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Thaya Jewels Gift Hampers: The Perfect Tokens of Love for Mothers

Motherhood is a journey filled with love, sacrifice, and countless moments of joy. Mothers deserve to be celebrated and appreciated every day, but on special occasions like Mother’s Day, birthdays, or anniversaries, finding the perfect gift can be a delightful challenge. Thaya Jewels offer a unique and heartfelt way to express love and gratitude to the special mothers in our lives. With their exquisite jewelry pieces carefully curated in stunning gift sets, Thaya Jewels Gift Hampers go beyond ordinary presents, becoming tokens of love that will be cherished forever.

In this blog, we will explore the beauty and significance of Thaya Jewels, and discover why they make the perfect gifts for mothers on any occasion.

Thaya Jewels: A Testament to Artistry and Creativity

Thaya Jewels: A Testament to Artistry and Creativity

Thaya Jewels is a renowned jewelry brand that combines artistry and creativity to create stunning pieces of jewelry. Each design is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, making them truly unique. Thaya Jewels prides itself on its commitment to craftsmanship, ensuring that every piece is of the highest quality. When it comes to gifting mothers, Thaya Jewels understands the importance of presenting them with something that is not only beautiful but also meaningful.

The Power of Jewelry as a Gift for Mothers

The Power of Jewelry as a Gift for Mothers

Jewelry has always held a special place in the hearts of people, and when it comes to mothers, its significance is even greater. Gifting jewelry to mothers is a way of expressing love, appreciation, and admiration. Jewelry serves as a timeless reminder of cherished memories and serves as a symbol of the enduring bond between a mother and her children. The sentimental value of jewelry makes it a perfect gift to celebrate the incredible strength and love of mothers.

The Thoughtful Curation of Thaya Jewels Gift Hampers

Make mom smile with the hamper!
Make mom smile with the hamper!

If you want a unique and thoughtful gift for your mom, why not create a DIY gift hamper using Thaya jewels? 

Thaya jewels are handcrafted jewelry inspired by nature and art, made of pure sterling silver and high-quality gems. They are perfect for expressing your love and appreciation for your mom, a masterpiece of nature and art. Here are some steps to create your DIY gift hamper using Thaya Jewels:

  1. Choose a jewel that suits your mom’s style and personality. You can browse our website and find the perfect piece for her. Some of our popular collections include Halo of Aurora Borealis, Van Gogh’s Starry Night, Deer Crown, Milky Way, and more.
  1. Find a basket or a box that can fit the jewelry and other items your mom likes. You can decorate the basket or box with ribbons, flowers, stickers, or anything else that makes it look festive and personalized.
  1. Fill the basket or box with goodies that complement the jewel. For example, you can add chocolates, candles, bath products, books, tea or coffee, or anything else your mom enjoys.
  1. Write a heartfelt card or note to your mom, telling her how much you love and appreciate her. You can also include facts or stories about the jewel you chose for her, such as its inspiration, meaning, or symbolism.
  1. Wrap the basket or box with a transparent wrap or a cloth and tie it with a bow. Add some tags or labels to make it more attractive and informative.
  1. Surprise your mom with your DIY gift hamper, and watch her smile!

Exquisite Designs for Every Mother’s Style

Thaya Jewels offers a diverse range of jewelry designs, catering to every mother’s unique style and personality. Whether she prefers classic and elegant pieces or modern and bold designs, Thaya Jewels has something to suit every taste.

The brand’s use of vibrant colors, intricate detailing, and innovative materials results in visually stunning jewelry that stands out. With Thaya Jewels, you can find the perfect piece that reflects your mother’s individuality and style.

1. Linglei Double Chain Necklace

Linglei Double Chain Necklace for your mom!

This exquisite necklace draws inspiration from the prominent Peking Opera of China. The piece combines traditional and modern craftsmanship to produce a design representative of characters in the opera. It imitates the flora in a unique cloisonne blue color gradient achieved through cold enamel technology. The double-chained design brings an emphasis on the neckline.

2. Angel Wings Drop Earring

2. Angel Wings Drop Earring
  1. 3-layer Solid real 925 silver, keep sunshine for ta a long time, comfortable skin application exquisite workmanship.
  2. The wings of Great “dog” are used as the main element, which implies disguise, which seems powerful, but also has a weak side.
  3. Pink-purple crystal, inlaid by hand, is the real existence behind the wings, symbolizing the true heart.

3. White Cherry Ring

3. White Cherry Ring

The appearance design of Almond Blossoms — As the first flower of the year the blossom is the Awakener; it also represents sweetness, charm, delicacy. For the Chinese, it is feminine beauty, fortitude in sorrow, watchfulness. In the Christian tradition, the almond signifies divine favor and approval.

4. Provence Bracelet

4. Provence Bracelet

Crafted from the finest materials, this bracelet is made to last. The high-quality metal used in its construction ensures that it will not tarnish or fade over time, so you can enjoy wearing it for years to come. The flowers and leaves are also carefully crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring that they will not break or become damaged with regular wear.

Celebrating Motherhood: Occasions to Gift Thaya Jewels Gift Hampers

Thaya Jewels Gift Hampers are perfect for celebrating various occasions that honor motherhood. Whether it’s Mother’s Day, her birthday, anniversary, or a milestone in her life, gifting a Thaya Jewels Gift Hamper is a way to express your love and appreciation. Each gift hamper can be customized to reflect your mother’s personal journey as a mother.

Consider incorporating birthstone jewelry or pieces that represent the different stages of motherhood. By selecting a gift from Thaya jewels, you are giving your mother a gift that celebrates the unique bond between a mother and her children.

The Unforgettable Impact

kissing mother while giving a gift hamper

Jewelry from Thaya Jewels have the power to create lasting memories and leave an unforgettable impact on your mother. Each time she wears the jewelry, she will be reminded of the love and appreciation she receives from her children. Thaya Jewels’ exquisite designs and thoughtful curation ensure that the gift hamper becomes a cherished possession, representing the beautiful moments shared between a mother and her family.


When it comes to expressing love and gratitude to mothers, Thaya Jewels Gift Hampers are the perfect tokens of love. The brand’s commitment to artistry, the power of jewelry as a gift, the thoughtful curation of the hampers, exquisite designs for every style, quality craftsmanship and materials, and the ability to celebrate motherhood on special occasions all contribute to making Thaya Jewels Gift Hampers the ideal choice.

By gifting a Thaya Jewels Gift Hamper, you are giving your mother a meaningful and timeless gift that she will treasure forever. Show your appreciation and celebrate the extraordinary mothers in your life with Thaya Jewels Gift Hampers.

10 Tips To Take Care Of Sterling Silver Jewelry

Is Sterling Silver actual silver? How to take care of these dainty pieces? Know more about sterling silver in this post!

Are you trying to figure out how to clean tarnished, dirty, or dull-looking jewelry? Whether it’s silver, gold, or gemstone jewelry, it all requires regular maintenance and cleaning. So, how can you take care of and safely clean your jewelry?

You’ve come to the perfect spot to get answers: here’s our step-by-step guide to caring for and cleaning your sterling silver jewelry, so it stays in excellent shape for years to come.


sterling silver

Silver is a soft, ductile, malleable metal that takes a high polish and is similar in composition and character to gold and copper. While it lacks the hardness of gold, it has numerous applications, particularly when alloyed with other metals to make it tougher.

Silver is one of the seven ancient metals known to prehistoric humans, including gold, copper, tin, lead, iron, and mercury. The history of its discovery and early use is unknown because it has been used for so long. It’s a more reactive metal than gold, and it’s also more difficult to mine from its ores. Silver was scarce and consequently more expensive throughout antiquity until the Egyptians developed new refining methods around 1500 BC.

Silver is much less valued today than gold, which is rarer in nature and more difficult to extract in large quantities.

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver

Is sterling silver actual silver, you might wonder? The answer is an unmistakable yes. Sterling silver is an alloyed silver better suited for jewelry and other works. Fine silver is composed of 99.9% pure silver. The metal is attractive in this state and tarnishes minimally, but it’s too soft and flexible for many applications, including producing most jewelry.

Sterling silver, 92.5 percent pure silver, and 7.5 percent copper are made by alloying fine silver with copper. Sterling silver is sometimes referred to as ‘925 silver,’ or hallmarked with a 925 stamp because it contains such a high percentage of pure silver. The copper hardens and strengthens the silver, making it easier to deal with and use while maintaining its color. Sterling silver is used in most silver jewelry you buy and wear.

Despite being more durable than pure silver, sterling silver is more prone to tarnishing due to the extra metals in the alloy. This happens because the copper, nickel, zinc, or other combinations in sterling silver may react with oxygen and other elements in the air. It is, however, simple to clean, and your sterling silver will remain in excellent condition beneath the tarnish: it will not rust or perish with regular usage. 

Recognizing The Marks And Differentiating Between Fine Silver And Sterling Silver

Recognizing The Marks And Differentiating Between Fine Silver And Sterling Silver

The actual silver content of pure silver, often known as fine silver, is 99.9%. Fine silver is too soft to use in jewelry because of its extreme purity, so it is typically combined with other metals to make it tougher. When copper is added to pure silver, sterling silver is generated, making the resulting combination more durable and less soft.

Sterling silver has a purity of 92.5 percent, which means that copper or another metal makes up 7.5 percent of the alloy (usually nickel or zinc). There’s also so-called coin silver, a lower-purity alloy that usually has a silver content of 90% or less.

Fine silver is identified by stamps like 999, 99.9, or.999, which indicate how much silver is present in the piece per hundred or thousand parts. The hallmarks of sterling silver created in the United States are 925, .925, or 92.5. By American standards, jewelry of a lesser purity is not considered sterling silver.

Because different countries have varying silver content standards, it’s always a good idea to ask about the actual silver content of the jewelry you’re about to buy and look at the marks inscribed on it.

Benefits Of Sterling Silver As Jewelry

Benefits Of Sterling Silver As Jewelry

What makes sterling silver such an excellent jewelry metal? Here are some of the qualities that make it a popular choice among jewelers and designers.

  1. Long-lasting And Light Sterling silver is highly durable, even more so than gold, because of the different metals. In addition to its lightweight, this characteristic makes it an excellent choice for jewelry worn frequently. Here’s a quick look at how the durability of sterling silver affects four of the most prevalent pieces of art jewelry: necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings.

Necklaces: Sterling silver necklaces are made of a robust metal that will not scratch or dent easily. A sterling silver necklace is a practical pick that will last for years. It is light enough to wear all day but sturdy enough to resist wear and tear.

Earrings: Few things are more aggravating than having your new earrings warp out of shape. Sterling silver earrings are stunning, elegant, and resistant to bending.

Bracelets: Whether you prefer stackables, bangles, or elaborate cuffs, a tasteful bracelet can add beauty to any outfit – but if it gets bent or dented, the attractiveness soon fades. Fortunately, sterling silver’s strength provides for strong bracelets that won’t bend or scratch so that you can wear them all day.

Rings: When we wear rings, we expect them to last long. Sterling silver rings are both sturdy and light, and they maintain their shape even when worn all day. Sterling silver jewelry may last a lifetime and add elegance to your collection for decades when properly cared for.

  1. Modifiable – Sterling silver is a cost-effective and practical metal, allowing jewelers and designers more artistic freedom. They may try out new styles and stay on top of the newest trends – whether you’re looking for a huge statement piece or delicate and on-trend jewelry, you’ll find something in sterling silver to fit your taste. You will find many nature-inspired jewels available at Thaya Jewelry, including drop earrings, couple rings, pendant necklaces, and open bracelets.

How To Care Of Silver Jewelry

How To Care Of Silver Jewelry
  1. Store silver jewelry properly: Store silver jewelry in a dry, cool, and dark place to avoid exposure to air, sunlight, and moisture that can cause tarnishing. Keep each piece of jewelry separate from each other to prevent scratches.
  2. Clean silver jewelry regularly: Regular cleaning helps to prevent tarnishing and keep your jewelry looking new. Use a soft cloth or a silver polishing cloth to wipe off any dirt, sweat, or makeup that may have accumulated on the jewelry.
  3. Avoid wearing silver jewelry when swimming: Chlorine in swimming pools and saltwater can damage the silver and cause tarnishing.
  4. Avoid exposing silver jewelry to chemicals: Avoid exposing silver jewelry to household chemicals like bleach, ammonia, or chlorine, as well as perfumes, hairsprays, and lotions. They can cause discoloration, corrosion, or tarnishing.
  5. Remove silver jewelry before exercising or doing physical activities: Sweat and moisture from your body can cause tarnishing, so it’s best to remove your silver jewelry before you start any physical activity.
  6. Be gentle when cleaning silver jewelry: Use a soft cloth or a silver polishing cloth to wipe off any dirt or tarnish. Avoid using rough or abrasive materials, such as toothpaste or baking soda, as they can scratch the silver.
  7. Protect silver jewelry from scratches: Avoid wearing silver jewelry when doing household chores or any physical activities that may scratch the surface of the jewelry.
  8. Use a silver dip solution: If your silver jewelry is heavily tarnished, use a silver dip solution to clean it. Follow the instructions carefully and avoid using it too often as it can be harmful to the silver.
  9. Get your silver jewelry professionally cleaned: If your silver jewelry is valuable or sentimental, take it to a professional jeweler to have it cleaned and polished.
  10. Wear your silver jewelry often: Wearing your silver jewelry regularly can help prevent tarnishing by keeping it from being exposed to air and moisture for extended periods of time.


How often should silver jewelry be polished?

  • Silver jewelry should be polished only a few times throughout its wear-life. When silver is polished, the metal gets eroded a little. When the tarnishing isn’t too bad, using a polishing cloth is the best option. Because silver is easily scratched, polishing it with a special silver cloth is essential. More possibilities include lint-free flannel, microfiber, or a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Paper towels and tissues should be avoided at all costs since they contain fibers that can cause silver to tarnish. Use back-and-forth motions that mimic the pattern of the silver jewelry and switch to different parts of the fabric to avoid re-tarnishing the silver. Q-tips are always excellent for those hard-to-reach places. At Thaya Jewels, we provide a polishing cloth with all purchases so that you can take the utmost care of your beloved jewels.

Why does silver tarnish?

  • Tarnishing is caused by interactions between molecules and sulfur. Copper makes up 7.5 percent of 925 sterling silver. Copper discolors when it is exposed to oxygen, salt, and moisture. Silver darkens as a result of burning fossil fuels.

How can I clean my jewelry at home?

  • If you don’t want to go to the jeweler, here are some home solutions for cleaning sterling silver. Cleaning the jewelry is the first step. You can use a homemade or store-bought cleaner as most people have silver cleaning supplies in their homes. Water, soap, baking soda, lemon juice, olive oil, white vinegar, and salt are all included. In a nutshell, you’ll need a cleansing product and warm water. To begin, dampen your jewelry with a damp sponge. Using your preferred cleansing product, carefully wash the artwork (dish detergent is the most recommended). Using the damp washcloth, rinse the jewelry piece. Using a microfiber cloth, dry it. They also make a lot of commercial sterling silver cleaners. Keep in mind that they are strong cleansers. Start with gentle homemade cleaners and only use commercial cleaners if necessary.

What makes sterling silver a good choice of metal for jewelry?

  • Our designers at Thaya Jewels use S925 sterling silver, which guarantees quality silver to create artisan jewels. Sterling Silver is durable, hypoallergenic, and has health benefits like increased energy and decreased inflammation.

Taking care of sterling silver jewelry is essential to maintain its beauty and longevity. By following a few simple tips, such as storing it properly, cleaning it regularly, and avoiding harsh chemicals, you can ensure that your silver jewelry stays shiny and bright for years to come.

Additionally, there are several benefits to investing in sterling silver jewelry, including its durability, versatility, and affordability compared to other precious metals. With proper care, your sterling silver jewelry can become a treasured and long-lasting addition to your collection.

7 Factors Why Rose-Gold Jewelry Is Super Trendy

The rise in popularity of rose-gold jewelry has influenced many people’s perceptions of gold. With minimalist jewelry that is generally found in more heavy-set designs, rose-gold jewelry creates a retro vibe. It’s an enchanting new take on yellow gold, and glamorous women all around the world are embracing it. The reddish-pink color that emerges from copper being combined with pure gold is what makes it outstanding.

For your benefit, we at Thaya Jewels have gathered all the vital details about rose-gold jewelry. What makes this rose-gold jewelry so special and timeless that everyone loves them? Let’s look at the top seven factors influencing the popularity of rose-gold jewelry below.

Rose-Gold Jewelry: What exactly Is It?

Rose gold is really a composition or rather an alloy of pure 24-carat gold, yellow gold, copper, and silver. The basis for all gold colors and properties depends upon pure 24-carat yellow gold. But it is extremely delicate to be used in jewelry in its raw state. In order to make it durable enough to wear, it must be mixed or alloyed with some other metals. All forms of metal used to make jewelry, which includes platinum, white gold, yellow gold, as well as rose gold, are colored and defined through unique alloy formulas.

Rose-Gold Jewelry: What exactly Is It?

The proportion of yellow gold to copper determines how dark the rose gold will be. A much more crimson rose gold tint will result from less yellow gold and more copper. For instance, due to the higher proportion of yellow gold in 18K rose gold, 14K rose gold has a stronger rose-pink color than 18K rose gold.

Historical Importance of Rose-Gold Jewelry

Carl Faberge, a renowned jeweler, used rose-gold jewelry for the first time in his prominent Faberge Eggs, also known as Russian Gold, at the beginning of the 19th century in Russia.

In the luxurious and feminine 1920s, rose gold became fashionable in the United States and was used in wedding bands and exquisite jewelry.

Cartier's Trinity Ring
Cartier’s Trinity Ring

Cartier played a significant role in the increase in popularity by producing exquisite jewelry made of delicious rose gold and set with priceless gems and diamonds. One particular item, the “Trinity Ring,” a straightforward band with three interlaced gold colors, played a key role in the revival of rose gold in jewelry. Famous French author, artist, dramatist, and director Jean Cocteau commissioned Cartier to build him a ring, which he famously wore on his pinkie.

Rose-gold jewelry has surged in popularity over the years, largely due to trends in fashion and celebrity trends. Today, rose-gold jewelry has reclaimed its privileged position on the wrists of your beloved trend-setters and in the fashion columns of your best-loved magazines.

Why Rose-Gold Jewelry Never Goes Out of Style: 5 Amazing Secrets

1. Rose-Gold Jewelry is Timeless 

1. Rose-Gold Jewelry is Timeless 

The saying “Jewelry is Timeless” is something we’ve all heard, but have you ever wondered about how accurate it is? Well, it is undoubtedly correct in the scenario of Rose-Gold jewelry! 

We already explained that gold is a soft metal and that gold jewelry is strengthened by alloy components. Due to the presence of copper in rose gold jewelry, this is particularly true. One of the most resilient metals, copper is used in the construction of buildings, electrical conductors, as well as modes of transportation, including trains and automobiles. 

Jewelry made of rose gold will last for many years and get better looking with time. What could be better than jewelry that never goes out of fashion and is eternal?

2. Rose-Gold Jewelry is Innovative

Today, who doesn’t love staying up-to-date with fashion? If you keep up with current events, you would be aware that rose-gold jewelry is trendy nowadays. 

Rose gold is a fantastic alloy that jewelers can easily create, so there are always new designs available. Thanks to the range of types and patterns offered, you can choose a piece (or a hundred) of rose-gold jewelry that complements your individual style.

You can choose from a wide variety of rose-gold jewelry options, such as pendants, bracelets, and earrings, to discover something special to wear.

3. Rose-Gold Jewelry is Tarnish Free!

When metals tarnish, they get dull, darken, and effectively rust as a result of chemical reactions with the air. This is unpleasant, just as it sounds. On older jewelry or home décor, tarnish is typically extremely noticeable. It appears to be a layer of dirt covering your priceless things since it is dark and dingy. 

The positive news None of the rose-gold jewelry you buy will tarnish. However, after years of use, it may start to look darker and slightly redder. However, tarnishing is not the source of this. It’s the rose gold’s copper component getting a little deeper and more vintage-looking. There is no actual need for concern over tarnish because this can take many years to appear. 

Since it makes the jewelry appear like an intriguing piece of vintage ornament, many individuals really seek out this aged and antique appearance for their jewelry.

4. Rose-Gold Jewelry is Incredibly Versatile 

4. Rose-Gold Jewelry is Incredibly Versatile 

There is usually at least one item of clothing that matches everything. The same applies to jewelry made of rose gold. They are a great option for every occasion and go well with your outfit thanks to their versatility.

Received a lunch invitation? Simple rose gold-plated bracelets should be worn for enhanced sparkle. Going to a meeting? To stand out, choose stunning rose gold studs. Is it a fancy after-hours occasion? Put on a rose gold necklace for a delicate and elegant appearance.

You would be amazed after donning your rose-gold jewelry in many ways. Jewelry made of rose gold is a classic and seamless addition to your collection, regardless of when or where you choose to wear it.

5. Rose-Gold Jewelry is Easy to maintain 

Thankfully, it’s simple to keep this precious metal’s lovely pink tint. But like all jewelry, it sparkles and shines the brightest when it is taken care of. Regular cleaning is one of the finest ways to maintain your rose-gold jewelry.

A tiny bowl, some mild dish soap, a few soft clothes, and water are all you need to clean your rose-gold jewelry. You can certainly visit your local jeweler every six months to get it cleaned professionally or for a more thorough cleaning.

5. Rose-Gold Jewelry is Easy to maintain 

All these reasons given, nothing should be stopping you from acquiring these beautiful pieces of rose-gold jewelry. Rings, bracelets, pendants, or earrings? The diverse range of exquisite products is a great incentive for you to bag these ASAP, and rock your outfit by adding a piece of rose-gold bling!

A Song Of Ice & Fire: Thaya Dragon Jewelry

As a kid all our stories had fire-breathing dragons, creatures we at once feared but revered. With immense strength and the power to subdue anything around them, dragons were mythical creatures one learnt courage from. Sporting one of Thaya dragon jewelry will not only make you stand out but also let you feel the spirit course through your blood as you get ready to face every challenge that your daily life has to throw at you. The Thaya dragon series made of sterling silver are designs that are sleek, a perfect blend of fire and ice and will let your spirit soar through the sky.

Dragons are creatures we come across in our fairytale living in mythical lands, zealously guarding kingdoms and treasures. Dragons are an appropriation for the age of chivalry. Dragons rouse us to seek deep within us who we really are and have the courage to present that to the world without anything holding you back. 

With sleek designs made from sterling silver that will last a long time, you can wear these statement pieces anytime, anywhere. We can vouch that people will stop in their tracks to admire them. Go live your dashing fairytale on the back of a dragon, for who can stop the warrior in you?

1. Dragon Tail Earrings : Best of Thaya Dragon Jewelry

These Best-selling earrings are a tale in themselves. A unisex piece, this creation from the Thaya dragon jewelry series is a blend of modernity while keeping the tradition of the mythical creature alive. The beauty is enhanced further with a dangling star taking you on a ride through space. The  build ensures that the clip doesn’t fall off with an additional gold plating that adds lustre to it. The piece inspires bravery being influenced by a dragon knight, get ready to take on your battles without fear with this work.

Designers at Thaya Jewels have produced a line of timeless classic earrings that any woman can wear, checkout our Style Guide to know more.

Thaya dragon jewelry

2. Dragon’s Breath Pendant Necklace

This alluring piece has a stud in the center which is a magical sight to behold and will give a peek into the emotions that roil in your heart. The dome is made of a multicolored crystal, with a rich antique look. This is a necklace that is meant to be a wake up call and make you look ahead with your head held high, like the majestic creature you wear on your skin. This is a unique creation from the Thaya dragon jewelry series.

2. Dragon’s Breath Pendant Necklace

3. Dragon Horn Tassels

This new pair from Thaya dragon jewelry that will catch your eyes because of a design you have never encountered before. As a child the horns of a dragon were a source of vivid imagination to take over and weave tales that went beyond our colored storybooks. To possess one as an adult would be a dream come true, if only one came with a kingdom. The swirling pattern is an original design and will blend your reality into a whirl of beautiful imagination. With sterling silver as its raw material, you can wear it without the fear of irritating your skin.

3. Dragon Horn Tassels

4. Dragon Phoenix Couple Rings

If you are a dreamy couple ready to bravely take on the challenges of the world, this set is perfect for you. Drawn from the rich heritage of Chinese tradition, the work brings together two of the bravest creatures to grace our books and our dream worlds- the phoenix and the dragon. Both teach you the power of fire to create and resurrect, not destroy, a sign of immense greatness. The two rings have complementing colors of blue and purple with slight embellishments that will look beautiful when worn in a pair. A match made in heaven, this piece will be a reflection of how well you two work together to win against a world meant to take you down. 

4. Dragon Phoenix Couple Rings

5. Tri-Stone Chain Bracelet

The three scales represent scales of a dragon held together by a string of silver. Each scale has a slightly different color with white zirconium embellishment. The elegant design will look beautiful adorning your hands and will enhance the overall beauty of your outfit with its slight presence. Neither too jazzy nor too bland, this is the perfect fit from Thaya dragon jewelry for every occasion from fancy dinner dates to an office meeting you have to rock. 

5. Tri-Stone Chain Bracelet

‘If the sky could dream, it would dream of dragons’- this quote stays with us, being awed by the prowess of this regal creature from time immemorial. Fire up the dragons in your life and conquer every fear, every failure. Fear not, the strength seated deep within your heart will never fail you. From learning to be scared of dragons to growing up to appreciate their sheer strength and regality, life progresses. We hope this article has given you pieces that you would love as much as we do. Be potent and mighty, and bring to life what Tolkien said- ‘Never laugh at live dragons.’ 

7 Alluring Jewelry Trends That Have Travelled Through Time

Do we love charms? Hell, yeah! There are some jewelry trends that have stayed with us from time immemorial. From beaded necklaces worn by the Greek courtly women to talismans that gypsies wore on their rounds around the world, jewelry history has evolved with time but some styles have stayed with us.

We understand your dilemma in buying classic pieces because there are so many to pick from. Take it from us, on an average day you will see us with our pieces spread to choose from. 

So to make the ride a bit easier for you, we have here a list of 7 jewelry trends that have come a long way and will continue to rule the world for many more years to come. 

jewelry trends

1. Playing It Charm-ing jewelry trends

1. Playing It Charm-ing jewelry trends

Did you see someone sporting a guitar locket yesterday? Charms are jewelry trends that are personal customization with pieces that will show your personal preferences and inclinations. From specific musical instruments to books, charms have it all. Small yet elegant they can be a manifestation of your own self against your skin for the world to appreciate. This Pink Eternity Circle Charm is a beautiful creation with a shade of pink that will make you trip by its beauty. 

This constellation pendant charm by Thaya jewels can also be a sleek design to wear with your slip dresses that will shine bright.  

2. The World Of Hoops Jewelry trends

2. The World Of Hoops Jewelry trends

Hoops are a jewelry trend that was, are, and will always be in style. Elegant with jazz, hoops can be paired with any outfit and make you look cool. Worn especially during the 8s and 90s, hoops have made a comeback. They are all things hip and classy. You can wear a statement golden hoop with your black dress for the dinner date or wear your silver hoop with the crop top for a day out. Hoops will give you peace and a sense of belongingness.

Never fear, the hoop is here to stay! This beautiful butterfly hoop design earring available at Thaya’s website will leave you yearning for it in seconds. Get this unique piece that hides within it a story to tell. 

3. Gypsy Talismans

3. Gypsy Talismans

What is the one thing about the world of Jasmine we love? That talismans enhance her to look beyond heavenly beauty. Talismans are a lot more than some random jewelry trend because many believe that it comes with a superpower to protect you from evil. This has been an integral part of the jewelry history that has interpreted talismans in various ways over the years.

Star signs, black thread anklets, or colored stones, are the repose of magical powers. If nothing else, this jewelry will make you look magical and we strongly believe that. This Evil Eye Twin Necklace is crafted to add a mystic look to your getup and is stunning to look at. 

4. Color It Wild With Stones

4. Color It Wild With Stones

Colored stones can catch your eyes from miles away and for good reasons. Bold, powerful, and with an allure of its own, the stone jewelry trend has taken the world by storm. From different colors and shades to choose from, one is likely to find the perfect pick within this spectrum. Stones are used to make large setting pendants and rings and wearing just one piece is enough.

This Green Onyx and Topaz ring is loud and tastefully designed to add a glint of sophistication to your look. 

5. Make History With Beads

5. Make History With Beads

Beaded jewelry has been worn by the oldest tribes centuries ago. Created with unrivaled skill, immense patience, and exquisite taste, beaded jewelry draw inspiration from the most natural of everyday happenings. Earlier a symbol of power and wealth, now they show versatility in fashion. Colorful beads are weaved together using silver string.

Some of the major players in the world including Swarovski have started to invest in this trend. The hand knotted choker necklace is created with fine finishing and can be paired using different styles.

6. Back To Boho

6. Back To Boho

Boho is the perfect jewelry trend for you if you consider yourself to be creative. Boho jewelry plays around with tassels, shells, and beads to create unique, never seen designs. With strong gypsy influence and area-specific designs, you can wear different types of boho jewelry from different parts of the world. Due to an air of fantasy that surrounds these creations, boho jewelry is appreciated by people of all ages.

This Feather Turquoise Boho Necklace is made of sterling silver and will be the shining star of your entire look. The quill-shaped piece with detailed craftsmanship will be a wonderful possession.

7. Keep It Gold With Statement Pieces

7. Keep It Gold With Statement Pieces

Gold jewelry trends will never get old. They are a sheer manifestation of elegance, beauty, and poise. Whether you wear it with a white gown or a top, we give you total points. We are sure people will swoon around you wearing such statement pieces as will we. Jewelry From watches to necklaces, golden accessories have a lot of options to choose from.

This golden necklace from Bloomingdale’s is a perfect investment for you. Wear it time and often and it will still remain fresh. The history of Jewelry trends is incomplete without talking about golden pieces as old as time. The double Os interlinked in the necklace supposedly symbolizes double happiness.  There is an additional embellishment of the diamond which increases the value of the piece even more. 

These jewelry trends will forever be in vogue. At Thaya we aim to help you reach red-carpet looks with simple jewelry ideas and we hope these ideas will inspire your next outfit. We are sure you will rock all your looks and create a trend of your own. Go get them!

Mesmerizing Artist-theme Jewelry series: Inspired by Van Gogh & Shakespeare

Thaya put their everything into developing this creative collection. And our efforts were rewarded because these pieces are in high demand! We strongly advise you to indulge and invest in this artist-theme jewelry set. We are immensely proud of the creativity that goes into each Thaya piece and welcomes you to peruse our collection to see for yourself how wonderful handcrafted jewelry can be.

It is no surprise that we, at Thaya Jewels, love experimenting and making artistic and exquisite jewelry. If you love and appreciate art, we have formulated the perfect piece of jewelry for you! Taking inspiration from acclaimed artists and personalities like Van Gogh and Shakespeare, we introduce Thaya’s mesmerizing Starry Night and Midsummer Night’s Dream series.

A trivia about Van Gogh and Shakespeare is certainly in order now, don’t you think so? Well, Vincent Van Gogh was a Dutch painter who only sold one painting during his lifetime. But in the century after his death, he has become possibly the most famous painter of all time.

Artist-theme Jewelry

Shakespeare is widely regarded as one of the greatest playwrights and poets of all time. Shakespeare, on the other hand, not only taught us about ourselves and humanity, but he also coined about 1700 terms that we still use in common English today. He frequently transformed nouns into verbs and verbs into adjectives, linking words and creating entirely new ones.

Thaya Jewels is a French-designed jewelry brand, which has achieved worldwide acknowledgment in the world of artistic jewelry. Taking pride in this, we daily strive for the utmost customer satisfaction. Take a look at one of our finest collections of artist-theme jewelry, and bag them before they get sold out!

1. VAN GOGH’S STARRY NIGHT Artist-Theme Jewelry SET

Van Gogh launched modern painting’s new embracing of mood, expression, symbolism, and passion by creating this depiction of the night sky. The painting- The Starry Night, is dominated by the dazzling moon at the right and Venus at the center-left.

Starry Night couple ring set
Starry Night Necklace

The Starry Night Jewelry Collection, inspired by Van Gogh’s masterwork, Starry Night, provides craftsmanship in the form of jewelry. Wearing an item from this artist-theme jewelry collection is like carrying a little version of this everlasting work of art.

Van Gogh’s abstract rendition of a hill above a town with a sky full of stars as viewed from his window is featured in jewelry.

van gogh painting

It is skillfully designed by professional artisans to present you with one of our greatest selections to pick from. Other specifications are:

  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver. Note that sterling silver has endless benefits, being hypoallergenic and durable.
  • Available Options: Couple rings, Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet
  • 1 piece silver wiping cloth included in the package

The two rings featured in this set are also adjustable in size, making them suitable for a wide range of consumers!

This timeless piece of jewelry is ideal for a sophisticated, minimalist look. If you have a passion for such art and paintings, this is the finest present to give yourself. However, it is important to remember that this set should be kept away from extreme heat and out of water. Rest assured, Thaya’s artist-theme jewelry Collection would certainly astound your audience as well, owing to its beautiful intricacy and unique style.


Shakespeare’s comic fantasy- Midsummer Night’s Dream, consists of four lovers charmed by fairies. It was first performed in 1596. This play is a subtle confrontation between love, jealousy, and marriage.

The dominant theme in A Midsummer Night’s Dream is love, a subject to which Shakespeare returns constantly in his comedies. Shakespeare explores how people tend to fall in love with those who appear beautiful to them. It’s been one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays for generations.


Thaya Jewels are no strangers to creating stunning jewelry collections with attention to detail and meticulous effort. We were inspired this time by Shakespeare’s masterpiece: A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This lovely set is reminiscent of a starry night sky and a misty forest illuminated by fireflies. Just like fair enchantment and charm, Our Midsummer Night’s Dream Jewelry Collection sparkles in light beams.



This gorgeous bracelet was inspired along the following lines: “On a midsummer night, you will be transported to the Blue Planet’s dreamland. You may go on an undiscovered trip, unravel the secrets of freedom and affection, and uncover the light of your future aspirations.”

  • The bracelet’s main body is S925 silver
  • Double-chain design adds a feeling of layering
  • On the chain, fireflies of all sizes are flapping their wings, guiding themselves onward.

The artificial pearls are coated with a starry blue tint, and the silver outer ring resembles a blue planet full of fantasy. The hand-inlaid zirconium represents Polaris, who grants the request. The unique color matching reproduces the dazzling stars and little fireflies, creating a midsummer night’s fantasy.

The package comes along with a wiping silver cloth for proper care of this distinguished bracelet. Own it ASAP, and flaunt this beautiful piece amongst your friends!



Check out this breathtaking necklace by Thaya Jewels! The main body of the necklace, like the bracelet, is S925 silver, and the double-chain design adds an impression of layering. The chain features various fireflies flapping their wings. 

Don’t confine your dreams should be an important takeaway. With this wonderful Midsummer Night’s Dream Necklace from Thaya Jewels, we hope you enjoy your journey through Shakespeare’s artistry.



Thaya Jewels present these incredibly stylish fairy-core earrings. The starry blue pearl looks really chic and elegant. Thaya presents them in a lovely gift package. Our artist-theme jewelry is designed for the lady who appreciates sparkling beauty and self-expression. We certainly believe that anybody who wears this set of earrings will radiate confidence and beauty.

To The Moon & Back: Moon-Inspired Jewelry For The Selenophiles

One can achieve the moon now with Thaya Jewels, no distance is that far!

For a Selenophile, knowing that the moon is out of reach will always be a sweet pain, a yearning for ethereal beauty and peace. Your love for the moon can now be fulfilled with a delicately designed range of moon-inspired jewelry. Here at Thaya, we take our love for the moon earnestly and try to manifest it in our artistic jewelry for moon lovers. 

‘Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars.’  Dancing under the moonlight feels like a fairytale of its own but what can make it shine brighter? The nature-inspired moon-themed necklace around your neck will feel like a link joining you to the celestial beauty shining above. The world bows to the beauty of Shakespeare’s plays but in them, the presence of the moon increases the beauty manifold times.

Moon-Inspired Jewelry

A symbol of time and phase, the moon depicts eternity much like the next moon-inspired jewelry you will wear. While eternity might seem impossible, the moon makes it believable with its glowing shine that lights the darkness enveloping us every day. Much like that, find in our pieces the light to shine on your own, for remember the moon goes through phases only to complete itself and shine brighter.

One of the bravest writers Woolf said- ‘Tonight I wish to have the valor and daring to belong to the moon.’ The beauty of the moon is incomparable so is its strength. In the moon-inspired Thaya jewelry collection, you will find pieces that will help you find your own strength. 

Moon-themed jewelry draws its inspiration from the bewitching power that the moon has in capturing hearts. These designs place the moon centrally and surround it with different beauties from nature. 

Moon-Inspired Jewelry

Thaya, just like you, is left awestruck by the vision of the queen of the night. It has dedicated itself to a line of unique, artistic jewelry all dedicated to Selenophile jewelry lovers. We realize that very little can match the beauty we all wish to experience but creating a line for the moon could be a small step towards appreciating this blessed presence. 

Browse below to see some of our artistic silver jewels made for every Selenophile around the world that will leave you wanting to feel it on your skin. 

1. Thaya Moonlight Bracelet Moon-Inspired Jewelry

This moon-inspired bracelet is one that will never fail to brighten your day. After a long day of hustle, come home to wear it and feel the peace from its moon engulf you in its aura. The beautiful hues in the pendant on the bracelet are a close appropriation for the limitless sky of stars. The beauty becomes almost dreamy when one considers the fireflies and the blue crystal in the bracelet. 

1. Thaya Moonlight Bracelet Moon-Inspired Jewelry

2. Moon Natural Pearl Pendant

What is not to love about having a dangling moon of yours set in a dreamy necklace? This piece is set in a naturalistic setting of the wonders of a nightscape with a crescent moon. A color-shifting blue crystal lends it a divine halo effect and the intricate work of flowers makes the creation a piece from the heart of nature.

3. Full Moon Bracelet

What can match the jaw-dropping beauty of a full moon night? This bracelet designed at Thaya jewels is a close rival. The bracelet is an attempt to capture the magic of a full moon night and its heavenly beauty with an additional embellishment of a pearl, one that shows the soft white light spreading from the moon. Made from sterling silver, you can use it every day and make any attire stand out with this eye-catching bracelet increasing the charm beyond measure. 

4. Moon & Star Drop Chain Necklace

4. Moon & Star Drop Chain Necklace

This beauty is something you come across once in a while. A classic design from your quintessential moon lover jewelry, this silver creation has several stars along the whole length of it angling from tassels. In the center is something that will make your heart skip a beat, a crescent moon specially designed to leave you speechless with its beauty; magic beyond comprehension.

5. Moon In The Water Necklace

5. Moon In The Water Necklace

They say the moon was so beautiful that the ocean held up a mirror. There is nothing more beautiful than looking at the reflection of the moon on the calms of river water in the quietness that follows after nightfall This piece has been made with the same spirit, with a floating moon. This piece will transport you to a land far far away, a land of innate beauty. This is in the truest sense nature-inspired jewelry. 

6. Moonlight Forest Rings

The design can be described as a midnight ride on a canoe under the radiating moonlight. The luster of this moon manifests itself in this work of jewelry, a ring that you can wear anytime. The rings are a combination of black and white, a representation of life and how there’s a grey gap between the two, often filled with beauty like that of the moon. 

6. Moonlight Forest Rings

The silver moon is a sight everyone beholds once and never forgets. Poetries, songs, and literature have all devoted themselves to striving hard to do justice to the moon.

Any jewelry designed for the moon is one more such attempt to capture its allure. A symbol of divine purity and feminine power, the moon is a symbol of love, something that this world desperately craves. 

Moon jewels will eternally shine and leave everybody staring at your piece all night long. Dance to the sound of music under the shine of the moon, life is too short to not be in love with this beauty!

5 Cool Makeup Looks That Rock With Thaya Jewels

Do you ever stand in front of the mirror wondering what makeup to wear with the accessories you are rocking? Having a jewelry lookbook is important to look to a T. We understand that choosing the perfect lipstick or eye makeup with that silver piece you are wearing from Thaya jewels could be a major decision. We have you covered with this makeup blog on five ways you can style your Thaya jewels with your makeup.

Jewelry and makeup are like the last stroke on the canvas to finish the painting; the most important stroke. Highlighting certain features might work better and play with colors could be an experimental way to create new looks that might suit you well. While silver artisanal jewels can usually be worn with different kinds of makeup, choosing the right one will be playing your trump card at the right time. So dive in and find out more about this. 

1. Smoke it Up Makeup!

Who doesn’t like the classic smokey eye makeup look that makes your eyes seem bold and catch all the attention? We here at Thaya go gaga over those black, hooded eyes created with a charcoal shade to it.

1. Smoke it Up Makeup!

For an all-night-long party under the starry night sky, get ready to bling it out with this look. Pair this look with a layered necklace to add an extra oomph to your jazzy outfit. This is a loud look and will go the extra mile. This layered neckpiece from Thaya can be the right choice to wear with that little black dress you are dying to wear. Get them all. 

2. Playing it Nude

2. Playing it Nude

Who doesn’t go wide-eyed at the nude make-up we see our favorite celebrities sporting often? With a toned-down palette and natural colors, this makeup will bring out your natural beauty while highlighting all your features. This will be a seamless blend of natural and a layer of light make-up that will not take away from the rest of your getup.

You can wear a piece like the Thaya Vitrail engraved pendant necklace that will complement your nude makeup with its vivacious preciousness. 

3. A Tinge of Brown Play

Coating your eyes with different shades of brown will always be in fashion. You can explore different shades and choose the ones that bring out the sparkle of your eyes. Being a comparatively simple style, you will be able to master it in no time and pair this look on several occasions with slight changes.

3. A Tinge of Brown Play

Dangler and drop earrings will do magic with this makeup. It will call attention to your face and the earrings and will do wonders to brighten your face. I am sure this unique dangler piece on Thaya’s website will make you stop for a beat. Combining the lure of the apple with a trendy design, this Red Apple Dangler Earring brings a fairytale story to your earring and will make you shine like a princess.

4. Pop Colour

4. Pop Colour

Don’t we all like the dancing play of vibrant colors on one’s face? With pop culture taking over the world, we love different shades and finding out new ones for ourselves. We recommend that you not be scared to cloud and try shades from blue to red, who knows what you might stumble upon?

Colorful Flags Double Chain necklace

However, it might be a bit tricky to pair it with jewelry when you are playing with multiple colors. Wearing a chunky piece with multiple color shades on a base of silver foundation can be a perfect choice. Colorful Flags Double Chain necklace is a beauty for the eyes. With a Tibetan spirit, this creation will inspire a sense of peace and calm while adding a host of colors to your life.

5. A Dewy Look

A look that is not often opted for but is sure to turn heads is a romantic, dewy look. With lighter undertones and a softening vibe, this makeup will give you a dreamy look while enhancing your natural beauty. Not excessively vibrant, this is the perfect look for a morning or professional event that will leave you shining like a silver star. With this, you can wear any light silver jewelry, like the exquisitely crafted Red crystal Sterling Silver Pendant

Red crystal Sterling Silver Pendant. 

Makeup and jewelry when they go hand in hand can make you stand out. We hope that our guide helps you in deciding on your perfect look tonight. Of course, we are still experimenting ourselves. We are sure to create more new looks and share them with you super soon. Till then, keep rocking!

Ultimate Guide to Chain Pendants – A Number Of Tips To Save Your Day!

Ultimate Guide to Chain Pendants – A Number Of Tips To Save Your Day!

∙ Marie Tomsen

We choose how we represent ourselves to the world when we consciously choose what we wear. We may also have an aptness to dress in a way that conveys our emotions. Even the jewelry we choose to wear can influence the traits we develop.

At Thaya Jewels, we strive to create jewelry that is as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible in order to support the wise decisions of our beloved consumers. The pendant is of good quality and appears elegant. It enhances your outfits with a dainty touch, flatters women of all ages, and is a wonderful present choice to honor the beauty of women.

A necklace with a pendant is an easy and stylish way to give your clothing some more flare. We have pendants for all of your emotions, from elegant to eccentric. Without a doubt, the focal point and the centerpiece of any outfit is a pendant necklace.


  • Do pick a pendant that is either lighter than the chain or equal to it in weight. The lifespan of the chain holding may be shortened if a pendant is heavy and it may cause a premature tear.

  • Avoid selecting a chain that is extremely intricate since it could distract from the pendant. Simple chains are preferable since they go well with pendants.

  • Do coordinate the pendant’s color with the chain’s color. We suggest using sterling silver chains if you want to wear a silver pendant.

Some popular pendant shapes include heart designs, zodiac signs, and monogram initials.  

Thaya provide pendants made of silver that are recognized for their distinctive brightness, divine beauty, and cost-effectiveness. They are adaptable and not only give any appearance an exquisite touch.
  • 1. Know Your Style

    To pull off the appearance, accessorizing your outfit is also essential. If you don’t want to dress up gaudy, consider going through our style guide or   pick something that can match both your formal and informal attire. You can look great with a pendant and a short chain.

    1. 2. Avoid Layering Unless Necessary

      You wish to wear your favorite pendant chains and necklaces with certain outfits. One of the worst blunders is to wear several chains, pendants, and necklaces at once. You can choose minimal silver jewelry from Thaya  to provide a hint of opulence and refinement.

      1. 3. Do Ensure Purity

        When purchasing jewelry, the metal may not always be legitimate or may not even be in its purest form. Always make quality investments, and make sure to read the fine print. Thaya chain necklaces provide authentic, statement pieces that are created just for you.

        1. 4. Add a Dash of Individuality

          You can choose pendants that represent your individuality if you wish to define yourself via your jewelry. Pendants with initials, zodiac signs, and many more are excellent examples of this category.

          5. NECKLACE LENGTHS:

          Necklaces that are 16 inches or shorter fall just above the base of the neck and are designed to draw attention to the neckline.

          • Princess length, which ranges from 17 to 19 inches and falls over the collarbones, is the most popular length.

          • Opera length chains, also known as matinee necklaces, are typically worn with tops or dresses and are 24 inches long.

          • Rope length chains are at least 30 inches long and are typically worn without a pendant.

          • 6. Keep Additional Accessories to a Minimum

            Pendants make a statement when worn as jewelry. They typically receive a lot of attention because of their size and length. Be cautious when accessorizing a pendant if you are wearing one. Be sparing with additional jewelry and accessories.

            For instance, try not to pair a pendant necklace with large, dangling earrings. Choose little bulb earrings instead. Also, acceptable accessories include a watch, a tiny ring, or a dainty bracelet.

          • 7. Clean Your Jewels

            If you look closely at the jewelry you frequently wear or that has possibly been sitting unused for some time, you’ll probably find that it appears dirty, dull, and far from shining.

            You should take extra measures to preserve your jewelry from moisture if you reside in a humid environment. A humidity absorber placed close to where you keep your jewelry can be helpful. Regular cleaning will also help prevent tarnish on your silver jewelry.

            Finally, wearing your jewels frequently can assist to slow down the tarnishing process because the metal will aid to keep it clean by rubbing up against your skin.

          8. A Perfect Gift:

          Gift-giving should be enjoyable, right? Giving makes you happy, and the person you’re helping is moved by your kindness. Giving gifts can sometimes be stressful. There is pressure to provide the nicest gift possible, stay inside the right price range, not be overly personal but also not be impersonal. Be on time and make it memorable, by gifting an elegant pendant such as “Gift With a Bow Necklace”

          Choosing a pendant and chain is a very personal decision that ultimately depends on what you’re looking for. Select the one you prefer since keep in mind that these are classic pieces. Additionally, be sure to properly store your jewelry to prevent lustre loss. The best course of action is to store them in the box they arrived in and avoid packing too many necklaces into one package. Additionally, watch out for bent necklaces as these weaken the buckles. Also, look through some quick tips to keep your jewelry organized.

          We sincerely hope that some of our best pendant necklace designs have encouraged you to express yourself to the fullest. You may elevate your accessory game by expanding your jewelry collection with pendant necklaces.

          Wearing something that makes you feel and look amazing is all that matters, whether you’re searching for the ideal silver pendant, necklace, or any combination thereof. Therefore, feel free to experiment with various designs while you’re at it to determine which will complement your already stunning form. It’s time to upgrade your appearance by finding your ideal jewelry at  Thaya Jewels.

          Why are you holding out? Enjoy your shopping!

          Looking for a stylish pendant? Discover our comprehensive guide to find the ideal fit. Using the amazing selection of Necklace & Pendants, inspire the miracles that are tucked inside you.

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          2024 Accessory Trends: Jewelry Stacking

          2022 Accessory Trends: Jewelry Stacking

          ∙ Marie Tomsen


          Everyone loves jewelry, and wearing just one piece of jewelry can get monotonous and boring. This is why we present to you- Jewelry stacking. This trend is sweeping the media by storm and is extremely popular among celebrities and influencers. In a nutshell, jewelry stacking is the process of enhancing an outfit by layering several necklaces, rings, or even bracelets.

          It’s the best way to express yourself as freely as you need to. We at Thaya Jewels absolutely adore that about stacking—you can be as bold or as feminine as you want to be! Getting creative with your ideas has never been more fashionable than this!


          Why will it not? When you layer your jewelry, you can wear any necklace you want, whether it’s a silver or gold one, and you never have to worry about looking out of place. You can wear both of them to the dinner you’re planning to go to! Nowadays, when most trends come and go, we know that the best ones always come back, thus we bring you back- Stacking jewleelry.

          Switching up your stacks with a few staple pieces can give you various new looks fit for every occasion.The versatility this trend provides is impeccable; it’s no wonder why it comes back around every time! Only this time, it’s here to stay.


          Celebs love their jewelry! With our classic jewelry, Thaya Jewels can assist you in achieving these types of looks. Deepika Padukone, Rihanna, as well as Billie Eilish, are frequently spotted following this trend. Its hand downs one of their best kept secrets to jaw dropping outfits that we cant take our eyes off! The Hadid Sisters have jumped on the bandwagon and are the queens of pulling off this look.

          This Hadid sister is constantly spotted stacking her jewelry. For her birthday, Gigi Hadid is seen here rocking this style. Best Birthday fit in existence? We saw hell-yeah!

          She’s living proof that any fit can be jaw-dropping with this jewelry stacking wave! We often see Bella Hadid wear simple outfits and elevate them with stackable jewelry, and we are here for it!

          HOW TO STACK?

          Stacking can get tricky. It might appear tacky if done incorrectly and improperly. There are a few straightforward guidelines for stacking; follow these fundamentals, and you’re ready to start!

          • RINGS:

          Rings can be a great anamnesis for important milestones as well as people around you that you adore. One of the most sentimental types of jewelry out there, rings serve as a reminder of your loved one, best friend, or family. Stacking these can be fairly simple.

          Here is a little to-do list for your guidance:

          • Always start with simple rings first. Glamour them up into more interesting pieces as you go. It will enable you to make the most of each item in your jewelry collection.

          • Stack strong multiple layers on 2-3 fingers / minimal stacking on all fingers. Using either one of the two will make your hands look oh-so-artsy.

          • Use different ring width sizes as well as textures for a more put together look.

          Here are a few rings from Thaya Jewels we strongly recommend:

          If you have an admiration for minimal silver jewlery, heres a stackable ring you will love!

          • NECKLACES:

          Necklaces are one of the best ways to accentuate your entire outfit. However, they are the trickiest to crack, but we always see celebrities do it so effortlessly. We’re here to tell you how with the following tips:

          • Use a statement choker with dainty sterling silver chains or vice versa, but remember to have only either 1-2 bold statement pieces for your neck.

          • Use varying lengths for your neck pieces.

          • Mixing different metals. Wearing that silver chain necklace or that 18k gold chain is not something you have to settle on. Wear them both!

          • To make the stack more distinctively you, experiment with different shapes and textures. Use your imagination and charms, gemstones, and diamonds, etc. Go all in!

          • Layered Necklaces are your best friends. It makes stacking extremely easy.

          • Remember to always use both neutral as well as strong pieces when stacking. Stacking is essentially the beautiful collaboration of both these types of jewelry.

          • BRACELETS:

          Bracelets exentuatate one of the most beautiful parts about the woman, her delicate hands.


          • 1. Start with one statement bracelet and base the rest of your stack on it. It will make your hands appear less unkempt.

          • 2. Once you have your statement piece, use smaller and more minimal looking pieces that complement the same. One thing about stacking that we love is, there are no boundaries. So go all out! Here are our suggestions:

          • 3. Thats it, add as many layers as you want and have stacking that beautiful wrist of yours! As long as it doesn’t become excessively bulky and heavy, you can add a couple of statement pieces and build the stack around them. Unless you want it too, who cares as long as you feel good about it!

          • Pro tip: Charm bracelets are the best statement bracelets. It is highly recommended that you use a product similar to this one from Thaya Jewels:

            Read more →

          • For a more simple look, we suggest something that looks like this piece from Thaya Jewels :

            Read more →

          • For the days we feel a lil extra and feel like going all out, we recommend using filler bracelets like this one:

            Read more →

          That was the complete A-Z of the jewelry stacking trend that is here to stay! We strongly recommend you try this out A well-put-together stacking look can make your look go from a 7 to a 10 in no time. Although it can be a little difficult, if you use our advice, you should be fine. Once you crack the code, you’ll have consistently stunning looks that will make heads turn.


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