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925 Sterling Silver – All You Need To Know

You must have wondered why it said 925 sterling silver on the card you received with your favorite silver jewelry. One comes across several online websites selling a wide range of sterling silver jewelry with unique designs but the question that strikes us is what is so unique about this specific kind of silver? Fear not, this article will clear all your doubts before your next late night browsing through your favorite jewelry websites.

Especially, Thaya jewels will keep you up all night with beautiful designs that will leave you wondering about them adorning your skin!

Sterling silver began to be used as early as the 12th century in the continent of Europe. Due to its significantly high value, it was used to mint coins as a form of currency. With the advent of a narrowed global structure, it began to spread to different parts of the world. From its initial usage to being used today to make precious jewelry, sterling silver has undergone several changes. 

Sterling Silver – Timeless

From being easily customizable to be durable and resistant to the damage of everyday usage, sterling silver is a beauty in itself. Add to that the skilled craftsmanship, and beautiful designs and you have a beauty that will stand the tests of time, generation, and place. 

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A Vintage Silver Handcuff

What Is Sterling silver – An Understanding

While pure silver is an element that can be found in its natural state in nature itself, sterling silver is an alloy, an amalgamation made by humans. It is a combination of several metals with a massive proportion of silver consisting of 92.5% of the total. The remaining 7.5% is usually either copper or zinc in combination. The shiny appearance of sterling silver rivals that of pure silver and it is almost impossible to separate the two from each other at first glance. Asie from the jewelry industry where it is primarily used, sterling silver is also used in plate settings, silverware, and silver-plating items. 

Purity Of 925 Sterling Silver & Its Importance

When you visit the website for Thaya jewels for the first time, there might be an initial hesitance before purchasing. It is therefore important to know about the purity of the sterling silver you purchase. A hallmark with the word sterling or 925 is usually stamped on the product. Spotting it might need a magnifying glass because of its minuscule size.

Holding the piece and checking its tensile strength and bending quality can also be a way to judge the purity however, this is not always a reliable method and it is suggested that visiting an expert before purchasing it is better.

silver ring on tray

Thaya jewels will never disappoint you in this and its beautiful design combined with the purity of the product will leave you wanting to buy more.

Sterling Silver Over Silver – A Comparative Choice

Silver has always been a sign of beauty and grandeur. But over the years silver is being replaced by a close substitute, that is sterling silver. While both sterling silver and pure silver are eye-catching, before buying either, it is important you make an informed decision. Here’s why sterling silver is a better pick in a long time-

  • Durability– Along with its near-perfect authenticity,  the durability of sterling silver is more than that of pure silver. This is actually due to another metal being added to silver which increases the durability index of the combination. Due to sterling silver being an alloy, despite wearing it every day, it will continue to hold longer than a pure silver piece. 
  • Hypoallergenic– It is better to use jewelry made of sterling silver because it is always hypoallergenic and doesn’t react with your skin because it is given an extra rhodium coating. This makes it suitable for everyday wear as it has no side effects on the skin of the person who is wearing it. 
  • Better Designs For The Win- No matter how intricate a design is, it is possible to replicate it on sterling silver. From rare designs that will add an extra glint to your designs, to extra malleability that results in newer forms, it is preferred over silver. Thaya jewels have an extensive collection of beautiful jewelry from pendants to bracelets that will leave you breathless with want.
sterling silver

One such piece is the White Cherry Clip-On Earrings. Don’t have a piercing but are looking to wear one of those beautiful cuffs? This piece is a beauty with the idea of hope and awakening intertwined in each of its turns. Made from sterling silver, it will add elegance to your entire outfit with its simple grace. A handmade design with an easy-to-care-for process, the Almond Blossom earring will transport you to a world of spring and beauty.

Another signature piece to add to your jewelry collection and make you the envy of everyone is Linglie Butterfly Necklace. Inspired by Chinese culture, it is a blend of tradition with a modern take to it. The blue butterfly that is the heart of the piece will catch eyes from miles away. In addition to its detailing, this piece is also characterized by it being manually inlaid with international standard zircons. The necklace represents the vibrant life of the opera and is a story of vivacity.

sterling silver

Do you ever see someone wearing a piece that is so adorable that you immediately want it? Here’s one such piece Double Heart Stud Earrings. The earring is two hearts placed together, one smaller in size and placed next to a hollow heart. The piece also has an additional copper plating which as a metal has several benefits by being antifungal and antimicrobial. This makes it less hazardous for any skin contact. The design is trendy and will add an extra spark to all your looks, from a casual outfit to a classy gown. 

925 Sterling Silver - All You Need To Know RCxvaXb9cqbBiLpEALagB2UKvatpixH9ekNPE6RYHRX1hahgHdRlCHhIfaYvx0tGZpCwSEfUtOMShWz 4kxDHJJhN8i090Q In8clH7HeJt2qaY1pX5H9UfaDaPwsmt9

Thaya’s Bard Earrings is the perfect mix of harmony and music with a tinge of poetry to it. The design is unique in its drop design with a flower suspended. With the sterling silver, there is also a natural oyster pearl which increases the value of the earring beyond measure. With the long-lasting sheen and precision that went into making it, this piece will be your next right decision. 

sterling silver

Clip-on has taken the world by storm removing any pain associated with piercing and making you feel beautiful by enhancing your look.

Thaya is not lagging behind and has developed its own sets of clip-on earrings one of them being the brilliant, Angel Wings Clip-on Earrings. Made with a new perspective to understand the angel-devil dynamic, this earring will present how good and evil is in reality, a mere blurred line. The earring is shaped like the wings of angels studded with white stones to add to the glamour of this creation.

Caring For Your Jewelry

Buying the jewelry also comes with an important step, that of caring for it. It is better to store sterling silver jewelry away from moisture, in dark places away from air and water. Cleaning with a soft cloth is also important and helps in maintaining the luster of the pieces. 

An Extra Point For The Win

Due to its amalgamated form, sterling silver can be used on a daily basis. A buildup of dust and tarnish on the metal is usually avoided because of its composition and thus wearing it every day will not affect its shine. Wear your pieces of sterling silver fearlessly and let the world peep into the beauties.

Here’s hoping you now know everything about sterling silver. Check out all the pieces you have waiting in your Thaya Jewels cart! Throw all your caution to the wind, for it rivals the essence of pure silver.

Choose your style and leave your print wherever you go (just remember to check the stamp though). 

7 Reasons Why Silver Jewelry Is One Of The Best Gifts!

Because sometimes, words aren’t enough!

There is nothing better than receiving a gift, irrespective of how big or tiny, necessary or not, or even if it was anticipated. Receiving anything that has been gorgeously wrapped is a constant pleasure. Due to its great sentimental significance, silver jewelry has long been given as a gift and used to add glitz to any special occasion.

For your benefit, we at Thaya Jewels have gathered all the vital details about why silver jewelry makes such a wonderful gift. What is unique about these ornaments that make them valuable to give multiple times? Let us explore the top seven reasons why silver jewelry is the best gift for your beloved.

1. Silver Jewelry Is Timeless

The saying “Jewelry is Timeless” is something we’ve all heard, but have you ever wondered about how accurate it is? Well, it is undoubtedly correct in the scenario of silver jewelry! 

Silver jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry can last a long period if handled appropriately. Jewelry made of sterling silver contains 7% additional metals, making it even stronger, more resistant to corrosion, and much more durable than jewelry made of gold or any other metal.

Believe us, we know that you truly want your loved ones to treasure the gift you give them. What could possibly be better than giving someone you love a piece of sterling silver jewelry that they can adorn around their wrist or neck for the rest of their lives?

2. Silver Jewelry Is Innovative & Trendy

Today, who doesn’t love staying up-to-date with fashion? If you keep up with current events, you would be aware that sterling silver jewelry is trendy nowadays. 

Silver Jewelry

There are always new designs available since silver is a very soft metal that jewelers can easily innovate with. You can select a piece (or a hundred) of sterling silver jewelry that matches your unique style thanks to the variety of types and designs available.

There are a plethora of sterling silver jewelry choices available, including pendants, bracelets, and earrings, allowing you to find something special to give to a loved one.

3. Silver Jewelry Is Hypoallergenic 

Gifts are adored by all! Nobody really wants their presents to turn into disasters for others. This is why gifting sterling silver jewelry is indeed the perfect idea due to its skin-friendly property.

Silver Jewelry

Unlike brass or nickel jewelry, sterling silver jewelry doesn’t trigger any reactions or allergies. Our brand, Thaya Jewels, crafts jewelry from 925 sterling silver. When wearing jewelry like earrings, which are always in close proximity to the skin, this quality is particularly essential.

Don’t worry from now on when buying someone sterling silver jewelry. They can happily flaunt your silver, knowing they won’t experience any repercussions in the future.

Silver Jewelry Is Incredibly Versatile

There is usually at least one item of clothing that matches everything. The same applies to jewelry made of sterling silver. They are a great option for every occasion and go well with your outfit thanks to their versatility.

Silver Jewelry

Received a lunch invitation? Simple silver bracelets should be worn for enhanced sparkle. Going to a meeting? To stand out, choose stunning silver studs. Is it a fancy after-hours occasion? Put on a sterling silver necklace and silver stud earrings for a delicate and elegant appearance.

Your beloved would be amazed after donning your present in many ways. Jewelry made of sterling silver is a classic and seamless addition to anyone’s collection, regardless of when or where they wear it.

Silver Jewelry Reflects Emotions

There are innumerable things with which we have strong emotional bonds. For instance, people have always felt a special connection to jewelry. By merely caressing a ring on our finger or glancing in the mirror at a stunning necklace around our neck, we can experience all the love in the world.

Silver Jewelry

Every piece of sterling silver jewelry you give as a gift will have a fascinating backstory. Your gift will be greatly loved due to its originality and the attention you put into selecting it.

We assure you that personalized gifts like customized sterling silver jewelry will be adored by your beloved. A heartfelt gift is more precious than an expensive, materialistic one.

Silver Jewelry Fulfills The Heart’s Desires

Everyone enjoys treating themselves to special items because the happiness you experience after doing so is incomparable. However, did you know that people frequently buy items for themselves, such as food, clothing, or even shoes, but hesitate to buy jewelry?

Silver Jewelry

For example, there are some goods that are simply not on the checklists of most folks, primarily because they are uncommon, seen as a luxury, and have a high price. One of these products is jewelry. The majority of the time, people do not regularly spend money on jewelry. 

Therefore, if you give your loved one a lovely sterling silver necklace, they will adore it. This gift’s thrill and artistry are increased by the fact that it is not an ordinary gift.

Silver Jewelry Is Easy To Maintain

Despite how lovely silver is, numerous folks have steered away from metals in the past due to tarnishing. It’s disheartening to observe a beloved possession getting soiled or fading.

Silver Jewelry

But did you know that wearing silver jewelry might really help keep it from tarnishing? The oils from your skin help to clean the silver. There are simple, inexpensive techniques to bring back the luster to your sterling silver jewelry, even if it appears dull. The silver in your jewelry will soon be gleaming after being cleaned with varnish and just a damp towel. 

For less maintenance and greater delight, spend the money on a stunning sterling silver piece of jewelry for your loved one.

Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Gift From Thaya Jewels 

  • For any unique or special gifting demands, contact us. We’d be thrilled to assist! Each piece is skillfully handcrafted.
  • Designs created by our French artisans for Thaya are made entirely of pure sterling silver.
  • Abrasive metals, including nickel and brass, are not used in Thaya Sterling Silver Jewelry.
  • Each design epitomizes elegance and versatility
  • We guarantee international shipping on our minimalist sterling silver jewelry. We’ll send it your way, wherever you may be!


Silver jewelry is absolutely gorgeous and timeless. These delicate pieces might serve as the perfect gift for your loved one. From physical, and chemical to emotional aspects, you can learn everything you need to know about silver jewelry from this article. Check out the elegant collection of minimalist Thaya silver jewelry, and show your love by purchasing one!

7 Cool Ways To Layer Necklaces With Casual Wear

Playing around with accessories always catches the eye and brings out one’s personality. Over the past few years, the trend of layering necklaces has been back in vogue. Whether you’re a minimalist who likes dainty silver sterling jewelry, or somebody who likes to be bold. Layering is a technique you should be apt in to climb your way up the brutal fashion competition. This style guide by Thaya Jewels will direct you through the ABCs of this process. By the time you’re done, you’ll be able to layer necklaces like a pro!

A misconception about layering is that it is all about stacking random chains together. Unfortunately, this isn’t how the layering game works. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be tricky! The concept of layering necklaces allows you to be creative and make a statement of who you are. All you need to do is follow some easy guidelines and you’ll be all set to turn heads. 


If you’re feeling bold and assertive, you can always opt for a prominent and striking piece. With it, you can pair some dainty chains. This look goes great with formal attires and will help garner attention as well! The following are two eye-catching Thaya Pendants that are statement pieces.

Layer necklace
DRAGON’S BREATH PENDANT A spectacular piece handmade in the Czech Republic by skilled artisans
7 Cool Ways To Layer Necklaces With Casual Wear pexels photo 7691089
Formal Attires to go with Bold Pendants


Layer necklaces
A classic example of perfect layering

If you want to show more than one of your beautiful neckpieces, this is for you! To avoid your chains overlapping and tangling into each other, we recommend you switch up their lengths.

Thaya offers many beautiful sterling silver chains that can be worn together, 2-3 at a time. This combination works great for a casual, chic ensemble. Although you end up wearing more than one necklace, the minimalist vision stays.

Layer necklace

Not only does this particular layering technique look great for a casual day out, but it also works fabulously for date nights. If you’re wearing a sweetheart neckline or an off-shoulder dress, chic and minimalist chains do wonder. You can consider adding simplistic, elegant chains and ramp up your boring outfit from 0 to 100.


Layer necklace
ANIMATED GIRL NECKLACE The pendant has been hand-inlaid with high-quality orange, red and pink colored enamel. The necklace has been further decorated with a bow tie and a fire symbol embellished with hand-inlaid garnet and rhodolite

Thaya Jewels draw its inspiration from Japan, so of course, we offer to you our Anime necklaces! Chanel your inner love of Japanese anime and add a splash to your outfit with these pieces. If you feel your outfit looks too serious or sober, nothing brings it more to life than comic or animated figures. This can be layered with a simple choker/chain.

Such neckpieces will look great with casual t-shirts and sweatshirts to give a laid-back, yet perky and chill look. Furthermore, your adoration for these Japanese characters comes to display via Thaya jewelry!


Cosmic-themed jewelry has been in fashion for a long time. It attracts an audience due to the significance of stones and crystals used and their respective symbolism. Thaya offers beautiful pieces that can be worn to date nights, and formal events as well. Small subtle chains can be paired with it further to give a layered appearance. Cosmic Jewelry speaks lengths about its wearer and also promises energy like positivity and optimism.

Layer necklace
THAYA AURORA HALO PLANET NECKLACE This contains a Moonstone crystal which is also known as the Lovers’ Stone.
7 Cool Ways To Layer Necklaces With Casual Wear Screenshot 32
THAYA AURORA COSMIC HEART NECKLACE The neckpiece promises a look of radiance and positivity.
Layer necklace
THAYA CONSTELLATION PENDANT Inspired by magical galaxies full of stars and colorful hues.

You can style these statement necklaces with outfits like a shirt with a pencil skirt, and a suit-pant as well.


Pearl necklaces never fail to give an elegant, classy look. These neckpieces can be paired together and are extremely versatile. You can wear this pearl ensemble to yacht parties, conferences, weddings, and even date nights. Thaya Jewels offer a variety of pearl chains and necklaces that give a soft and stunning appeal when layered together.

7 Cool Ways To Layer Necklaces With Casual Wear Screenshot 34
THAYA PEARL KNOT NECKLACE The highlight of the piece is the natural pearls that elaborate upon the tenderness of the dancing butterfly
7 Cool Ways To Layer Necklaces With Casual Wear Screenshot 36 1
THAYA WHALE BEADED NECKLACE The delicate chain is decorated with color-shifting pearls bringing across soft and dreamy imagery.

Pearl jewelry helps the wearer in achieving a level of sophistication that boosts confidence as well. Layered Pearls will go great with outfits like a classic LBD: Little Black Dress. Any outfit which is a bit bland and plain can really go from 0 to 100 in a jiffy after mixing and matching pearls.


7 Cool Ways To Layer Necklaces With Casual Wear Screenshot 37
THAYA PEEKABOO CAT PENDANT This piece incorporates a delightful cat face made with enamel along with intricate elements of nature
7 Cool Ways To Layer Necklaces With Casual Wear Hddb6ed712a3b4edd906496e761224cbet 600x600 1
THAYA SUNFLOWER CHARM NECKLACE Despite being dainty and small, this piece emits its own light.

Nature-inspired pieces always give a light, playful aura. These necklaces with elements like flowers and animals can easily be layered together, with petite chains for a casual look. Thaya takes inspiration from natural elements like flowers, that survive the wind and rains, yet bloom gracefully in the sun.


Charm necklaces are perhaps the cutest of all. They’re chunky and give a very layered and complex look. Yet they never fail to look chic and attractive. Charm necklaces look great on youthful, summerish outfits like sundresses and slip dresses. If needed, an additional layer of a thin-delicate chain can be added to your charm neckpiece.

7 Cool Ways To Layer Necklaces With Casual Wear Screenshot 38
THAYA DIY CHARMS NECKLACE The necklace acts as a base on which you could attach charms of your choice to make your one-of-a-kind neckpiece. 
7 Cool Ways To Layer Necklaces With Casual Wear 3541f1ef558bae14b2efb72d3ad6bb30
Layered charm necklaces look great with sundresses
7 Cool Ways To Layer Necklaces With Casual Wear Screenshot 39
THAYA MULTIPURPOSE CHARMS A versatile piece of accessories that will surely win your heart because it can be used in so many different ways.


There isn’t a thing layered necklaces can’t overcome. Be it elevating your basics, making a statement with formal wear, or making monochrome exciting. If you can layer your necklaces correctly, you are perhaps only one step away from being the ultimate fashion guru!

5 Eternal Pieces Of Jewelry For Classy & Minimal You

Trends come and go, and style evolves. It’s important to have pieces of jewelry that are timeless and look chic despite ever-changing fashions.

Karen Elson

Are you the person who is constantly in search of simplistic, chic jewelry? We can quite understand if chunky and heavy pieces don’t seem to do it for you. If you agree with us, then your eternal search for the perfect subtle piece of accessory might have just ended here! This blog covers 5 eternal pieces introduced by Thaya Jewels, for the classy and minimal you. Our elegant and adorable pieces are eye-catching and absolute must-haves in your wardrobe. Because we at Thaya believe that jewelry is a lifetime investment that makes you outshine others. 

Thaya produces 100% pure sterling silver designs that are handcrafted with love by our artisans in France. Our pieces are inspired by Japan, where dreams are diluted in reality. This motivates us to create authentic works of art, loved and appreciated by our customers. Thaya’s soft, creative and exquisite range includes jewels like necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets. Supporting and encouraging girl bosses all around the world, our jewelry is designed for woman who appreciates glimmering beauty and self-expression. 

The following pieces are Thaya’s showstopping items which are guaranteed to cause quite the stir in public:


Thaya Hollow pendant eternal piece necklace

Simple and lightweight jewelry is something that has been in fashion for a long time and will continue to be in the future. If you love those small and elegant neck pieces that don’t crowd your neck, but rather give a classy vibe, this piece is custom crafted for you!

This subtle necklace features a delicate pattern with little hollow loops strung alternately and inlaid with zirconia decorations in the center.

Our Hollow Pendant Necklace is made from Copper and has the following benefits:

  • Antimicrobial
  • Antifungal
  • Hypoallergenic

In all, this necklace is safe for your skin and would not leave your skin dry and itchy after use. 


Cosmic-themed jewelry is very well known and believed in, due to its symbolism and mystical connection to astronomical imagery. This pendant, set with a captivating color-changing Moonstone, is guaranteed to turn attention. The stone is set in a circular bezel and held in place by prongs. The centerpiece is complemented with Zircon crystals throughout the design.

Eternal piece: Aurora heart necklace

The gem carries calming and intuitive energy that is needed in life. This particular gem is especially significant and compelling for lovers. Our Aurora Cosmic Heart Necklace promises its wearer a look of radiance and a touch of positivity. 

Special features:

  • Made of sterling silver with a silver plating
  • Manually processed and polished
  • Adjustable extension chain

However, it is important to take well care of this product. It is advised to keep the necklace out of contact with perfumes and other chemicals. We also advise you to keep the piece away from extreme heat and avoid water. Besides this, Thaya recommends you avail this gorgeous necklace to make a statement.


With attention to detail and fineness, this piece of jewelry reflects a nautical pattern. Thaya Jewels’ Compass Bracelet has a hollow compass pendant with a needle in the center. The initials of the directions are etched on the pendant to give it an authentic and realistic appearance. The bracelet’s chain has a semi-anchor design, giving it the perfect minimalist look. 

Eternal piece: Compass Bracelet

It is made of pure, unadulterated copper which is safe for your skin.

If you love unorthodox, unique pieces with designs that are out of the box and youthful, we definitely recommend you to get our Compass Bracelet and turn heads with it.


One of Japan’s biggest tourist attractions has to be its Cherry Blossom season. These flowers are symbolic of spring, which represents a time of renewal and the fleeting nature of life. Taking inspiration from this, Thaya Jewels introduces its Cherry Blossom Stud Earrings.

Thaya Cherry blossom Earrings

Our stud earrings feature beautiful cherry blossoms that are made up of natural shell powder. This shell powder is hypoallergenic and totally safe to wear in the long run. Our Cherry Blossom Studs have an elegant pink hue that speaks of vibrant and strong womanhood. 

Since Women remind us of a flower blossom, soft but brave enough to face a storm, we dedicate this charming and ethereal piece of jewelry to the face of feminism. 


Love is a beautiful yet unexplained thing. It leads to understanding and tolerance between partners, which finally culminates in a fate of happiness. Taking inspiration from this philosophy, we have crafted our Meet By Chance Couple Rings.

Eternal piece: Couple Rings

As minimalist and beautiful as the female ring is, the male’s ring is simple and generous. It consists of a half cut of matte, and another half cut of high-quality scrub polish. The color of this gorgeous couple’s ring will last a long time without tarnishing. It will also never turn your skin green like cheap jewelry often does. 


Other benefits include:

  • Resizable in nature
  • Lead and Nickel Free
  • Extremely low possibility of rash and skin irritation
  • Perfect for daily wear and special occasions as well

If you want your special one to feel loved on her day, these couple rings are the perfect piece to gift and make her feel appreciated. You can also gift this on occasions like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Engagement, Graduation, and many others too! 

Thaya riri gif

Thaya takes pride in its original art pieces that always catch the eye. Our hard work and authenticity have been appreciated by our global audience immensely. Our traditional workmanship ethic ensures every woman gets exactly what she wants and needs. The enchanting and minimalistic pieces of Thaya Jewels, are exactly what you need to be the confident girl boss, and continue to slay the day.

The Lovely Thaya Cherry Blossom Series

“Let us find inner freedom in each lucky moment that we encounter, like a sun-basking butterfly that finds peace on a cherry blossom petal.”

Erik Pevernagie

The dazzling display of small, delicate pink petals is a joy to behold, but did you know there’s more to their beauty than meets the eye? Cherry Blossoms are known as Sakura in Japan. They have a vital cultural significance in Japan, making the country’s unique national flower a cultural icon adored worldwide for its enduring representation of life, death, and resurrection for the people and the country.

Cherry Blossoms are springtime bloom that represents renewal, as well as the passing essence of life. The blooming season is powerful, gorgeous, and intoxicating, but it is also fleeting; the blossoms’ lives are brief and begin to fall after two weeks when their beauty peaks. They tumble to the ground and wither, falling like snow with the ebb and flow of the breezes. They are native to Asia and can be found in China, South Korea, and India, but they now blossom worldwide.

People in Japan like having Cherry Blossom parties with co-workers, friends, and family during this season. Under the Cherry Blossoms, they enjoy eating, drinking, and barbecuing. This custom is known as Hanami. Hanami literally translates to “flower looking,” The ritual dates back at least a thousand years. Even at night, the viewing areas are packed with people who come to enjoy the blossoms in a beautiful, romantic setting. Yozakura is the name for Hanami at night.

Japanese Cherry Blossoms are an everlasting metaphor for human existence, as they are linked to Buddhist principles of mortality, awareness, and living in the present. And that’s why we’ve created a list of the must-haves from our Cherry Blossom collection that could be gifted on any occasion or bought to treat yourself and your loved ones.

The Cherry Blossom Collection

1. Cherry Blossom Dangle Earrings

The Lovely Thaya Cherry Blossom Series 1
Cherry Blossom Dangle Earrings

Thaya is inspired by Japan, a country where aspirations and reality collide, inspiring us to produce genuine works of art. Make a statement with these lovely Cherry Blossom Dangle Earrings that are all things pretty. Pink cubic zirconia embellishes the studs and has extended tassels that complement the overall design of these earrings. Copper plating is used on the product, and because copper is a metal with no impurities, it is hypoallergenic and safe to use for long periods of time. Wear these danglers with a bucket hat, white top, and baggy loose denim jeans.

2. Cherry Blossom Stud Earrings

Cherry Blossom Stud Earrings
Cherry Blossom Stud Earrings

Adorn yourself with these lovely pairs of Cherry Blossom Stud Earrings that are a part of our sterling silver jewelry. The Cherry flowers are created out of Natural Shell Powder, making them hypoallergenic and long-lasting. These are a beautiful Pink color that soothes the eyes and can complement any outfit. Choose to pair them with a white work pantsuit or a Little Black Dress for your special date night.

3. White Cherry Clip-on Earrings

White Cherry Clip-on Earrings
White Cherry Clip-on Earrings

Van Gogh was particularly fond of flowering trees. They symbolized rebirth and hope. He adored drawing blossoming trees because he liked the way they appeared. The Almond Blossom masterpiece was created to commemorate a child’s birth and inspire optimism.

These art-inspired jewels will catch everyone’s attention with their pearly shine and silvery finish. This is an eye-catching piece to add to your everyday look! A handmade Natural Pearl shell is used to make the almond blossom petals on the earrings while composed of sterling silver, which has a purity of 92.5 percent. No piercing is required because the White Cherry Clip-on Earrings surround the ear cuffs.

4. White Cherry Ring

White Cherry Ring
White Cherry Ring

Almond Blossoms have a unique appearance. The blossom represented sweetness, charm, and delicacy as the first flower of the year. Female beauty, patience in suffering, and watchfulness are all things that the Chinese value. The almond represents divine favor and admiration in the Christian tradition, as well as the Virgin’s purity. The handmade Almond Blossoms Petals on the White Cherry Ring are made of genuine pearl shell, and the ring’s body is made of 925 sterling silver which makes it sturdy. The ring can be resized to fit your needs (US 5-12), and the net weight is 2.5 g / 0.088 oz.

5. White Cherry Blossom Earrings

White Cherry Blossom Earrings
White Cherry Blossom Earrings

Cherry Blossoms have high prestige in China as symbols of love and feminine mystique (beauty, strength, and sexuality). Still, the elusive petals are treasured nowhere more than in Japan, with hundreds of Cherry Blossom trees. Flowers can be found in Japanese paintings, films, and poetry.

Motivated by these aspects, our designers have created stylish and fine nature-inspired jewels in the form of White Cherry Earrings that can be worn for any event quickly and without any discomfort. These delicate earrings are the perfect choice for those with pierced ears. The earrings are handmade using a Natural Pearl shell and sterling silver, giving them the shine of a lifetime!

Sakura has long been associated with the start of spring, a season of renewal and optimism. Because the blooming season coincides with the start of the Japanese calendar year, they also bring hope and new dreams to students and employees on their first day of school or a new job. The future is brimming with possibilities when Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom. So, what are you waiting for? Bring home your good luck charm and celebrate life with affordable Thaya Jewels.

Celebrate Spring Equinox With Thaya!

We have brought to you another lovely series this season. Spring equinox with Thaya series includes exquisitely handcrafted minimal jewels inspired by the beautiful aura of nature during the spring equinox every year. A fantastic time to celebrate joy and rebirth.

The Spring Equinox formally signals the onset of spring and occurs every year on March 20th or 21st. Throughout human history, the Spring Equinox has been revered by civilizations, religions, and spiritual traditions. These feasts and festivities were frequently associated with a story or myth about the forces of light triumphing over the forces of evil.

The ancient Mayans, for example, gathered to celebrate the dance of light and shadow on their pyramids during this time, as well as Pagan religions in the Mediterranean region, which worshipped the goddess Cybele and the arrival of a fertility goddess created through a virgin birth.

Easter (which usually falls on the first Sunday after the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox), Passover, Nowruz (also known as the Persian New Year), Holi, and Ostara are some of the more recent celebrations. Neopagans around this time also perform fertility rituals.

Hence, making it a fantastic time to celebrate joy and rebirth, regardless of your religious or spiritual practices. As the days get longer and the nights get shorter in the Northern Hemisphere. This shift continues until the Summer Solstice arrives. The sun crosses the celestial equator and heads north during this time.

Significance Of The Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox is the perfect time for one to concentrate on the renewal and awakening of their soul and habits as the Earth reawakens. One can expand, grow, and focus on the warmth and brightness in their life as the dark months’ pass.

With the day and night in perfect alignment, this is an excellent time to focus on moderation and balance. As we go farther into the light, this is also a moment of clarity after confusion, meditation, and silence. Enlightenment, inspiration, and new beginnings are all welcome. 

The lovely inspiration behind The Spring Equinox With Thaya Series:

At Thaya, we believe that there is no better way to showcase your personality than to be true to yourself, and to help you do that, we have the perfect jewelry pieces to add to your everyday collection.

Check out Thaya Spring-Themed jewelry under and celebrate spring equinox with the Thaya family:

Thaya Spring-Themed Products:

1. Cherry Blossom Dangle Earrings 

Spring Equinox with Thaya Series

Cherry blossoms are a springtime flower, a time of renewal, and a reminder of life’s transience. Our Cherry Blossom Dangle Earrings are embellished with Pink cubic zirconia and include extended tassels that complement the overall design of these earrings and represent the vibrant aura of womanhood. The earrings are copper plated, and because copper is a metal with no impurities, it is hypoallergenic and safe to use for long periods of time. Make a statement with these adorable earrings that are all things pretty.

2. Cherry Blossom Stud Earrings

Spring Equinox with Thaya Series

Our favorite, the Cherry Blossom Stud Earrings, is one of a kind! The beautiful Cherry Blossoms made of light pink natural shell powder make these stud earrings perfect for your daily wardrobe. The lovely pink hue provides a shine that matches the brightness of a freshwater pearl!

3. Sterling Silver Sun Flower Charm Necklace

Spring Equinox with Thaya Series

A modest, beautiful, and original design, the Sterling Silver Sun Flower Charm Necklace derives inspiration from a flower surviving the wind and rain with tenacity until it welcomes the sun and its buds bloom gloriously and dress up the scenery. The ornament is decorated with unique patterned clusters of different flowers inlaid with natural white mother pearl shellfish, synthetic yellow and apple green opals, and cubic zirconia that add exciting hues.

The chain is made of electroplated solid 925 silver that maintains its shine for a long time and is pleasant to wear. You can pair this necklace with a summer dress and sandals for a fresh and adorable style.

4. Clovers Clip-On Earrings

Spring Equinox with Thaya Series

The exceptional design concept for these beautiful and simple earrings comes from a four-leaf Clover with an asymmetrical shape. Thaya artisans created these handcrafted mosaic beauties with a picture of a whole Clover field gleaming freshly and beautifully in the spring sun! Making it a perfect fit for the spring equinox with Thaya collection.

The Clovers Clip-On Earrings have a clear synthetic green opal flower at the top and crystal white cubic zirconia that is inlaid that gives it a fresh style. Made of Solid 925 silver that is electroplated, helps maintain its shine for a long time, and is pleasant to wear, the pair of earrings is ideal for women who do not have piercings.  

5. Clover Rings

Spring Equinox with Thaya Series

The Clover Rings are made from exquisite plating of solid real 925 silver, which retains its luster for a long time and is pleasant to wear, making for the perfect His and Her gifts. The ring for her is dainty and is made of a unique design that showcases a clear synthetic green opal flower and three crystal white cubic zirconia that is inlaid at the ends of the ring band. It weighs 1.7 grams.

The men’s ring undergoes a three-layer Platinum electroplating process that provides a sturdy structure, a handcrafted mosaic texture of the highest quality, displays vintage craftsmanship, and shines for a long time. It weighs 3.8 grams. Both the rings are resizable.

6. Milky Way Ring

Spring Equinox with Thaya Series

The handcrafted ring is constructed of S925 sterling silver with a black-plated surface, a zircon star at the center of the ring surrounded by many other tiny blue stars made of oil. The black-plated body represents the dark space of the universe and is used to reflect its primary significance. Each ring features a central star, similar to the Cowherd and Weaver Girl in the Tanabata, and the tiny stars adorning it, suggesting that life brings many people together.

Our designers created the Milky Way Ring signifying, that you meet your partner in the fleeting moments of the stars and cherish the Galaxy’s timeless years together. Another lovely addition to the spring equinox with Thaya series. This ring is available in the following resizable sizes: 5 to 9 (S Size) and 6 to 10 (L Size).

For many more stunning sterling silver jewelry or gift options, visit the shop page of Thaya Jewels!

Mesmerizing Spring Stock: Thaya Floral Designs

“Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul.” – Luther Burbank

A cheerful spring flower is a perfect way to signal the end of winter. Gardeners use spring flowers as a ‘spring marker,’ counting down the days until temperatures rise again, and we can spend more time in our gardens, surrounded by the first snowdrops and daffodils to primroses and hellebores. 

There is nothing more beautiful in the country than springtime. We’re ready to get outside and enjoy the season’s magnificence as the days get longer, the temperature warms up, and beautiful flowers begin to bloom. To commemorate these special days, we’ve compiled a list of the best and freshest spring stock of jewels. To assist you to better usher in the season of fresh flowers, green grass, and sunshine, we’ve included some of our best Thaya Floral designs regarding the season below.

Thaya Flower-Inspired Jewels

1. White Begonia Neckpiece, White Begonia Bracelet, and Begonia Earrings 

Mesmerizing Spring Stock: Thaya Floral Designs 23

The trio exemplifies elegance at its finest while showcasing the White begonias which are seen as a symbol of gratitude and respect. Because begonias inspire this neckpiece and lovely pair of earrings, it is meticulously carved with care and attention to detail to match their association with innocence and purity. Emerald green leaves were also created using cold enamel technology. Furthermore, pearls are used to enhance the earring’s overall appearance, whereas the tassels are made from snake bone chains. Similarly, the White Begonia Bracelet is created keeping in mind the White Begonia flower and its captivating beauty, making it a refined choice. 

2. Shell Flower Bracelet 

Mesmerizing Spring Stock: Thaya Floral Designs He4e2b092cd11469f97d45ad6657fdae0D 2

With this stunning bracelet crafted with passion and perfection, you’ll own the jewelry game. The flower is carved out of white shells to create three-dimensional motifs on the Shell Flower Bracelet, which is affixed to a whirling branch pattern. Floral scales have been given special care. Furthermore, the chain bracelet is studded with asymmetrical cubic zirconia accents.

3. Flower Pendant and Flower Dangle Earrings 

Mesmerizing Spring Stock: Thaya Floral Designs H78d6b5d469b0424797f552c6326a5022w

A stunning neckpiece inspired by the delicate beauty of flowers. The Flower Pendant and Flower Dangle Earrings are made up of a lovely design of handmade flowers with elegant dangles and pearls at the end. The flowers are studded with high-quality crystals, while the dangles are composed of tiny beads linked together.

4. LingLei Flower Earrings 

Mesmerizing Spring Stock: Thaya Floral Designs H2b880cd203c0474aa214f1a6e3e9dce3s

China’s well-known Peking Opera inspire this pair of earrings. The item combines classic and modern craftsmanship to create a design that represents characters from the opera. In a distinctive cloisonne blue color gradient produced by cold enamel technology, it imitates the shape of magnificent flowers. Each earring features a flower that undergoes real gold electroplating and is manually inlaid with high-grade crystals and beaded chain tassels, and they are asymmetrical in form. The LingLei Flower Earring’s needle pins are made of S925 Silver, making them hypoallergenic. 

5. Floral Hair Clips 

Mesmerizing Spring Stock: Thaya Floral Designs H5285c7b6c5c843398d82e1cbbe680530M

A lovely collection of Floral Hair Clips that will go with all of your outfits. Daisy, Begonia, and Shell Flower are three floral varieties offered for these hair clips. When it comes to their colors, exceptional attention to minute details has been devoted. The floral motifs were created using cold enamel technology and natural shell powder. They’ve also been embellished with faux pearls to look more appealing and formal to wear with your work outfit or for even an evening dinner party.

6. Plum Blossom Pendant and Plum Blossom Earrings

Mesmerizing Spring Stock: Thaya Floral Designs Hf4737acd4bca4eab8033e826a01a3fd1g

Plum blossoms have long been connected with optimism and endurance. In East Asian cultures, they are viewed as emblems of purity, beauty, and the transience of life. Following that, a lovely flowery neckpiece and lovely pair of earrings are designed to complement perfection and highlight the beauty of flowers.

A lovely plum blossom pendant hangs from the neckpiece, which has a hoop design with inner elements that resemble tree branches. A flowing tassel studded with beads and an imitation pearl completes the pendant. Similarly, the earrings are made up of studs that look like plum blossoms and are linked to hoop structures that look like tree branches. The neckpiece and earrings’ hoops are embellished with faux pearls to complete the aesthetic. The earrings come in two different styles: Plum Blossom Earrings and Plum Blossom Asymmetrical Earrings; both perfect for any occasion!

7. Dandelion Sterling Silver Necklace & Earring Set 

Mesmerizing Spring Stock: Thaya Floral Designs 22

The thought concept behind this set of our designers is knowing how to struggle and how to enjoy. The Dandelion Sterling Silver Necklace & Earring Set is unique because the Dandelion flowers are usually a vibrant yellow sign of growth, hope, and healing. It is made through synthetic plating, a delicate polishing process, and hand mosaic techniques where 925 Silver and white synthetic cubic zircon are encrusted. It’s a one-of-a-kind design where the handmade design is kept to represent the dandelion’s simple shape and texture to ensure the perfect daily, party, and other events wear.

8. Peach Blossom Open Bangle 

Mesmerizing Spring Stock: Thaya Floral Designs Hbeaf89e3328f4503a875d2b9ee13de68i

An adjustable and lightweight bangle-inspired bracelet that is stylish and easy to wear. The bracelet has a simple design studded with a handmade Peach Blossom and imitation pearl on the open ends. Peach blossoms have long been associated with purity and womanhood. They are seen as symbols of happiness and good fortune. The pearl is electroplated in purple and blue tints to add lovely hues making it a great addition to your wardrobe.

Bottom Line

It’s crucial to consider the type of Thaya Floral Design you want to add to your collection of jewels while making your selection. Consider the design, the colors, events, and the outfits you could pair with each piece, and you’ll be all set to make an impression of a lifetime with Thaya Jewels!

Gift Beautiful Thaya Constellation Pendant On Your Bff’s Birthday

A diamond isn’t a girl’s best friend. It’s her best friend who is a diamond!

The importance of our loved ones has become increasingly evident in recent years, and nailing your best-friend gifts is a great way to show your appreciation for those who are always there for you. Because you are pretty well informed on your right-hand’s likes, dislikes, and things they truly need this year, shopping for your best friend won’t be quite as difficult as shopping for a partner or a colleague. Make her day with one of the prettiest necklaces and pendants this season.

Gift Beautiful Thaya Constellation Pendant On Your Bff's Birthday image2

Take a look at – my Thaya guide for the perfect affordable jewelry gifts for that best friend who can make you laugh even when you’re in a bad mood, who always answers the phone no matter how late it is, and who is the first to pop the cork if there’s a reason to celebrate right here:

The Thaya Constellation Collection

1. Constellation Pendant Charms

Gift Beautiful Thaya Constellation Pendant On Your Bff's Birthday image5

This handpicked selection of pendant charms includes many constellations found as a group of stars in the sky. The astrological sun and moon signs are also derived from these constellations, making the jewelry unique to each individual. It’s constructed of sterling silver of international high quality. The pendant is created using an electroplating process, after which it is embellished with hand-inlaid cubic zircon spars for added shine. Expert artisans have meticulously crafted this one-of-a-kind design to create a stunning piece that will elevate your attire. Combine these pendants with the DIY series’ chains. A single pendant weighs about 2.1g and is1.5 x 1.4cm in size.

2. Constellation Pendant

Gift Beautiful Thaya Constellation Pendant On Your Bff's Birthday image6

Thaya is inspired by a beautiful river, Moravian Thaya in Central Europe, the longest tributary to the river Morava. The country where aspirations and reality collide, inspiring us to produce genuine works of art. Hence, the Constellation Pendant was inspired by the magnificent cosmos brimming with stars and vibrant colors. The pendant is fashioned like a coin and is covered in colorful crystals, used to engrave the stars in black and white to form constellation designs. A sturdy chain with a star tag is also included. It’s light and comfortable to wear. Made of Copper, an antimicrobial and antifungal metal, it makes the pendants hypoallergenic and safe to wear for long periods.

3. Galaxy Neckpiece

Gift Beautiful Thaya Constellation Pendant On Your Bff's Birthday image7

A neckpiece is a distinctive accessory, and what makes it more beautiful? A design inspired by a galaxy filled with stars and colorful hues. Part of the trendy minimal jewels we offer, the Galaxy Neckpiece has an interactive layered design that includes a spar-like structure that resembles a constellation, as well as tiny beads and star pendants. Our designers have paid special attention to the tiniest of details to ensure our customers get only the best. Magical designs have been enhanced with tiny translucent crystals. Created with 925 Sterling Silver and Copper, the necklace is suitable for all skin types.

4. Van Gogh’s Starry Night Jewelry Set

Gift Beautiful Thaya Constellation Pendant On Your Bff's Birthday image1

This collection offers art-inspired jewels inspired by Van Gogh’s masterwork – Starry Night and features artistry in the form of jewelry. Wearing an item from this collection is like carrying about a miniature replica of the everlasting work of art. It’s the ideal present for anyone interested in art. As viewed from his window, the necklace depicts Van Gogh’s abstract portrayal of a hill above a settlement, with a sky filled with stars in the background. Our expert artisans meticulously craft it to ensure that you have only the most outstanding options to add to your wardrobe. The dreamy Van Gogh’s Starry Night Jewelry Set includes a necklace, earrings, bracelet, and a set of couple rings.

5. Midsummer Night’s Dream Necklace

Gift Beautiful Thaya Constellation Pendant On Your Bff's Birthday image4

The night sky twinkles with stars while fireflies brighten the damp forest. In a Midsummer Night’s Dream, you will be transported to the Blue Planet, where you may embark on a journey of undiscovered adventures, unraveling the mysteries of freedom and tenderness while discovering the light of your future desires. The Midsummer Night’s Dream Necklace’s main body is made of electroplating s925 silver, and the double-chain design adds to the impression of layering. There are fireflies of varying sizes fluttering their wings on the chain, guiding them onward. The main pendant at the center holds a blue planet with a silver outer ring, and the artificial pearls are plated with a starry blue tint. The manually inlaid zirconium represents the Polaris star in the middle of the outer ring, which grants every wish. The precise color matching recreates the beautiful magic between literature and art, conjuring up a dream of summer nights.

6. Starry Wings Pendant

Gift Beautiful Thaya Constellation Pendant On Your Bff's Birthday image8

The Starry Wings Pendant is a stunning neckpiece that radiates modernity, minimalism, positivity, and beauty. A wing-like structure surrounds the hoop on the chain neckpiece, with a compass star connected in the center. Small compass stars are also added to the chain. Wings are associated with freedom, spirituality, liberty, and protection, while stars are associated with good fortune, purity, and aspiration. The piece is constructed of pure 925 sterling silver with no impurities, making it hypoallergenic and safe to wear for a long time. 

7. Moon Layered Anchor Necklace

Gift Beautiful Thaya Constellation Pendant On Your Bff's Birthday image3

This thaya moon-inspired jewelry is meticulously detailed and beautiful in its interpretation of a nautical pattern. An anchor pendant hangs from a hoop-like construction on the neckpiece. At the center of the pendant is a blue-colored stone that resembles the moon and adds a pop of color! A tiny starry chain pendant is also attached to the main pattern of the necklace to give it a layered effect. It’s made in such a way that both designs look like they belong together. Gift your best friend our Moon Layered Anchored Neckpiece on their birthday to show them that they are out of this world!

So it’s only natural that you’d want to show your BFF how much you appreciate them for being there for you and, more importantly, never criticizing you. Finding a truly unique present can be difficult, but not that we’ve got you covered; you could give her a delicate necklace or pendant chain — or even buy one for each of you to switch on occasions. Visit the Thaya Jewels website for more such sterling silver jewelry gift ideas. You can also check out our new Constellation Necklace collection here.

Tips To Keep Your Jewelry Organized

Untangle the stress in your life by sorting your precious jewelry collection

With busy work schedules and the holidays coming around, most of us struggle with keeping our things adequately organized. And when the time comes, we can never find that one pair of socks or studs that go perfectly with the outfit. But don’t worry, we understand the importance of organizing your jewelry just in time for the work/Christmas parties. So check out these strategies that are brought to you by us so that you can securely and effectively organize your jewelry.

To keep jewelry safe and tangle-free, one requires specialized storage. In general, keeping jewelry close to where you get dressed in the morning, whether in a walk-in closet, bedroom, or bathroom, helps you save time by allowing you to choose an outfit and accessorize everything in one place. You can organize your jewelry collection on top of a dresser or counter, within a drawer, on the back of a door, or even on a wall, depending on available space.

Tips To Keep Your Jewelry Organized image3 2

This is also an excellent time to clean and polish your jewelry. One can use this opportunity to shine their sterling silver collection or gold items. Rings should be cleaned, and pearls should be wiped down. If you have a damaged clasp on your bracelet or earring backs that are missing, now is the time to get them fixed before the next outing. Finally, to keep your jewelry from tarnishing, keep it in a dedicated cloth jewelry bag.

Read the my Thaya guide for more tips and tricks below: 

Tips To Keep Your Jewelry Organized image1 4

1. The Basic Way 

Pick any drawer you like and make it a jewelry-organizing drawer in your closet or bedroom. Shallow drawers are usually the greatest option for making them easily accessible. A drawer with multiple-sized compartments to sort trinkets, bracelets, earrings, and other items into the various slots can work wonders. If there’s room in the drawer, place a second jewelry tray on top of the first to double the amount of storage.

2. Organizing Based On Similarity

You can live your most organized life by separating identical jewelry pieces into distinct storage boxes. Get inventive with trays and plates, as well as acrylic makeup storage containers to keep your big jewelry collection accessible. For example, you can store all of your pearl jewelry in one box so that it’s easy to find the next time you are in the mood to wear a pearl accessory.

3. Reuse Your Items For Storage

If you’re someone who is conscious about the environment and is into DIY projects, then you can use your old ceramic dishes to store your earrings, rings, or bracelets. Even a tiered jewelry dish can be a fantastic solution for frequently worn jewelry as it acts as a lovely display that keeps the pieces at your fingertips. One of the most significant advantages of using a dish or cereal bowl is that you don’t have to worry about hanging your jewelry. Even if you dump stuff on the plate, it will appear well-organized and is convenient because you’ll have them ready for the next day or whenever you want to wear them next.

4. Hooks To The Rescue

Hooks are one of the best options when it comes to storing your necklaces—hanging necklaces one at a time prevents pendants and chains from getting tangled. Apart from that, if you put them somewhere where they can be seen, you’ll be more likely to wear them. Necklaces can be exhibited on a wall in your dressing room by using attractive hooks. Alternatively, you can invest in a hanging jewelry organizer that can be hung on the wall.

5. Accessibility

To make it easier to find your favorite accessories, keep your everyday jewelry in plain sight at your dressing table. Hang necklaces on wall-mounted hooks or knobs to keep them knot-free. Smaller things like rings and earrings should be placed in attractive trays, platters, or large bowls to prevent parts from mixing. You can also keep a tiny jar on your nightstand to drop any earrings or necklaces you forgot to put away before going to bed.

6. Take The Velvet Route

Give your jewelry some royal treatment by setting it down on a comfortable velvet cushion. The velvety texture will help keep your cherished babies in place, and it also acts as an added incentive to organize your diamonds in a contemporary way. 

Tips To Keep Your Jewelry Organized image2 2

Apart from these strategies, you could also choose to organize your jewelry that is distinctive to an outfit. And since it must be just as visible and coordinated, you may separate them by style, color, or even sets. Visit the Thaya Jewels website for our newest collections and our blog here for the latest trends and more.

Introducing Thaya Fairy Series For The Dreamer In You

Long long ago, fairy tales originated in folklore, which has been passed down from generation to generation through the art of storytelling. Many of us recall happy childhood memories of our grandparents telling us these stories and enthralling us with their fantastical worlds. These fairy tales were magical and enchanted stories that frequently featured brave knights, damsels in distress, mythical creatures, and a fairy godmother. 

The Fairy Series collection has been inspired by a romantic and magical atmosphere filled with beautiful lights like the ones we read about in our storybooks as children. If you’re looking for a gift that helps you strengthen your connection, our range of dreamy jewels is the perfect gift for any occasion, be it celebrating the milestones in your relationship or wanting to surprise your loved ones and friends. Thaya Jewels are influenced by Japan, a country where aspirations and reality collide, inspiring us to create genuine works of art that help us be a part of your fairytale story.

The Thaya Fairy Series

1. Fairy Deer Pendant

Introducing Thaya Fairy Series For The Dreamer In You image6

Our designer and nature-inspired neckpiece is a perfect blend of fun, elegant and unique. The Fairy Deer Pendant is magical and features a pendant crafted with deer antlers detailed with small diamond charms and a flowing tassel that adds character. Made of pure S925 Silver, the jewelry is hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin and long wear. Apart from that, the pendant is also coated with slight hints of blue and cold purple enamel that highlight the Fairy Deer concept beautifully. To complete the set, pair this necklace with our Fairy Deer Bracelet and Fairy Deer Earrings.

2. Fairy Bird Wing Earrings

Introducing Thaya Fairy Series For The Dreamer In You

This pair of delicate Fairy Bird Wing Earrings are a personal favorite of ours. Crafted with the most meticulous precision, our designers have captured the essence of beauty in nature – featuring the silhouette of bird wings in a manner like poetry in motion. The striking masterpieces are made with cold purple enamel, zirconia embellishments, and imitation pearl accents attached to a flowing tassel chain at the end. Further, the earrings’ pins are constructed of hallmarked sterling silver, light and gentle on the skin.

3. Fairy Deer Bracelet 

Introducing Thaya Fairy Series For The Dreamer In You lC30 CgPDMd4BTgCSOfQbQrwI2OUQI6YiVkJ7CuFBgO2JILa8 3jWH9wDi4JZthPI

At Thaya Jewels, we aim to create the most fairy like and exceptional jewelry that is fit to help you make a statement anywhere. The bracelet is designed with a delicate chain that holds the deer antlers with zirconia as the centerpiece. It also features small diamond charms and cold enamel that adds extra oomph. This gorgeous bracelet can be paired with an all-denim outfit that’ll definitely keep you on-trend and ready for any occasion.

4. Fairy Fox Earrings 

Introducing Thaya Fairy Series For The Dreamer In You LVhKs4qWoWvavYc0ccVfdpd4YJA9q 6A8phwHEdM5eolGdsSyyx RnxgiQV4jnxN dgn50aZ0jnKfOLuGsnhogC87HdObNi1lJ9z6UX5wXaabeziPOtSmS6NzwsQStb6qK0R7ti2

The Fox is a character that is typically thought to be cunning. However, the power of magic and faith is such that it can turn even the darkest characters into ones that are kind and charming. With that idea in their mind, the designers formed a design that is striking and lustrous. Representing the swirly silhouette of a foxtail, the pair of Fairy Fox Earrings feature zirconia embellishment, pearl, and double chain tassels that add a flair of drama. In addition, the earrings are also plated with cold purple enamel that complements any outfit, whether for a girl’s night out or a wedding.

5. Fairy Deer Earrings 

Introducing Thaya Fairy Series For The Dreamer In You XXzzwpnChwiiLGROUKRK9boMb939m97oyGhOfd8oaLfyfs7SM6cTkUE6vyUrac SIOMMef 6Zn4acmpwE0FOBctICE8Khy4K7XATFHaa 3lU924c3U3ZCbjnkg7jhZpXYLt9Ybry

Designed to sparkle and shine, these earrings are perfect as a gift. They instantly elevate any outfit with their simplistic design and nature, and art-inspired concept. Shaped in the form of deer antlers and decorated with cold enamel, flowing chains as tassels, the pair of earrings symbolize sophistication, beauty, and enchantment.  

6. Fairy Rabbit Silver Bow Choker

Introducing Thaya Fairy Series For The Dreamer In You 3B6wF02AEt0khI PbFuExXWJBgyc QwVg06yzCmKB5i80 qKThOZdIKz4QAGEvFGemSzK2h19ybo2pROOSjkBDNZTt18SxDi f9yDXDQ5iK83p255ayz z9 tnTigXvgM L9eazY

Inspired by the fantasy world and story of Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland, the design concept for this neckpiece is distinctive and beautiful. Alice’s bow joins a pair of playful rabbit ears with blue and white synthetic cubic zirconia crystals at the center. The choker is handmade through a delicate electroplating process with an addition of mosaic technology. The 925-sterling silver base and chain are chic and comfortable to wear for long periods. Check it out here.

7. Fairy Bird Wings Bracelet

Introducing Thaya Fairy Series For The Dreamer In You 8DBpsdYBMjmdArUtgDbbhZZvndkJDZsJzeSwN1mLf229Zj4dcY0tF7yV5PvWNwcgslIW3mMdc9Dtd 8OxCr817NkMSqAaCU2DPmPC LobZ7tOQDYWjQUf37JrHQ03JQ4eg5btbh1

The bracelet is nothing short of fantasy itself; it is created with a curving silhouette that resembles a pair of wings, with zirconia ornamentation and shell beads that look like pearls studded at the tip. Cold purple enamel has been used to give it an elegant touch, along with a chain tassel to accentuate the look of the bracelet, making it perfect for everyday wear.

Moral Of The Story 

The designers at Thaya Jewels wanted to present an ode to the fairy tales, the memories, sensations, and dreams that they elicited and helped create the beginnings of your story. Make a statement with this gorgeous collection designed to keep you on-trend and ready for any occasion. 

Now that we’ve shared our magical fairytale jewelry collection with you, tell us in the comments below which piece of jewelry you loved the most. 

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