon spars for added shine. Expert artisans have meticulously crafted this one-of-a-kind design to create a stunning piece that will elevate your attire. Combine these pendants with the DIY series’ chains. A single pendant weighs about 2.1g and is1.5 x 1.4cm in size.

          2. Constellation Pendant

          2. Constellation Pendant

          Thaya is inspired by a beautiful river, Moravian Thaya in Central Europe, the longest tributary to the river Morava. The country where aspirations and reality collide, inspiring us to produce genuine works of art. Hence, the Constellation Pendant was inspired by the magnificent cosmos brimming with stars and vibrant colors. The pendant is fashioned like a coin and is covered in colorful crystals, used to engrave the stars in black and white to form constellation designs. A sturdy chain with a star tag is also included. It’s light and comfortable to wear. Made of Copper, an antimicrobial and antifungal metal, it makes the pendants hypoallergenic and safe to wear for long periods.

          3. Galaxy Neckpiece

          3. Galaxy Neckpiece

          A neckpiece is a distinctive accessory, and what makes it more beautiful? A design inspired by a galaxy filled with stars and colorful hues. Part of the trendy minimal jewels we offer, the Galaxy Neckpiece has an interactive layered design that includes a spar-like structure that resembles a constellation, as well as tiny beads and star pendants. Our designers have paid special attention to the tiniest of details to ensure our customers get only the best. Magical designs have been enhanced with tiny translucent crystals. Created with 925 Sterling Silver and Copper, the necklace is suitable for all skin types.

          4. Van Gogh’s Starry Night Jewelry Set

          4. Van Gogh's Starry Night Jewelry Set

          This collection offers art-inspired jewels inspired by Van Gogh’s masterwork – Starry Night and features artistry in the form of jewelry. Wearing an item from this collection is like carrying about a miniature replica of the everlasting work of art. It’s the ideal present for anyone interested in art. As viewed from his window, the necklace depicts Van Gogh’s abstract portrayal of a hill above a settlement, with a sky filled with stars in the background. Our expert artisans meticulously craft it to ensure that you have only the most outstanding options to add to your wardrobe. The dreamy Van Gogh’s Starry Night Jewelry Set includes a necklace, earrings, bracelet, and a set of couple rings.

          5. Midsummer Night’s Dream Necklace

          5. Midsummer Night's Dream Necklace

          The night sky twinkles with stars while fireflies brighten the damp forest. In a Midsummer Night’s Dream, you will be transported to the Blue Planet, where you may embark on a journey of undiscovered adventures, unraveling the mysteries of freedom and tenderness while discovering the light of your future desires. The Midsummer Night’s Dream Necklace’s main body is made of electroplating s925 silver, and the double-chain design adds to the impression of layering.

          There are fireflies of varying sizes fluttering their wings on the chain, guiding them onward. The main pendant at the center holds a blue planet with a silver outer ring, and the artificial pearls are plated with a starry blue tint. The manually inlaid zirconium represents the Polaris star in the middle of the outer ring, which grants every wish. The precise color matching recreates the beautiful magic between literature and art, conjuring up a dream of summer nights.

          6. Starry Wings Pendant

          6. Starry Wings Pendant

          The Starry Wings Pendant is a stunning neckpiece that radiates modernity, minimalism, positivity, and beauty. A wing-like structure surrounds the hoop on the chain neckpiece, with a compass star connected in the center. Small compass stars are also added to the chain. Wings are associated with freedom, spirituality, liberty, and protection, while stars are associated with good fortune, purity, and aspiration. The piece is constructed of pure 925 sterling silver with no impurities, making it hypoallergenic and safe to wear for a long time. 

          7. Moon Layered Anchor Necklace

          7. Moon Layered Anchor Necklace

          This thaya moon-inspired jewelry is meticulously detailed and beautiful in its interpretation of a nautical pattern. An anchor pendant hangs from a hoop-like construction on the neckpiece. At the center of the pendant is a blue-colored stone that resembles the moon and adds a pop of color! A tiny starry chain pendant is also attached to the main pattern of the necklace to give it a layered effect. It’s made in such a way that both designs look like they belong together. Gift your best friend our Moon Layered Anchored Neckpiece on their birthday to show them that they are out of this world!

          So it’s only natural that you’d want to show your BFF how much you appreciate them for being there for you and, more importantly, never criticizing you. Finding a truly unique present can be difficult, but not that we’ve got you covered; you could give her a delicate necklace or pendant chain — or even buy one for each of you to switch on occasions. Visit the Thaya Jewels website for more such sterling silver jewelry gift ideas. You can also check out our new Constellation Necklace collection here.

          Tips To Keep Your Jewelry Organized

          Untangle the stress in your life by sorting your precious jewelry collection

          With busy work schedules and the holidays coming around, most of us struggle with keeping our things adequately organized. And when the time comes, we can never find that one pair of socks or studs that go perfectly with the outfit. But don’t worry, we understand the importance of organizing your jewelry just in time for the work/Christmas parties. So check out these strategies that are brought to you by us so that you can securely and effectively organize your jewelry.

          To keep jewelry safe and tangle-free, one requires specialized storage. In general, keeping jewelries close to where you get dressed in the morning, whether in a walk-in closet, bedroom, or bathroom, helps you save time by allowing you to choose an outfit and accessorize everything in one place. You can organize your jewelry collection on top of a dresser or counter, within a drawer, on the back of a door, or even on a wall, depending on available space.

          Tips To Keep Your Jewelry Organized image3 2

          This is also an excellent time to clean and polish your jewelry. One can use this opportunity to shine their sterling silver collection or gold items. Rings should be cleaned, and pearls should be wiped down. If you have a damaged clasp on your bracelet or earring backs that are missing, now is the time to get them fixed before the next outing. Finally, to keep your jewelries from tarnishing, keep it in a dedicated cloth jewelry bag.

          Read the my Thaya guide for more tips and tricks below: 

          jewelry organisation tips

          1. The Basic Way to Organise Jewelry

          Pick any drawer you like and make it a jewelry-organizing drawer in your closet or bedroom. Shallow drawers are usually the greatest option for making them easily accessible. A drawer with multiple-sized compartments to sort trinkets, bracelets, earrings, and other items into the various slots can work wonders. If there’s room in the drawer, place a second jewelries tray on top of the first to double the amount of storage.

          2. Organizing Based On Similarity

          You can live your most organized life by separating identical jewelry pieces into distinct storage boxes. Get inventive with trays and plates, as well as acrylic makeup storage containers to keep your big jewelry collection accessible. For example, you can store all of your pearl jewelry in one box so that it’s easy to find the next time you are in the mood to wear a pearl accessory.

          3. Reuse Your Items For Storage

          If you’re someone who is conscious about the environment and is into DIY projects, then you can use your old ceramic dishes to store your earrings, rings, or bracelets. Even a tiered jewelry dish can be a fantastic solution for frequently worn jewelry as it acts as a lovely display that keeps the pieces at your fingertips. One of the most significant advantages of using a dish or cereal bowl is that you don’t have to worry about hanging your jewelry. Even if you dump stuff on the plate, it will appear well-organized and is convenient because you’ll have them ready for the next day or whenever you want to wear them next.

          4. Hooks To The Rescue

          Hooks are one of the best options when it comes to storing your necklaces—hanging necklaces one at a time prevents pendants and chains from getting tangled. Apart from that, if you put them somewhere where they can be seen, you’ll be more likely to wear them. Necklaces can be exhibited on a wall in your dressing room by using attractive hooks. Alternatively, you can invest in a hanging jewelry organizer that can be hung on the wall.

          5. Accessibility

          To make it easier to find your favorite accessories, keep your everyday jewelry in plain sight at your dressing table. Hang necklaces on wall-mounted hooks or knobs to keep them knot-free. Smaller things like rings and earrings should be placed in attractive trays, platters, or large bowls to prevent parts from mixing. You can also keep a tiny jar on your nightstand to drop any earrings or necklaces you forgot to put away before going to bed.

          6. Take The Velvet Route

          Give your jewelry some royal treatment by setting it down on a comfortable velvet cushion. The velvety texture will help keep your cherished babies in place, and it also acts as an added incentive to organize your diamonds in a contemporary way. 

          6. Take The Velvet Route

          Apart from these strategies, you could also choose to organize your jewelry that is distinctive to an outfit. And since it must be just as visible and coordinated, you may separate them by style, color, or even sets. Visit the Thaya Jewels website for our newest collections and our blog here for the latest trends and more.

          Introducing Thaya Fairy Series For The Dreamer In You

          Long long ago, fairy tales originated in folklore, which has been passed down from generation to generation through the art of storytelling. Many of us recall happy childhood memories of our grandparents telling us these stories and enthralling us with their fantastical worlds. These fairy tales were magical and enchanted stories that frequently featured brave knights, damsels in distress, mythical creatures, and a fairy godmother. 

          The Fairy Series collection has been inspired by a romantic and magical atmosphere filled with beautiful lights like the ones we read about in our storybooks as children. If you’re looking for a gift that helps you strengthen your connection, our range of dreamy jewels is the perfect gift for any occasion, be it celebrating the milestones in your relationship or wanting to surprise your loved ones and friends. Thaya Jewels are influenced by Japan, a country where aspirations and reality collide, inspiring us to create genuine works of art that help us be a part of your fairytale story.

          1. Fairy Series Deer Pendant

          1. Fairy Series Deer Pendant

          Our designer and nature-inspired neckpiece is a perfect blend of fun, elegant and unique. The Fairy Deer Pendant is magical and features a pendant crafted with deer antlers detailed with small diamond charms and a flowing tassel that adds character. Made of pure S925 Silver, the jewelry is hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin and long wear. Apart from that, the pendant is also coated with slight hints of blue and cold purple enamel that highlight the Fairy Deer concept beautifully. To complete the set, pair this necklace with our Fairy Deer Bracelet and Fairy Deer Earrings.

          2. Fairy Bird Wing Earrings

          2. Fairy Bird Wing Earrings

          This pair of delicate Fairy Bird Wing Earrings are a personal favorite of ours. Crafted with the most meticulous precision, our designers have captured the essence of beauty in nature – featuring the silhouette of bird wings in a manner like poetry in motion. The striking masterpieces are made with cold purple enamel, zirconia embellishments, and imitation pearl accents attached to a flowing tassel chain at the end. Further, the earrings’ pins are constructed of hallmarked sterling silver, light and gentle on the skin.

          3. Fairy Deer Bracelet 

          3. Fairy Deer Bracelet 

          At Thaya Jewels, we aim to create the most fairy like and exceptional jewelry that is fit to help you make a statement anywhere. The bracelet is designed with a delicate chain that holds the deer antlers with zirconia as the centerpiece. It also features small diamond charms and cold enamel that adds extra oomph. This gorgeous bracelet can be paired with an all-denim outfit that’ll definitely keep you on-trend and ready for any occasion.

          4. Fairy Fox Earrings 

          4. Fairy Fox Earrings 

          The Fox is a character that is typically thought to be cunning. However, the power of magic and faith is such that it can turn even the darkest characters into ones that are kind and charming. With that idea in their mind, the designers formed a design that is striking and lustrous. Representing the swirly silhouette of a foxtail, the pair of Fairy Fox Earrings feature zirconia embellishment, pearl, and double chain tassels that add a flair of drama. In addition, the earrings are also plated with cold purple enamel that complements any outfit, whether for a girl’s night out or a wedding.

          5. Fairy Deer Earrings 

          5. Fairy Deer Earrings 

          Designed to sparkle and shine, these earrings are perfect as a gift. They instantly elevate any outfit with their simplistic design and nature, and art-inspired concept. Shaped in the form of deer antlers and decorated with cold enamel, flowing chains as tassels, the pair of earrings symbolize sophistication, beauty, and enchantment.  

          6. Fairy Rabbit Silver Bow Choker

          6. Fairy Rabbit Silver Bow Choker

          Inspired by the fantasy world and story of Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland, the design concept for this neckpiece is distinctive and beautiful. Alice’s bow joins a pair of playful rabbit ears with blue and white synthetic cubic zirconia crystals at the center. The choker is handmade through a delicate electroplating process with an addition of mosaic technology. The 925-sterling silver base and chain are chic and comfortable to wear for long periods. Check it out here.

          7. Fairy Bird Wings Bracelet

          7. Fairy Bird Wings Bracelet

          The bracelet is nothing short of fantasy itself; it is created with a curving silhouette that resembles a pair of wings, with zirconia ornamentation and shell beads that look like pearls studded at the tip. Cold purple enamel has been used to give it an elegant touch, along with a chain tassel to accentuate the look of the bracelet, making it perfect for everyday wear.

          Moral Of The Story 

          The designers at Thaya Jewels wanted to present an ode to the fairy tales, the memories, sensations, and dreams that they elicited and helped create the beginnings of your story. Make a statement with this gorgeous collection designed to keep you on-trend and ready for any occasion. 

          Now that we’ve shared our magical fairytale jewelry collection with you, tell us in the comments below which piece of jewelry you loved the most. 

          Style Guide: Which Earring To Pair With Your Outfit

          Earrings have been around for about 7000 years and are believed to have originated in ancient Asia. In the past, earrings were predominantly worn by males. They were considered a symbol of wealth for Egyptians, worn by slaves in Ancient Rome, and of course, a fashion statement in Europe. Earrings have become less popular among men and more popular among women over time. Women have opted to wear various earrings to suit their features and highlight their outfits. They act as the perfect accessory to showcase your uniqueness, creativity, and personality.

          Our designers at Thaya Jewels have created a line of earrings that are timeless classics that any woman may wear. Our goal is to highlight the beauty of high-quality sterling silver and how versatile it is. Hence making it possible to produce eye-catching and unforgettable designs that are long-lasting. Our earrings are available in various styles, sizes, and colors to complement each woman’s personal style. Read the My Thaya Guide below for our recommendations on pairing the right earrings for your next casual or chic work outfit:

          1. Statement Earrings With An All-Black Outfit

          1. Statement Earrings With An All-Black Outfit

          An all-black outfit is a classic way to dress for any occasion. And one such famous outfit is the Little Black Dress (or LBD). Introduced by Coco Chanel and popularized by the evergreen Audrey Hepburn, the Little Black Dress is a personal favorite that has evolved over the years and has become a wardrobe essential due to its simple yet elegant nature.

          1. Statement Earrings With An All-Black Outfit

          We suggest pairing your favorite black dress with Statement earrings. You can choose a different style for each ear or wear a pair of big chunky dramatic earrings; statement earrings are the most versatile alternatives.

          2. Off Shoulder Blouse With Dangle Earrings

          2. Off Shoulder Blouse With Dangle Earrings

          Off-shoulder blouses or tops are another must-have – they can be worn casually with a midi skirt and boots or even with jeans and heels. They’re known for their versatile necklines that accentuate the shoulders, and what better way is there to accessorize them than with a pair of Dangle Earrings. Dangle earrings are similar to drop earrings and hang below the earlobe. However, they have a more elaborate design, more significant movement, and are simple to match with various outfits, from casual to dressy, and the results are always pleasing.

          3. Stud Earrings With A Formal Attire

          3. Stud Earrings With A Formal Attire

          Stud earrings are often small and sit snugly on top of the earlobe without falling, looping backward, or climbing upward. Studs, which often have a simple design, are easy to wear and go with any attire.

          3. Stud Earrings With A Formal Attire

          Diamond stud earrings are a must-have jewelry box and one of the most popular earring types; pick them to go with a floor-length evening gown on a red carpet. Studded earrings and formal workwear like a pantsuit are classic and beautiful choices for appearing your best and confident self.

          4. Tassel Earrings With Floral Or Other Printed Tops

          4. Tassel Earrings With Floral Or Other Printed Tops

          This season, tassels are all the rage, whether on jewelry, purses, or clothing. On the other hand, statement tassel earrings are a tassel fad that has made its way into the fashion world. They are nothing short of attention-seeking and eccentric. Tassels typically have many strands made of threads or cords of the same length tied on the top with a knot.

          Outfits these days are all about matching your clothes with the proper accessories to create a distinct style that makes you stand out, and why shouldn’t you hop on the bandwagon too? Flowers are a beautiful reminder to slow down, enjoy every moment, and live in the present, so why not pair our Butterfly Tassel Earrings with your favorite floral top for the next girl’s night out!

          5. Pair Your Clip-on Earrings With An Oversized Shirt And Leather Pants

          5. Pair Your Clip-on Earrings With An Oversized Shirt And Leather Pants

          Clip-on earrings are a style of earring that does not require any piercing. They are worn by exerting pressure on both sides of the earlobe to keep the earring in place. If you don’t have your ears pierced but still want to embellish them, a clip-on is a quick and easy way to do it.

          5. Pair Your Clip-on Earrings With An Oversized Shirt And Leather Pants

          A simple crisp-long white shirt, black leather pants, and a pair of boots can be elevated by some badass clip-on earrings like our Angel Wings Clip On Earrings, Black Wings Clip-On Earrings, Unicorn Clip Earrings, and more.

          6. White Statement Earrings With An All-Denim Outfit

          6. White Statement Earrings With An All-Denim Outfit

          The color white represents freshness, innocence, purity and often also symbolizes a new beginning! On the other hand, blue is associated with inspiration, freedom, imagination, and sensitivity. A mix and match of these two colors make for a great outfit idea – grab a couple of all-white statement earrings and pair them with an all-denim outfit to instantly uplift and add a unique twist! We’re sure it’ll not only make you stand out but also allow you to make a statement and steal the show every single time.


          At Thaya Jewels, we bring nature-inspired earrings that perfectly blend creativity, talent, and uniqueness. Our earrings line is a mix of classic and contemporary styles. They can be gifted, and you can be rest assured that all will adore them because of their distinct appearance and shine. We’ve blended the greatest precious metals – Silver, Real Gold with Pearl Accents, Zircon Gemstones, and Synthetic Crystals that are affordable and safe as no harmful materials are used. Visit our website for more Thaya accessories.

          All About Thaya’s Moonlight Collection!

          Aim For The Moon With Thaya!

          In the last couple of years, many trends have made a comeback in the jewelry industry – and one such trend is the obsession with all things moon and minimalism. And we are not complaining! Zodiacs, Stars, Moonlight collection, and Galaxy-inspired jewelry is all the craze nowadays, and how could we not be a part of it?

          There are different theories out there about how the moon was formed. One of them is the Giant Impact Hypothesis which suggests that the moon came into existence when another planet collided with the early Earth and resulted in a large amount of dust being formed. At Thaya Jewels, we have designers with magic for hands who have studied and trained from around the world. And when they came together, they had one thing in common: to design timeless jewelry inspired by art and nature.

          Thaya believes in creating affordable jewelry that is not just jewelry but a visualization of unspoken feelings. The Thaya Moon Jewelry collection is something close to our hearts, and each jewelry piece is crafted with the utmost care and love. Each collection and jewelry part of the collection undergoes a rigorous process from conceptualization till you hold the final piece in your hand.

          This collection is nothing short of charming bracelets, rings, and necklaces that can be paired with different outfit styles. Every single jewelry piece is created to evoke happy feelings. Not only that, they make for thoughtful and loving gifts. Check out the collection of Thaya Moon Jewels that will help brighten your special day or illuminate your date night below:

          1. Thaya Moonlight Bracelet

          1. Thaya Moonlight Bracelet
          Thaya Moonlight Bracelet

          Part of our moon-inspired jewels, the Moonlight Bracelet is simple yet classy. The bracelet is made of pure sterling silver, making it wearable on even the most sensitive skins. You’ll find a round bauble with a purple-blue hue of the night sky full of stars at the center of the bracelet. Further embellished with firefly wings and a blue crystal, the look of the bracelet is elevated to another level.

          2. Moonlight Forest Bracelet

          2. Moonlight Forest Bracelet

          With black plated sterling silver for forest branches and a soft white Burma Chalcedony stone for the elegant moon, our designers have made sure to capture the spell of the romantic moon. Handmade, the bracelet is minimally perfect and can be paired with your work outfits or casuals on the weekend. It also has an extended chain to ensure comfort for all wrist sizes.

          3. Moonlight Forest Rings

          3. Moonlight Forest Rings

          The design for the female ring derives inspiration from nature all around us in the form of the white moon represented by the natural white Chalcedony and the forest branches that are plated-black to give the ring a rustic look. The design for the male ring originates from the same concept but is more subtle and quite stylish; After all, it’s brushed and made of silver and black drip. This pair is another great addition to the Thaya Moonlight Collection.

          4. Full Moon Bracelet

          4. Full Moon Bracelet

          A magical phenomenon – the Full Moon is our personal favorite. The Full Moon bracelet is a beautiful representation of the bright moon shining through the dark starry night. Created using the electroplating and sandblasting process, the timeless bracelet captures the gentle full moon in the form of a freshwater pearl surrounded by a golden halo to represent the completeness of the waxing and waning cycle.

          5. Full Moon Necklace

          5. Full Moon Necklace

          Are you looking for a matching set? Pair the Full Moon Bracelet with our Full Moon Necklace that accentuates your wrist and collarbone perfectly. The necklace is made of 9 layers of 14K real gold electroplated with the highest quality sterling silver staging a freshwater pearl surrounded by a hollow circular accent showing off the completeness of the moon cycle. This Thaya moon-inspired jewelry is a definite eye grabber.

          6. Twilight Moonstone Branch Bracelet

          6. Twilight Moonstone Branch Bracelet

          The Thaya moon jewelry collection is incomplete without the mention of the Twilight Moonstone Branch Bracelet. This bracelet is fashionable yet romantic and can be gifted to your best friend, girlfriend, or partner on any occasion. It has a white Chalcedony at the center to signify the hazy moon and the handmade bracelet also features branches that you would find in a dark forest.

          7. Mermaid Necklace

          7. Mermaid Necklace

          A simple silver cable chain is holding a manually inlaid blue opal surrounded by white cubic zirconia on one side and a mermaid tail on the other side of the hollow circular accent. Far from the usual designs, this particular jewelry is a statement piece that is a must-have to spruce up your wardrobe.

          Join the conversation below and tell us some of your favorite trends and pieces from our collection! And don’t forget to visit our website for more exciting jewelry, new designs, and offers.

          Are Clip-On Earrings The Latest Fashion Trend?

          Earrings form a significant part of contemporary fashion and come in two main styles: pierced and non-pierced earrings. Non-pierced earrings have become more and more popular today, especially among the younger generation who are not ready to commit to ear-piercing. The most popular non-pierced earrings are clip-on earrings designed to attach to one’s ears by applying pressure to both sides of the earlobe. They were invented as a substitute for pierced earrings.

          They are generally more comfortable, leave no visible marks on the wearer, or cause pain or discomfort. There are different types of clip-on earrings you can choose from, like Screw-Back Clip-on Earrings, Hinge Clip-on earrings, Paddle Back Clip-on earrings, Screw-Hinge Clip-Ons, Invisible Clip-Ons, Sliding Spring Earrings, Ear Cuffs, Mini-Clip Earrings.

          There are also benefits to using clip-on earrings, such as they are effortless to put on and remove. They also significantly reduce the chances of one having allergic reactions or getting an infection due to ear piercings.

          Our designers at Thaya Jewels understand the demand of modern women – so, you can shop the best accessories from our website and have them delivered in time for you to show off to the world what a stud you are (pun intended!). Read below to know our collection:

          1. Angel Wings Clip-On Earrings

          1. Angel Wings Clip-On Earrings

          The Angel Wings Clip On Earrings has a simplistic design that embodies the wearer’s personality and adds character to their outfit. Made of solid sterling silver with handmade synthetic cubic zirconia, the clip ons are delicate and have a smooth finish. One earring acts as a stud and the other as a dangling earring; both have an original silicone ear clip at the back to make wearing it comfortable and painless. The set was created keeping in mind the modern and minimal jewelry trend that suggests less can be more. Style these as solid-colored or mismatched earrings just like the ying-yang relationship of good and evil.

          2. Fish Fin Earrings With Clip 

          2. Fish Fin Earrings With Clip 

          One of our favorite Thaya earrings, the Fish Fin Earrings With A Clip, resembles the dainty fish fins. Our designers have beautifully captured the 3D scaly texture by carefully hand carving them using copper-plated platinum, which gives it a frosty look and manually inlaid artificial round shell pearl-like beads. The earring pins are made of S925 sterling silver so that anyone with even the most sensitive skin can adorn them with comfort while maintaining the sheen for a long time.

          2. Fish Fin Earrings With Clip 

          The other earring has an earring pin and clip joined by a chain to accentuate the ear bone. The versatility of these earrings allows them to be worn to a work meeting, a Sunday brunch, or even a gala night!

          3. Clovers Clip-On Earrings 

          3. Clovers Clip On Earrings 

          A symbol of luck, the dainty Cloverleaf is also a symbol of a meet-cute waiting to happen. In the springtime, the field of clovers glows brightly under the sun, and the feeling of being around freshly smelling clovers is a dream come true. The Clovers Clip On Earrings are made of the highest quality silver, cubic zirconia, and clear artificial green, and white opals that shine just as bright as your eyes do when you see a loved one.

          3. Clovers Clip On Earrings 

          The asymmetrical three-leaf and four-leaf design allow the wearer to dress up to any occasion at any time of the day, keeping the look fresh, fashionable, and a little fairy-like. With soft silicone clip-on backs, even those without pierced ears can wear them comfortably. You can pair these clip ons with a gown to add an extra flair of drama or wear them with a sundress to elevate your look.

          4. Unicorn Clip-on Earrings 

          4. Unicorn Clip-on Earrings 

          This one’s for the dreamers, the ones who believe in magic, the ones who are unique and want to stand out! Created in s925 hallmarked sterling silver, these Thaya clip-on earrings embody precisely what the brand aims to achieve – providing affordable, high-quality, trendy jewelry. A brainchild of our designers, the Unicorn Clip Earrings are formed with the utmost care and skill to craft one-of-a-kind creative jewelry. Both the earrings have a clip system with silicone backs to keep your ears happy and relaxed.

          One earring can be cuffed on the ear bone + ear lobe while the other can be worn on the ear lobe like a stud earring. Undergoing an electroplating process, the unicorn is embellished in purple-blue dripping oil and sparkling artificial crystals (SPAR), which make a great addition to a simple little black dress or a crop top and boyfriend jeans combination.

          5. Black Wings Clip-On Earrings

          5. Black Wings Clip-On Earrings

          The design inspiration for these clip-on earrings stems from the age-old topic of the Angel and Devil. Our designers believe that the overbearing character of the devil resembles that of a friend that is mischievous and provocative, suggesting he is not an enemy of the Angel. But that’s not all; his rugged exterior or armor is there to protect his friend while unifying the world. Life comes with many hardships and hot situations, but one can defeat all odds with a soft heart with a balance and friendship.

          Part of our Mismatched earrings collection, this asymmetrical pair is created with a smooth silver base, plated black to give it a matte finish, and embellished with handmade synthetic cubic zircon on the wings and the attached cable chain. With pure silicone ear clips, these earrings are the perfect counterpart to the Angel Wings Clip On Earrings above – you can wear them as matching earrings or mix and match them to create your style.

          Statement earrings made and marketed today are getting better by the season. The designs are bigger, better, and bolder. Even if one doesn’t have pierced ears, you need not miss out on the fun, as clip-on earrings are the solution. Inspired by old-school designs, exciting shapes, and stand-out styles that are so on-trend, they’re easy to find anywhere, and regardless of your budget, you can find some of the best clip-on earrings at Thaya Jewels – visit our website for more. 

          Christmas Edition: Perfect Gifts For You & Your Partner

          Feliz Navidad! ‘Tis the Most Wonderful Week to shop for some Thaya Jewels.

          If you’re looking for romantic gifts for the winter season, then look no further because we’ve handpicked some of our best designs from Thaya’s couple jewels collection that will add the warmth of love into your holiday celebrations.

          Rings, in particular, have a lot of significance in the life of a wearer. Since ancient times rings have been known to be the most favorite/cherished piece that one wears. About 5000 years ago, ancient Egypt was the first known civilization where two people exchanged rings often made of woven reeds or leather. The Egyptians also believed that the fourth finger of the left hand or the ring finger contains the “vein of love” or “vena amoris” that leads directly to the heart. Hence, the wedding rings denoted a promise or contract between a couple and their two families in the past. They were also tokens of security deposits that showed a man’s promise was ‘good as gold.’

          Some of The Admirable Gifts We Have in Store

          1. Moonlight Forest Rings

          1. Moonlight Forest Rings

          An elegant pair of rings, the Moonlight Forest Rings are the brainchild of a design idea that comes to life like poetry. Made of S925 Sterling Silver, the handmade rings feature details such as the romantic white moon shining through the black forest, symbolizing the light of love through the darkness. The ring for her is black plated and holds a natural white Chalcedony representing the moon.

          The ring for him is brushed and has the forest made in black drip. Both the rings are meant to complement each other just the way you and your better half do – the black portrays the dark period in our lives, while the warm, clear gem describes the hope, peace, and gentleness emerging through it all, paving a path for love. The rings are resizable and packaged with a wiping silver cloth for aftercare.

          2. Black Little Deer Crown Couple Ring

          2. Black Little Deer Crown Couple Ring

          Unlike any conventional design, our inspiration comes directly from nature and art; what better way to bring them together than through our Black Little Deer Crown Couple Rings, making them the perfect Christmas Jewelry Gifts. Created using sterling silver, synthetic cubic zircon, and an electroplating process for silver-plated gold, the rings feature a natural 3-dimensional texture giving them a unique look. The female ring is crafted with a pair of deer antlers holding a sparkling white crystal at the center.

          In comparison, the male ring showcases a deer with antlers amidst a canopy of trees in the forefront created in silver along with a black textured background. This particular piece of couple jewelry is a unique conception of the designers at Thaya Jewels, and to them, the design says, “Fight for your dreams and be your own king.

          3. Silver Red Crystal & Fort Ring Set 

          3. Silver Red Crystal & Fort Ring Set 

          The design for the male ring derives inspiration from the Great Wall in the shape of a fort, giving it a relaxed, retro-like vibe, which is entirely made of S925 silver plated platinum through the electroplating process. The design for the female ring derives inspiration from the Forbidden City of Beijing and is embellished with a co-cubic red zircon that is inlaid by hand and adds a bright, vibrant hue to the simple silver band. The significance of these rings is that they represent a historical story of heritage and long-term protection. And just like that, these rings make for one-a-kind gifts for your partner.

          4. Snow Queen & King Couple Rings

          4. Snow Queen & King Couple Rings

          This particular ring set is straight out of a fairytale, and our designers have created the perfect romantic present where the saying ‘only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart‘ comes true. The set for him and her is made of Sterling Silver on electroplated gold, manual mosaicking of cubic zircons, and cold enamel, all showcasing exquisite workmanship

          . For the queen in your life, the ring is shaped like a crown and manually inlaid with a heart-shaped white shining SPAR gemstone that gives it the aesthetic of the Ice Queen. For the king in your life, the crown-shaped ring holds a bright black SPAR gemstone at the center and is crafted with a band of black cold enamel around the ring that gives it a regal look.

          5. Sun & Moon Couple Rings 

          5. Sun & Moon Couple Rings 

          Delicately crafted and hand engraved with the sun and moon symbols, the minimalist set is designed with a dainty and petite structure that is adjustable to fit perfectly. A great addition to your everyday ensemble, the rings are made with high-quality sterling silver through an electroplating process and decorated by hand with cold enamel that gives the rings color retention and a glaze luster that shines as bright as the sun and moon. The weight of the rings is 2.0 grams and 2.5 grams for the female and male rings, respectively. You can also pair the rings with matching Moon and Sun Bangles for him and her.

          6. Heartbeat Ring 

          6. Heartbeat Ring 

          A perfect reminder of the way your heart swells with love when you look into the eyes of your loved one – the Heartbeat Rings feature a heartbeat wave manually inlaid with black synthetic cubic zirconia crystals. The only difference in the rings is the thickness in the bands made of an 18K real gold plated with sterling silver. The base comprises nine layers with a 360° manual polishing that gives the smooth finish of a mirror. The set is freely adjustable and can be mixed and matched with our Ripple in Heart Couple Bracelets.

          7. Meet By Chance Couple Rings

          7. Meet By Chance Couple Rings

          It is said that the “Heartbeat is a beautiful meeting without rehearsal.” Our designers wanted to create a loving gesture that could be shared with and gifted to your partner on an anniversary or even a Christmas celebration. The men’s ring is simple and created by hand mosaic using two different processes – a matte process and a high-quality cut polish process like two people coming together. The women’s ring is like the men’s but with added zircon crystals that give it a romantic touch.

          8. Unicorn Couple Rings

          8. Unicorn Couple Rings gifts

          If you’re looking to gift a piece of the dreamland to your better half, then the Unicorn Couple Rings are for you dreamers. Using s925 silver that is electroplated, the rings are built with a solid and sturdy structure that ensures a long-lasting shine and durability, something that we take pride in. The male ring has a unicorn head crafted at the center and is ornamented with sparkling grey dripping oil and black spangles. The female ring has a unicorn head at the center and is embellished with dreamy purple-blue dripping oil and white spangles. The design is further accentuated with a white lining and dazzling white artificial crystals that add extra sparkle.

          More than just a couple of rings, choose to declare your love with our perfect creations that make the ideal companions for your love story! Read our blogs for more gifting ideas, and visit our website to view our offers just in time for the holiday season.

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