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Thaya bow carved jewelry collection

Thaya’s 8 Bow-Carved Jewelry Collection: A New Tapestry of Grace:

In the realm of fine jewelry, Thaya emerges not just as a brand but as a storyteller, crafting narratives of silver and gemstones. Each creation is a sonnet, a carved whisper of the artisan’s dreams and the wearer’s essence. At the heart of their poetic assembly lies the bow-carved collection—a symphony of elegance and whimsy, a constellation of craftsmanship that transcends the mere act of adornment. Let us unfurl the ribbons of Thaya’s imagination with a collection that bows to the beauty of life’s every moment.

1. The Gift With A Bow Necklace jewelry: A Token of Radiant Joy

The Gift With A Bow Necklace is a masterpiece that encapsulates the exuberance of receiving a cherished present. Each prism, each curve of silver, reflects not just the world’s light but the inner light of those who choose to adorn themselves with this piece. As a testament to Thaya’s commitment to handcrafted excellence, the necklace, with its gentle glint and subtle charm, embodies the ethos of giving—generous, thoughtful, and endlessly beautiful.

Thaya's 8 Bow-Carved Jewelry Collection: A New Tapestry of Grace: image
Gift with a bow necklace

2. Silver Bow & Charm Bracelet Fairy Tale jewelry Series: An Ode to Innocence

In the tapestry of Thaya’s Fairy Tale Series, the Silver Bow & Charm Bracelet is a tribute to the stories that shaped our childhoods. With a nod to Little Red Riding Hood, the bracelet is a blend of nostalgia and modernity, an anchor to the innocent wonder that once filled our days. Each charm is a chapter, each bow a pause in the narrative, inviting us to revisit the tales that whisper still in the corners of our grown-up hearts.

Thaya's 8 Bow-Carved Jewelry Collection: A New Tapestry of Grace: image 1

3. Elegant Bow Tie Ring jewelry: The Symbol of Loving Ties

The bow tie, traditionally a symbol of preparation for significant events, takes on new life in Thaya’s Elegant Bow Tie Ring. It borrows the gravitas of marital vows and reinterprets it into a piece of jewelry that speaks of commitment not just to another but to one’s own sense of self. Crafted in the glow of sterling silver, this ring is a silent promise, a circle of continuity, a beginning without end.

Thaya's 8 Bow-Carved Jewelry Collection: A New Tapestry of Grace: image 2

4. Pearl Knot Necklace jewelry: Dance of the Ethereal Butterfly

With the Pearl Knot Necklace, Thaya sculpts air and light. The asymmetry of its bow shape mimics a butterfly’s dance, a creature as fleeting as it is beautiful. Embellished with the tender glow of natural pearls, the necklace is a celebration of life’s delicate dance, of the gentle touch of wings against the sky, of the softness of nature’s most tender ballet.

Thaya's 8 Bow-Carved Jewelry Collection: A New Tapestry of Grace: image 3

5. Fairytale Bow Stud Earrings jewelry: Whispers of the Night Sky

Envisioned as the embodiment of the night’s deepest allure, the hypothetical Fairytale Bow Stud Earrings would be Thaya’s homage to the secretive world after dusk. Inspired by the fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood, these bow-shaped earrings exude a timeless charm with a modern twist in their asymmetrical design. They are adorned with dazzling white and orange zircon crystals, infusing a delightful pop of color into the silver base. These miniature earrings add an adorable yet sophisticated edge to your ensemble, elevating your style. Expertly handcrafted to the highest standards of jewelry making, each piece guarantees durability, comfort, and a stylish fit.

With Thaya’s Fairytale Bow Stud Earrings, you carry the magic of the night sky with you, a unique and captivating accessory. These earrings weigh 1.7 grams and come in a size range of 1.3 to 2.4 centimeters.

Thaya's 8 Bow-Carved Jewelry Collection: A New Tapestry of Grace: image 4

6. Bow Pendant Necklace jewelry : A Lustrous Dawn

This envisioned Bow Pendant Necklace would carry the soft luminescence of dawn, a silver bow to capture the serene moments of night sky. Thaya could pair this with a silver chain, a design that would symbolize the harmonious contrast between day and night, the golden sun bowing to the silver moon in an eternal dance across the heavens. Crafted with the finest S925 silver, this necklace embodies sophistication and glamour while upholding its core value of simplicity. It’s not just an accessory; it’s a token of sincerity and elegance that you carry with grace. Its high-quality silver ensures longevity and enduring luster, boasting non-fading properties and hypoallergenic comfort.

The hand-inlaid zircons on the bow pendant create an ethereal elegance, reflecting light and color in a mesmerizing display. Perfect for engagements, this necklace adds sophistication and trendiness, symbolizing a strong and beautiful connection. Lightweight and designed for a perfect fit, it enhances your natural grace. With a sparkling cubic zirconia centerpiece, it’s like capturing a star in the night sky, symbolizing the purity and brilliance within your bonds, whether for engagements or as a token of love.

Thaya's 8 Bow-Carved Jewelry Collection: A New Tapestry of Grace: image 5

7. Bow & Arrow Earrings jewelry: The Essence of Understated Beauty

The Bow & Arrow Earrings, as envisioned, would be the silent narrators of elegance. They would be Thaya’s tribute to the power of subtlety, to the whispers of style that speak louder than words. With these earrings, the wearer would carry the essence of classic beauty, each bow a gentle nod to the timeless fashions of yore.

The design of the earrings features an upward bow and arrow, poised to strike its target with precision. Linear tassels further enhance the decorative elements, while the refreshing blue accents add vibrancy to the overall composition. The intricate craftsmanship involves a meticulous process, including cold enamel application, multi-layer baking, glazing, and manual inlay of sparkling spar crystals. This attention to detail results in a dazzling and bright appearance.

Crafted from a copper base and plated with 9 layers of 18K real gold, these earrings combine durability with a touch of luxury. The use of S925 silver needles and synthetic cubic zirconia ensures both quality and beauty.

Thaya's 8 Bow-Carved Jewelry Collection: A New Tapestry of Grace: image 6

8. Bow-knot Bracelet jewelry: A Bold Declaration

The Bow- knot Bracelet is a bold declaration in the world of jewelry. It is a piece that combines the soft curves of a bow with the defiant shine of polished silver, a testament to the modern woman who is unafraid to stand out, to be both strong and soft, to wear her complexities with pride. it’s a symbol of elegance and a token of heartfelt sincerity. Exquisitely crafted from the finest S925 silver, this necklace effortlessly infuses sophistication and glamour into your style, all while remaining faithful to its core principle of simplicity. It’s not merely jewelry; it’s a thoughtful gift, a subtle yet profound way to convey affection and appreciation to a special someone.

What sets this bracelet apart is the ethereal hand-inlaid zircon adorning the bow pendant, creating a captivating interplay of light and color. It’s not just jewelry; it’s a testament to your exceptional taste.

Thaya's 8 Bow-Carved Jewelry Collection: A New Tapestry of Grace: image 7

Each piece in Thaya’s bow-carved collection is not just a jewel; it is a verse in the poetry of life. They are not mere accessories but embodiments of moments, of stories, of the silent words we carry in our hearts. This collection, while a figment woven from Thaya’s known artistry, mirrors the brand’s unparalleled dedication to beauty and craftsmanship, and their ability to capture the essence of our dreams in silver and stone.

As we reach the end of our journey through Thaya’s bow-carved jewelry, we invite you to visit the product page, to find the pieces that resonate with your story, and to wear them as you create new chapters in the narrative of your life.

7 Factors Why Rose-Gold Jewelry Is Super Trendy

The rise in popularity of rose-gold jewelry has influenced many people’s perceptions of gold. With minimalist jewelry that is generally found in more heavy-set designs, rose-gold jewelry creates a retro vibe. It’s an enchanting new take on yellow gold, and glamorous women all around the world are embracing it. The reddish-pink color that emerges from copper being combined with pure gold is what makes it outstanding.

For your benefit, we at Thaya Jewels have gathered all the vital details about rose-gold jewelry. What makes this rose-gold jewelry so special and timeless that everyone loves them? Let’s look at the top seven factors influencing the popularity of rose-gold jewelry below.

Rose-Gold Jewelry: What exactly Is It?

Rose gold is really a composition or rather an alloy of pure 24-carat gold, yellow gold, copper, and silver. The basis for all gold colors and properties depends upon pure 24-carat yellow gold. But it is extremely delicate to be used in jewelry in its raw state. In order to make it durable enough to wear, it must be mixed or alloyed with some other metals. All forms of metal used to make jewelry, which includes platinum, white gold, yellow gold, as well as rose gold, are colored and defined through unique alloy formulas.

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The proportion of yellow gold to copper determines how dark the rose gold will be. A much more crimson rose gold tint will result from less yellow gold and more copper. For instance, due to the higher proportion of yellow gold in 18K rose gold, 14K rose gold has a stronger rose-pink color than 18K rose gold.

Historical Importance of Rose-Gold Jewelry

Carl Faberge, a renowned jeweler, used rose-gold jewelry for the first time in his prominent Faberge Eggs, also known as Russian Gold, at the beginning of the 19th century in Russia.

In the luxurious and feminine 1920s, rose gold became fashionable in the United States and was used in wedding bands and exquisite jewelry.

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Cartier’s Trinity Ring

Cartier played a significant role in the increase in popularity by producing exquisite jewelry made of delicious rose gold and set with priceless gems and diamonds. One particular item, the “Trinity Ring,” a straightforward band with three interlaced gold colors, played a key role in the revival of rose gold in jewelry. Famous French author, artist, dramatist, and director Jean Cocteau commissioned Cartier to build him a ring, which he famously wore on his pinkie.

Rose-gold jewelry has surged in popularity over the years, largely due to trends in fashion and celebrity trends. Today, rose-gold jewelry has reclaimed its privileged position on the wrists of your beloved trend-setters and in the fashion columns of your best-loved magazines.

Why Rose-Gold Jewelry Never Goes Out of Style: 5 Amazing Secrets

1. Rose-Gold Jewelry is Timeless 

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The saying “Jewelry is Timeless” is something we’ve all heard, but have you ever wondered about how accurate it is? Well, it is undoubtedly correct in the scenario of Rose-Gold jewelry! 

We already explained that gold is a soft metal and that gold jewelry is strengthened by alloy components. Due to the presence of copper in rose gold jewelry, this is particularly true. One of the most resilient metals, copper is used in the construction of buildings, electrical conductors, as well as modes of transportation, including trains and automobiles. 

Jewelry made of rose gold will last for many years and get better looking with time. What could be better than jewelry that never goes out of fashion and is eternal?

2. Rose-Gold Jewelry is Innovative

Today, who doesn’t love staying up-to-date with fashion? If you keep up with current events, you would be aware that rose-gold jewelry is trendy nowadays. 

Rose gold is a fantastic alloy that jewelers can easily create, so there are always new designs available. Thanks to the range of types and patterns offered, you can choose a piece (or a hundred) of rose-gold jewelry that complements your individual style.

You can choose from a wide variety of rose-gold jewelry options, such as pendants, bracelets, and earrings, to discover something special to wear.

3. Rose-Gold Jewelry is Tarnish Free!

When metals tarnish, they get dull, darken, and effectively rust as a result of chemical reactions with the air. This is unpleasant, just as it sounds. On older jewelry or home décor, tarnish is typically extremely noticeable. It appears to be a layer of dirt covering your priceless things since it is dark and dingy. 

The positive news None of the rose-gold jewelry you buy will tarnish. However, after years of use, it may start to look darker and slightly redder. However, tarnishing is not the source of this. It’s the rose gold’s copper component getting a little deeper and more vintage-looking. There is no actual need for concern over tarnish because this can take many years to appear. 

Since it makes the jewelry appear like an intriguing piece of vintage ornament, many individuals really seek out this aged and antique appearance for their jewelry.

4. Rose-Gold Jewelry is Incredibly Versatile 

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There is usually at least one item of clothing that matches everything. The same applies to jewelry made of rose gold. They are a great option for every occasion and go well with your outfit thanks to their versatility.

Received a lunch invitation? Simple rose gold-plated bracelets should be worn for enhanced sparkle. Going to a meeting? To stand out, choose stunning rose gold studs. Is it a fancy after-hours occasion? Put on a rose gold necklace for a delicate and elegant appearance.

You would be amazed after donning your rose-gold jewelry in many ways. Jewelry made of rose gold is a classic and seamless addition to your collection, regardless of when or where you choose to wear it.

5. Rose-Gold Jewelry is Easy to maintain 

Thankfully, it’s simple to keep this precious metal’s lovely pink tint. But like all jewelry, it sparkles and shines the brightest when it is taken care of. Regular cleaning is one of the finest ways to maintain your rose-gold jewelry.

A tiny bowl, some mild dish soap, a few soft clothes, and water are all you need to clean your rose-gold jewelry. You can certainly visit your local jeweler every six months to get it cleaned professionally or for a more thorough cleaning.

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All these reasons given, nothing should be stopping you from acquiring these beautiful pieces of rose-gold jewelry. Rings, bracelets, pendants, or earrings? The diverse range of exquisite products is a great incentive for you to bag these ASAP, and rock your outfit by adding a piece of rose-gold bling!

A Song Of Ice & Fire: Thaya Dragon Jewelry

As a kid all our stories had fire-breathing dragons, creatures we at once feared but revered. With immense strength and the power to subdue anything around them, dragons were mythical creatures one learnt courage from. Sporting one of Thaya dragon jewelry will not only make you stand out but also let you feel the spirit course through your blood as you get ready to face every challenge that your daily life has to throw at you. The Thaya dragon series made of sterling silver are designs that are sleek, a perfect blend of fire and ice and will let your spirit soar through the sky.

Dragons are creatures we come across in our fairytale living in mythical lands, zealously guarding kingdoms and treasures. Dragons are an appropriation for the age of chivalry. Dragons rouse us to seek deep within us who we really are and have the courage to present that to the world without anything holding you back. 

With sleek designs made from sterling silver that will last a long time, you can wear these statement pieces anytime, anywhere. We can vouch that people will stop in their tracks to admire them. Go live your dashing fairytale on the back of a dragon, for who can stop the warrior in you?

1. Dragon Tail Earrings

These Best-selling earrings are a tale in themselves. A unisex piece, this creation from the Thaya dragon jewelry series is a blend of modernity while keeping the tradition of the mythical creature alive. The beauty is enhanced further with a dangling star taking you on a ride through space. The  build ensures that the clip doesn’t fall off with an additional gold plating that adds lustre to it. The piece inspires bravery being influenced by a dragon knight, get ready to take on your battles without fear with this work.

Designers at Thaya Jewels have produced a line of timeless classic earrings that any woman can wear, checkout our Style Guide to know more.

Thaya dragon jewelry

2. Dragon’s Breath Pendant Necklace

This alluring piece has a stud in the center which is a magical sight to behold and will give a peek into the emotions that roil in your heart. The dome is made of a multicolored crystal, with a rich antique look. This is a necklace that is meant to be a wake up call and make you look ahead with your head held high, like the majestic creature you wear on your skin. This is a unique creation from the Thaya dragon jewelry series.

Thaya dragon jewelry

3. Dragon Horn Tassels

This new pair from Thaya dragon jewelry that will catch your eyes because of a design you have never encountered before. As a child the horns of a dragon were a source of vivid imagination to take over and weave tales that went beyond our colored storybooks. To possess one as an adult would be a dream come true, if only one came with a kingdom. The swirling pattern is an original design and will blend your reality into a whirl of beautiful imagination. With sterling silver as its raw material, you can wear it without the fear of irritating your skin.

Thaya dragon jewelry
4. Dragon Phoenix Couple Rings

If you are a dreamy couple ready to bravely take on the challenges of the world, this set is perfect for you. Drawn from the rich heritage of Chinese tradition, the work brings together two of the bravest creatures to grace our books and our dream worlds- the phoenix and the dragon. Both teach you the power of fire to create and resurrect, not destroy, a sign of immense greatness. The two rings have complementing colors of blue and purple with slight embellishments that will look beautiful when worn in a pair. A match made in heaven, this piece will be a reflection of how well you two work together to win against a world meant to take you down. 

Thaya dragon jewelry
5. Tri-Stone Chain Bracelet

The three scales represent scales of a dragon held together by a string of silver. Each scale has a slightly different color with white zirconium embellishment. The elegant design will look beautiful adorning your hands and will enhance the overall beauty of your outfit with its slight presence. Neither too jazzy nor too bland, this is the perfect fit from Thaya dragon jewelry for every occasion from fancy dinner dates to an office meeting you have to rock. 

Thaya dragon jewelry

‘If the sky could dream, it would dream of dragons’- this quote stays with us, being awed by the prowess of this regal creature from time immemorial. Fire up the dragons in your life and conquer every fear, every failure. Fear not, the strength seated deep within your heart will never fail you. From learning to be scared of dragons to growing up to appreciate their sheer strength and regality, life progresses. We hope this article has given you pieces that you would love as much as we do. Be potent and mighty, and bring to life what Tolkien said- ‘Never laugh at live dragons.’ 

7 Alluring Jewelry Trends That Have Travelled Through Time

Do we love charms? Hell, yeah! There are some jewelry trends that have stayed with us from time immemorial. From beaded necklaces worn by the Greek courtly women to talismans that gypsies wore on their rounds around the world, jewelry history has evolved with time but some styles have stayed with us.

We understand your dilemma in buying classic pieces because there are so many to pick from. Take it from us, on an average day you will see us with our pieces spread to choose from. 

So to make the ride a bit easier for you, we have here a list of 7 jewelry trends that have come a long way and will continue to rule the world for many more years to come. 

jewelry trend

1. Playing It Charm-ing

7 Alluring Jewelry Trends That Have Travelled Through Time u4JYz1fo3o7OEDrqp4fTdY9zpKqcNO6NmDBdNhC0PL7rNknMJ624FsTOoAO0BgT2pwfmtdeMzPOoxX6uskVs5WkGAf90OWnskoADkIK6EZGKutV

Did you see someone sporting a guitar locket yesterday? Charms are jewelry trends that are personal customization with pieces that will show your personal preferences and inclinations. From specific musical instruments to books, charms have it all. Small yet elegant they can be a manifestation of your own self against your skin for the world to appreciate. This Pink Eternity Circle Charm is a beautiful creation with a shade of pink that will make you trip by its beauty. 

This constellation pendant charm by Thaya jewels can also be a sleek design to wear with your slip dresses that will shine bright.  

2. The World Of Hoops

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Hoops are a jewelry trend that was, are, and will always be in style. Elegant with jazz, hoops can be paired with any outfit and make you look cool. Worn especially during the 8s and 90s, hoops have made a comeback. They are all things hip and classy. You can wear a statement golden hoop with your black dress for the dinner date or wear your silver hoop with the crop top for a day out. Hoops will give you peace and a sense of belongingness.

Never fear, the hoop is here to stay! This beautiful butterfly hoop design earring available at Thaya’s website will leave you yearning for it in seconds. Get this unique piece that hides within it a story to tell. 

3. Gypsy Talismans

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What is the one thing about the world of Jasmine we love? That talismans enhance her to look beyond heavenly beauty. Talismans are a lot more than some random jewelry trend because many believe that it comes with a superpower to protect you from evil. This has been an integral part of the jewelry history that has interpreted talismans in various ways over the years.

Star signs, black thread anklets, or colored stones, are the repose of magical powers. If nothing else, this jewelry will make you look magical and we strongly believe that. This Evil Eye Twin Necklace is crafted to add a mystic look to your getup and is stunning to look at. 

4. Color It Wild With Stones

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Colored stones can catch your eyes from miles away and for good reasons. Bold, powerful, and with an allure of its own, the stone jewelry trend has taken the world by storm. From different colors and shades to choose from, one is likely to find the perfect pick within this spectrum. Stones are used to make large setting pendants and rings and wearing just one piece is enough.

This Green Onyx and Topaz ring is loud and tastefully designed to add a glint of sophistication to your look. 

5. Make History With Beads

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Beaded jewelry has been worn by the oldest tribes centuries ago. Created with unrivaled skill, immense patience, and exquisite taste, beaded jewelry draw inspiration from the most natural of everyday happenings. Earlier a symbol of power and wealth, now they show versatility in fashion. Colorful beads are weaved together using silver string.

Some of the major players in the world including Swarovski have started to invest in this trend. The hand knotted choker necklace is created with fine finishing and can be paired using different styles.

6. Back To Boho

7 Alluring Jewelry Trends That Have Travelled Through Time yET0jdQWHfqJXZVaxfKP2OUdEEmP6eiBfwWA0fDE DzeDHXlOJhLcD2kokJScrzPrf8

Boho is the perfect jewelry trend for you if you consider yourself to be creative. Boho jewelry plays around with tassels, shells, and beads to create unique, never seen designs. With strong gypsy influence and area-specific designs, you can wear different types of boho jewelry from different parts of the world. Due to an air of fantasy that surrounds these creations, boho jewelry is appreciated by people of all ages.

This Feather Turquoise Boho Necklace is made of sterling silver and will be the shining star of your entire look. The quill-shaped piece with detailed craftsmanship will be a wonderful possession.

7. Keep It Gold With Statement Pieces

7 Alluring Jewelry Trends That Have Travelled Through Time k0tstT6PB9omO CD8 fUmzq5qyMmFWQMrPRlBw3l4vsf E5y T1oXkDHyxKVVHgmvAsqpp RYaNTmAyR9aWcZe1HZ5 O1U78POSt04h 3 wnCtCGvYai49PgDyeXGVrnl5KAeJh2HVEs0OgqZjA6fcUdh81JHe7rvGS 8C 36TDdMte9dBGkMbAkBQ

Gold jewelry trends will never get old. They are a sheer manifestation of elegance, beauty, and poise. Whether you wear it with a white gown or a top, we give you total points. We are sure people will swoon around you wearing such statement pieces as will we. Jewelry From watches to necklaces, golden accessories have a lot of options to choose from.

This golden necklace from Bloomingdale’s is a perfect investment for you. Wear it time and often and it will still remain fresh. The history of Jewelry trends is incomplete without talking about golden pieces as old as time. The double Os interlinked in the necklace supposedly symbolizes double happiness.  There is an additional embellishment of the diamond which increases the value of the piece even more. 

These jewelry trends will forever be in vogue. At Thaya we aim to help you reach red-carpet looks with simple jewelry ideas and we hope these ideas will inspire your next outfit. We are sure you will rock all your looks and create a trend of your own. Go get them!

To The Moon & Back: Moon-Inspired Jewelry For The Selenophiles

One can achieve the moon now with Thaya Jewels, no distance is that far!

For a Selenophile, knowing that the moon is out of reach will always be a sweet pain, a yearning for ethereal beauty and peace. Your love for the moon can now be fulfilled with a delicately designed range of moon-inspired jewelry. Here at Thaya, we take our love for the moon earnestly and try to manifest it in our artistic jewelry for moon lovers. 

‘Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars.’  Dancing under the moonlight feels like a fairytale of its own but what can make it shine brighter? The nature-inspired moon-themed necklace around your neck will feel like a link joining you to the celestial beauty shining above. The world bows to the beauty of Shakespeare’s plays but in them, the presence of the moon increases the beauty manifold times.

To The Moon & Back: Moon-Inspired Jewelry For The Selenophiles sj6Kzo1CWOspZShRJxuAQ4usjrejAia0RpSecShmbzYnlnBEYuti1boSSPp1QDNDNx3eNYl4suKo ucxSFUCAoMFO1DygxHKsJVliINLpD3OlDFLY3o1GslvhQlQKSITh9 Pw39B8DGt

A symbol of time and phase, the moon depicts eternity much like the next moon-inspired jewelry you will wear. While eternity might seem impossible, the moon makes it believable with its glowing shine that lights the darkness enveloping us every day. Much like that, find in our pieces the light to shine on your own, for remember the moon goes through phases only to complete itself and shine brighter.

One of the bravest writers Woolf said- ‘Tonight I wish to have the valor and daring to belong to the moon.’ The beauty of the moon is incomparable so is its strength. In the moon-inspired Thaya jewelry collection, you will find pieces that will help you find your own strength. 

Moon-themed jewelry draws its inspiration from the bewitching power that the moon has in capturing hearts. These designs place the moon centrally and surround it with different beauties from nature. 


Thaya, just like you, is left awestruck by the vision of the queen of the night. It has dedicated itself to a line of unique, artistic jewelry all dedicated to Selenophile jewelry lovers. We realize that very little can match the beauty we all wish to experience but creating a line for the moon could be a small step towards appreciating this blessed presence. 

Browse below to see some of our artistic silver jewels made for every Selenophile around the world that will leave you wanting to feel it on your skin. 

1. Thaya Moonlight Bracelet

This moon-inspired bracelet is one that will never fail to brighten your day. After a long day of hustle, come home to wear it and feel the peace from its moon engulf you in its aura. The beautiful hues in the pendant on the bracelet are a close appropriation for the limitless sky of stars. The beauty becomes almost dreamy when one considers the fireflies and the blue crystal in the bracelet. 

moon-inspired jewelry

2. Moon Natural Pearl Pendant

What is not to love about having a dangling moon of yours set in a dreamy necklace? This piece is set in a naturalistic setting of the wonders of a nightscape with a crescent moon. A color-shifting blue crystal lends it a divine halo effect and the intricate work of flowers makes the creation a piece from the heart of nature.

3. Full Moon Bracelet

What can match the jaw-dropping beauty of a full moon night? This bracelet designed at Thaya jewels is a close rival. The bracelet is an attempt to capture the magic of a full moon night and its heavenly beauty with an additional embellishment of a pearl, one that shows the soft white light spreading from the moon. Made from sterling silver, you can use it every day and make any attire stand out with this eye-catching bracelet increasing the charm beyond measure. 

4. Moon & Star Drop Chain Necklace


This beauty is something you come across once in a while. A classic design from your quintessential moon lover jewelry, this silver creation has several stars along the whole length of it angling from tassels. In the center is something that will make your heart skip a beat, a crescent moon specially designed to leave you speechless with its beauty; magic beyond comprehension.

5. Moon In The Water Necklace

moon-inspired jewelry

They say the moon was so beautiful that the ocean held up a mirror. There is nothing more beautiful than looking at the reflection of the moon on the calms of river water in the quietness that follows after nightfall This piece has been made with the same spirit, with a floating moon. This piece will transport you to a land far far away, a land of innate beauty. This is in the truest sense nature-inspired jewelry. 

6. Moonlight Forest Rings

The design can be described as a midnight ride on a canoe under the radiating moonlight. The luster of this moon manifests itself in this work of jewelry, a ring that you can wear anytime. The rings are a combination of black and white, a representation of life and how there’s a grey gap between the two, often filled with beauty like that of the moon. 

moon-inspired jewelry

The silver moon is a sight everyone beholds once and never forgets. Poetries, songs, and literature have all devoted themselves to striving hard to do justice to the moon.

Any jewelry designed for the moon is one more such attempt to capture its allure. A symbol of divine purity and feminine power, the moon is a symbol of love, something that this world desperately craves. 

Moon jewels will eternally shine and leave everybody staring at your piece all night long. Dance to the sound of music under the shine of the moon, life is too short to not be in love with this beauty!

Ultimate Guide to Chain Pendants – A Number Of Tips To Save Your Day!

Ultimate Guide to Chain Pendants – A Number Of Tips To Save Your Day!

∙ Marie Tomsen

Ultimate Guide to Chain Pendants - A Number Of Tips To Save Your Day! Thaya Jewels Chain Pendants

We choose how we represent ourselves to the world when we consciously choose what we wear. We may also have an aptness to dress in a way that conveys our emotions. Even the jewelry we choose to wear can influence the traits we develop.

At Thaya Jewels, we strive to create jewelry that is as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible in order to support the wise decisions of our beloved consumers. The pendant is of good quality and appears elegant. It enhances your outfits with a dainty touch, flatters women of all ages, and is a wonderful present choice to honor the beauty of women.

A necklace with a pendant is an easy and stylish way to give your clothing some more flare. We have pendants for all of your emotions, from elegant to eccentric. Without a doubt, the focal point and the centerpiece of any outfit is a pendant necklace.


  • Do pick a pendant that is either lighter than the chain or equal to it in weight. The lifespan of the chain holding may be shortened if a pendant is heavy and it may cause a premature tear.

  • Avoid selecting a chain that is extremely intricate since it could distract from the pendant. Simple chains are preferable since they go well with pendants.

  • Do coordinate the pendant’s color with the chain’s color. We suggest using sterling silver chains if you want to wear a silver pendant.

Some popular pendant shapes include heart designs, zodiac signs, and monogram initials.  

Thaya provide pendants made of silver that are recognized for their distinctive brightness, divine beauty, and cost-effectiveness. They are adaptable and not only give any appearance an exquisite touch.
  • 1. Know Your Style

    To pull off the appearance, accessorizing your outfit is also essential. If you don’t want to dress up gaudy, consider going through our style guide or   pick something that can match both your formal and informal attire. You can look great with a pendant and a short chain.

    1. 2. Avoid Layering Unless Necessary

      You wish to wear your favorite pendant chains and necklaces with certain outfits. One of the worst blunders is to wear several chains, pendants, and necklaces at once. You can choose minimal silver jewelry from Thaya  to provide a hint of opulence and refinement.

      1. 3. Do Ensure Purity

        When purchasing jewelry, the metal may not always be legitimate or may not even be in its purest form. Always make quality investments, and make sure to read the fine print. Thaya chain necklaces provide authentic, statement pieces that are created just for you.

        1. 4. Add a Dash of Individuality

          You can choose pendants that represent your individuality if you wish to define yourself via your jewelry. Pendants with initials, zodiac signs, and many more are excellent examples of this category.

          5. NECKLACE LENGTHS:

          Necklaces that are 16 inches or shorter fall just above the base of the neck and are designed to draw attention to the neckline.

          • Princess length, which ranges from 17 to 19 inches and falls over the collarbones, is the most popular length.

          • Opera length chains, also known as matinee necklaces, are typically worn with tops or dresses and are 24 inches long.

          • Rope length chains are at least 30 inches long and are typically worn without a pendant.

          Ultimate Guide to Chain Pendants - A Number Of Tips To Save Your Day! Thaya Jewels Chain Pendants 1
          • 6. Keep Additional Accessories to a Minimum

            Pendants make a statement when worn as jewelry. They typically receive a lot of attention because of their size and length. Be cautious when accessorizing a pendant if you are wearing one. Be sparing with additional jewelry and accessories.

            For instance, try not to pair a pendant necklace with large, dangling earrings. Choose little bulb earrings instead. Also, acceptable accessories include a watch, a tiny ring, or a dainty bracelet.

          • 7. Clean Your Jewels

            If you look closely at the jewelry you frequently wear or that has possibly been sitting unused for some time, you’ll probably find that it appears dirty, dull, and far from shining.

            You should take extra measures to preserve your jewelry from moisture if you reside in a humid environment. A humidity absorber placed close to where you keep your jewelry can be helpful. Regular cleaning will also help prevent tarnish on your silver jewelry.

            Finally, wearing your jewels frequently can assist to slow down the tarnishing process because the metal will aid to keep it clean by rubbing up against your skin.

          Ultimate Guide to Chain Pendants - A Number Of Tips To Save Your Day! Thaya Jewels Chain Pendants 4

          8. A Perfect Gift:

          Gift-giving should be enjoyable, right? Giving makes you happy, and the person you’re helping is moved by your kindness. Giving gifts can sometimes be stressful. There is pressure to provide the nicest gift possible, stay inside the right price range, not be overly personal but also not be impersonal. Be on time and make it memorable, by gifting an elegant pendant such as “Gift With a Bow Necklace”

          Choosing a pendant and chain is a very personal decision that ultimately depends on what you’re looking for. Select the one you prefer since keep in mind that these are classic pieces. Additionally, be sure to properly store your jewelry to prevent lustre loss. The best course of action is to store them in the box they arrived in and avoid packing too many necklaces into one package. Additionally, watch out for bent necklaces as these weaken the buckles. Also, look through some quick tips to keep your jewelry organized.

          We sincerely hope that some of our best pendant necklace designs have encouraged you to express yourself to the fullest. You may elevate your accessory game by expanding your jewelry collection with pendant necklaces.

          Wearing something that makes you feel and look amazing is all that matters, whether you’re searching for the ideal silver pendant, necklace, or any combination thereof. Therefore, feel free to experiment with various designs while you’re at it to determine which will complement your already stunning form. It’s time to upgrade your appearance by finding your ideal jewelry at  Thaya Jewels.

          Why are you holding out? Enjoy your shopping!

          Looking for a stylish pendant? Discover our comprehensive guide to find the ideal fit. Using the amazing selection of Necklace & Pendants, inspire the miracles that are tucked inside you.

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          2022 Accessory Trends: Jewelry Stacking

          2022 Accessory Trends: Jewelry Stacking

          ∙ Marie Tomsen

          2022 Accessory Trends: Jewelry Stacking Thaya Jewelry Stacking


          Everyone loves jewelry, and wearing just one piece of jewelry can get monotonous and boring. This is why we present to you- Jewelry stacking. This trend is sweeping the media by storm and is extremely popular among celebrities and influencers. In a nutshell, jewelry stacking is the process of enhancing an outfit by layering several necklaces, rings, or even bracelets.

          It’s the best way to express yourself as freely as you need to. We at Thaya Jewels absolutely adore that about stacking—you can be as bold or as feminine as you want to be! Getting creative with your ideas has never been more fashionable than this!


          Why will it not? When you layer your jewelry, you can wear any necklace you want, whether it’s a silver or gold one, and you never have to worry about looking out of place. You can wear both of them to the dinner you’re planning to go to! Nowadays, when most trends come and go, we know that the best ones always come back, thus we bring you back- Stacking jewleelry.

          Switching up your stacks with a few staple pieces can give you various new looks fit for every occasion.The versatility this trend provides is impeccable; it’s no wonder why it comes back around every time! Only this time, it’s here to stay.


          Celebs love their jewelry! With our classic jewelry, Thaya Jewels can assist you in achieving these types of looks. Deepika Padukone, Rihanna, as well as Billie Eilish, are frequently spotted following this trend. Its hand downs one of their best kept secrets to jaw dropping outfits that we cant take our eyes off! The Hadid Sisters have jumped on the bandwagon and are the queens of pulling off this look.

          2022 Accessory Trends: Jewelry Stacking Thaya Jewelry Stacking 6 2022 Accessory Trends: Jewelry Stacking Thaya Jewelry Stacking 7

          This Hadid sister is constantly spotted stacking her jewelry. For her birthday, Gigi Hadid is seen here rocking this style. Best Birthday fit in existence? We saw hell-yeah!

          2022 Accessory Trends: Jewelry Stacking Thaya Jewelry Stacking 2 2022 Accessory Trends: Jewelry Stacking Thaya Jewelry Stacking 3

          She’s living proof that any fit can be jaw-dropping with this jewelry stacking wave! We often see Bella Hadid wear simple outfits and elevate them with stackable jewelry, and we are here for it!

          HOW TO STACK?

          Stacking can get tricky. It might appear tacky if done incorrectly and improperly. There are a few straightforward guidelines for stacking; follow these fundamentals, and you’re ready to start!

          • RINGS:

          Rings can be a great anamnesis for important milestones as well as people around you that you adore. One of the most sentimental types of jewelry out there, rings serve as a reminder of your loved one, best friend, or family. Stacking these can be fairly simple.

          Here is a little to-do list for your guidance:

          • Always start with simple rings first. Glamour them up into more interesting pieces as you go. It will enable you to make the most of each item in your jewelry collection.

          • Stack strong multiple layers on 2-3 fingers / minimal stacking on all fingers. Using either one of the two will make your hands look oh-so-artsy.

          • Use different ring width sizes as well as textures for a more put together look.

          Here are a few rings from Thaya Jewels we strongly recommend:

          If you have an admiration for minimal silver jewlery, heres a stackable ring you will love!

          • NECKLACES:

          Necklaces are one of the best ways to accentuate your entire outfit. However, they are the trickiest to crack, but we always see celebrities do it so effortlessly. We’re here to tell you how with the following tips:

          • Use a statement choker with dainty sterling silver chains or vice versa, but remember to have only either 1-2 bold statement pieces for your neck.

          • Use varying lengths for your neck pieces.

          • Mixing different metals. Wearing that silver chain necklace or that 18k gold chain is not something you have to settle on. Wear them both!

          • To make the stack more distinctively you, experiment with different shapes and textures. Use your imagination and charms, gemstones, and diamonds, etc. Go all in!

          • Layered Necklaces are your best friends. It makes stacking extremely easy.

          • Remember to always use both neutral as well as strong pieces when stacking. Stacking is essentially the beautiful collaboration of both these types of jewelry.

          • BRACELETS:

          Bracelets exentuatate one of the most beautiful parts about the woman, her delicate hands.


          • 1. Start with one statement bracelet and base the rest of your stack on it. It will make your hands appear less unkempt.

          • 2. Once you have your statement piece, use smaller and more minimal looking pieces that complement the same. One thing about stacking that we love is, there are no boundaries. So go all out! Here are our suggestions:

          • 3. Thats it, add as many layers as you want and have stacking that beautiful wrist of yours! As long as it doesn’t become excessively bulky and heavy, you can add a couple of statement pieces and build the stack around them. Unless you want it too, who cares as long as you feel good about it!

          • 2022 Accessory Trends: Jewelry Stacking Thaya Jewelry Stacking 8

            Pro tip: Charm bracelets are the best statement bracelets. It is highly recommended that you use a product similar to this one from Thaya Jewels:

            Read more →

          • 2022 Accessory Trends: Jewelry Stacking Thaya Jewelry Stacking 9

            For a more simple look, we suggest something that looks like this piece from Thaya Jewels :

            Read more →

          • 2022 Accessory Trends: Jewelry Stacking Hc60e9c99ce144505941ea916500831649

            For the days we feel a lil extra and feel like going all out, we recommend using filler bracelets like this one:

            Read more →

          That was the complete A-Z of the jewelry stacking trend that is here to stay! We strongly recommend you try this out A well-put-together stacking look can make your look go from a 7 to a 10 in no time. Although it can be a little difficult, if you use our advice, you should be fine. Once you crack the code, you’ll have consistently stunning looks that will make heads turn.


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          925 Sterling Silver – All You Need To Know

          You must have wondered why it said 925 sterling silver on the card you received with your favorite silver jewelry. One comes across several online websites selling a wide range of sterling silver jewelry with unique designs but the question that strikes us is what is so unique about this specific kind of silver? Fear not, this article will clear all your doubts before your next late night browsing through your favorite jewelry websites.

          Especially, Thaya jewels will keep you up all night with beautiful designs that will leave you wondering about them adorning your skin!

          Sterling silver began to be used as early as the 12th century in the continent of Europe. Due to its significantly high value, it was used to mint coins as a form of currency. With the advent of a narrowed global structure, it began to spread to different parts of the world. From its initial usage to being used today to make precious jewelry, sterling silver has undergone several changes. 

          Sterling Silver – Timeless

          From being easily customizable to be durable and resistant to the damage of everyday usage, sterling silver is a beauty in itself. Add to that the skilled craftsmanship, and beautiful designs and you have a beauty that will stand the tests of time, generation, and place. 

          925 Sterling Silver - All You Need To Know pDM0banx1PYqwW QLIqJDIQV8 hM4sfKUTIt15kQdeThsOrSit5nsijR3QxOgsxgdbZ ygXri0pG93jRWBs0FQnZoJ pvwNS2iDY6QghaSxISStMN6QpbjAXW7X42mgB2kaH6vmbCjc9bXjfbnVPbUGZ
          A Vintage Silver Handcuff

          What Is Sterling silver – An Understanding

          While pure silver is an element that can be found in its natural state in nature itself, sterling silver is an alloy, an amalgamation made by humans. It is a combination of several metals with a massive proportion of silver consisting of 92.5% of the total. The remaining 7.5% is usually either copper or zinc in combination. The shiny appearance of sterling silver rivals that of pure silver and it is almost impossible to separate the two from each other at first glance. Asie from the jewelry industry where it is primarily used, sterling silver is also used in plate settings, silverware, and silver-plating items. 

          Purity Of 925 Sterling Silver & Its Importance

          When you visit the website for Thaya jewels for the first time, there might be an initial hesitance before purchasing. It is therefore important to know about the purity of the sterling silver you purchase. A hallmark with the word sterling or 925 is usually stamped on the product. Spotting it might need a magnifying glass because of its minuscule size.

          Holding the piece and checking its tensile strength and bending quality can also be a way to judge the purity however, this is not always a reliable method and it is suggested that visiting an expert before purchasing it is better.

          silver ring on tray

          Thaya jewels will never disappoint you in this and its beautiful design combined with the purity of the product will leave you wanting to buy more.

          Sterling Silver Over Silver – A Comparative Choice

          Silver has always been a sign of beauty and grandeur. But over the years silver is being replaced by a close substitute, that is sterling silver. While both sterling silver and pure silver are eye-catching, before buying either, it is important you make an informed decision. Here’s why sterling silver is a better pick in a long time-

          • Durability– Along with its near-perfect authenticity,  the durability of sterling silver is more than that of pure silver. This is actually due to another metal being added to silver which increases the durability index of the combination. Due to sterling silver being an alloy, despite wearing it every day, it will continue to hold longer than a pure silver piece. 
          • Hypoallergenic– It is better to use jewelry made of sterling silver because it is always hypoallergenic and doesn’t react with your skin because it is given an extra rhodium coating. This makes it suitable for everyday wear as it has no side effects on the skin of the person who is wearing it. 
          • Better Designs For The Win- No matter how intricate a design is, it is possible to replicate it on sterling silver. From rare designs that will add an extra glint to your designs, to extra malleability that results in newer forms, it is preferred over silver. Thaya jewels have an extensive collection of beautiful jewelry from pendants to bracelets that will leave you breathless with want.
          sterling silver

          One such piece is the White Cherry Clip-On Earrings. Don’t have a piercing but are looking to wear one of those beautiful cuffs? This piece is a beauty with the idea of hope and awakening intertwined in each of its turns. Made from sterling silver, it will add elegance to your entire outfit with its simple grace. A handmade design with an easy-to-care-for process, the Almond Blossom earring will transport you to a world of spring and beauty.

          Another signature piece to add to your jewelry collection and make you the envy of everyone is Linglie Butterfly Necklace. Inspired by Chinese culture, it is a blend of tradition with a modern take to it. The blue butterfly that is the heart of the piece will catch eyes from miles away. In addition to its detailing, this piece is also characterized by it being manually inlaid with international standard zircons. The necklace represents the vibrant life of the opera and is a story of vivacity.

          sterling silver

          Do you ever see someone wearing a piece that is so adorable that you immediately want it? Here’s one such piece Double Heart Stud Earrings. The earring is two hearts placed together, one smaller in size and placed next to a hollow heart. The piece also has an additional copper plating which as a metal has several benefits by being antifungal and antimicrobial. This makes it less hazardous for any skin contact. The design is trendy and will add an extra spark to all your looks, from a casual outfit to a classy gown. 

          925 Sterling Silver - All You Need To Know RCxvaXb9cqbBiLpEALagB2UKvatpixH9ekNPE6RYHRX1hahgHdRlCHhIfaYvx0tGZpCwSEfUtOMShWz 4kxDHJJhN8i090Q In8clH7HeJt2qaY1pX5H9UfaDaPwsmt9

          Thaya’s Bard Earrings is the perfect mix of harmony and music with a tinge of poetry to it. The design is unique in its drop design with a flower suspended. With the sterling silver, there is also a natural oyster pearl which increases the value of the earring beyond measure. With the long-lasting sheen and precision that went into making it, this piece will be your next right decision. 

          sterling silver

          Clip-on has taken the world by storm removing any pain associated with piercing and making you feel beautiful by enhancing your look.

          Thaya is not lagging behind and has developed its own sets of clip-on earrings one of them being the brilliant, Angel Wings Clip-on Earrings. Made with a new perspective to understand the angel-devil dynamic, this earring will present how good and evil is in reality, a mere blurred line. The earring is shaped like the wings of angels studded with white stones to add to the glamour of this creation.

          Caring For Your Jewelry

          Buying the jewelry also comes with an important step, that of caring for it. It is better to store sterling silver jewelry away from moisture, in dark places away from air and water. Cleaning with a soft cloth is also important and helps in maintaining the luster of the pieces. 

          An Extra Point For The Win

          Due to its amalgamated form, sterling silver can be used on a daily basis. A buildup of dust and tarnish on the metal is usually avoided because of its composition and thus wearing it every day will not affect its shine. Wear your pieces of sterling silver fearlessly and let the world peep into the beauties.

          Here’s hoping you now know everything about sterling silver. Check out all the pieces you have waiting in your Thaya Jewels cart! Throw all your caution to the wind, for it rivals the essence of pure silver.

          Choose your style and leave your print wherever you go (just remember to check the stamp though). 

          7 Reasons Why Silver Jewelry Is One Of The Best Gifts!

          Because sometimes, words aren’t enough!

          There is nothing better than receiving a gift, irrespective of how big or tiny, necessary or not, or even if it was anticipated. Receiving anything that has been gorgeously wrapped is a constant pleasure. Due to its great sentimental significance, silver jewelry has long been given as a gift and used to add glitz to any special occasion.

          For your benefit, we at Thaya Jewels have gathered all the vital details about why silver jewelry makes such a wonderful gift. What is unique about these ornaments that make them valuable to give multiple times? Let us explore the top seven reasons why silver jewelry is the best gift for your beloved.

          1. Silver Jewelry Is Timeless

          The saying “Jewelry is Timeless” is something we’ve all heard, but have you ever wondered about how accurate it is? Well, it is undoubtedly correct in the scenario of silver jewelry! 

          Silver jewelry

          Sterling silver jewelry can last a long period if handled appropriately. Jewelry made of sterling silver contains 7% additional metals, making it even stronger, more resistant to corrosion, and much more durable than jewelry made of gold or any other metal.

          Believe us, we know that you truly want your loved ones to treasure the gift you give them. What could possibly be better than giving someone you love a piece of sterling silver jewelry that they can adorn around their wrist or neck for the rest of their lives?

          2. Silver Jewelry Is Innovative & Trendy

          Today, who doesn’t love staying up-to-date with fashion? If you keep up with current events, you would be aware that sterling silver jewelry is trendy nowadays. 

          Silver Jewelry

          There are always new designs available since silver is a very soft metal that jewelers can easily innovate with. You can select a piece (or a hundred) of sterling silver jewelry that matches your unique style thanks to the variety of types and designs available.

          There are a plethora of sterling silver jewelry choices available, including pendants, bracelets, and earrings, allowing you to find something special to give to a loved one.

          3. Silver Jewelry Is Hypoallergenic 

          Gifts are adored by all! Nobody really wants their presents to turn into disasters for others. This is why gifting sterling silver jewelry is indeed the perfect idea due to its skin-friendly property.

          Silver Jewelry

          Unlike brass or nickel jewelry, sterling silver jewelry doesn’t trigger any reactions or allergies. Our brand, Thaya Jewels, crafts jewelry from 925 sterling silver. When wearing jewelry like earrings, which are always in close proximity to the skin, this quality is particularly essential.

          Don’t worry from now on when buying someone sterling silver jewelry. They can happily flaunt your silver, knowing they won’t experience any repercussions in the future.

          Silver Jewelry Is Incredibly Versatile

          There is usually at least one item of clothing that matches everything. The same applies to jewelry made of sterling silver. They are a great option for every occasion and go well with your outfit thanks to their versatility.

          Silver Jewelry

          Received a lunch invitation? Simple silver bracelets should be worn for enhanced sparkle. Going to a meeting? To stand out, choose stunning silver studs. Is it a fancy after-hours occasion? Put on a sterling silver necklace and silver stud earrings for a delicate and elegant appearance.

          Your beloved would be amazed after donning your present in many ways. Jewelry made of sterling silver is a classic and seamless addition to anyone’s collection, regardless of when or where they wear it.

          Silver Jewelry Reflects Emotions

          There are innumerable things with which we have strong emotional bonds. For instance, people have always felt a special connection to jewelry. By merely caressing a ring on our finger or glancing in the mirror at a stunning necklace around our neck, we can experience all the love in the world.

          Silver Jewelry

          Every piece of sterling silver jewelry you give as a gift will have a fascinating backstory. Your gift will be greatly loved due to its originality and the attention you put into selecting it.

          We assure you that personalized gifts like customized sterling silver jewelry will be adored by your beloved. A heartfelt gift is more precious than an expensive, materialistic one.

          Silver Jewelry Fulfills The Heart’s Desires

          Everyone enjoys treating themselves to special items because the happiness you experience after doing so is incomparable. However, did you know that people frequently buy items for themselves, such as food, clothing, or even shoes, but hesitate to buy jewelry?

          Silver Jewelry

          For example, there are some goods that are simply not on the checklists of most folks, primarily because they are uncommon, seen as a luxury, and have a high price. One of these products is jewelry. The majority of the time, people do not regularly spend money on jewelry. 

          Therefore, if you give your loved one a lovely sterling silver necklace, they will adore it. This gift’s thrill and artistry are increased by the fact that it is not an ordinary gift.

          Silver Jewelry Is Easy To Maintain

          Despite how lovely silver is, numerous folks have steered away from metals in the past due to tarnishing. It’s disheartening to observe a beloved possession getting soiled or fading.

          Silver Jewelry

          But did you know that wearing silver jewelry might really help keep it from tarnishing? The oils from your skin help to clean the silver. There are simple, inexpensive techniques to bring back the luster to your sterling silver jewelry, even if it appears dull. The silver in your jewelry will soon be gleaming after being cleaned with varnish and just a damp towel. 

          For less maintenance and greater delight, spend the money on a stunning sterling silver piece of jewelry for your loved one.

          Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Gift From Thaya Jewels 

          • For any unique or special gifting demands, contact us. We’d be thrilled to assist! Each piece is skillfully handcrafted.
          • Designs created by our French artisans for Thaya are made entirely of pure sterling silver.
          • Abrasive metals, including nickel and brass, are not used in Thaya Sterling Silver Jewelry.
          • Each design epitomizes elegance and versatility
          • We guarantee international shipping on our minimalist sterling silver jewelry. We’ll send it your way, wherever you may be!


          Silver jewelry is absolutely gorgeous and timeless. These delicate pieces might serve as the perfect gift for your loved one. From physical, and chemical to emotional aspects, you can learn everything you need to know about silver jewelry from this article. Check out the elegant collection of minimalist Thaya silver jewelry, and show your love by purchasing one!

          5 Eternal Pieces Of Jewelry For Classy & Minimal You

          Trends come and go, and style evolves. It’s important to have pieces of jewelry that are timeless and look chic despite ever-changing fashions.

          Karen Elson

          Are you the person who is constantly in search of simplistic, chic jewelry? We can quite understand if chunky and heavy pieces don’t seem to do it for you. If you agree with us, then your eternal search for the perfect subtle piece of accessory might have just ended here! This blog covers 5 eternal pieces introduced by Thaya Jewels, for the classy and minimal you. Our elegant and adorable pieces are eye-catching and absolute must-haves in your wardrobe. Because we at Thaya believe that jewelry is a lifetime investment that makes you outshine others. 

          Thaya produces 100% pure sterling silver designs that are handcrafted with love by our artisans in France. Our pieces are inspired by Japan, where dreams are diluted in reality. This motivates us to create authentic works of art, loved and appreciated by our customers. Thaya’s soft, creative and exquisite range includes jewels like necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets. Supporting and encouraging girl bosses all around the world, our jewelry is designed for woman who appreciates glimmering beauty and self-expression. 

          The following pieces are Thaya’s showstopping items which are guaranteed to cause quite the stir in public:


          Thaya Hollow pendant eternal piece necklace

          Simple and lightweight jewelry is something that has been in fashion for a long time and will continue to be in the future. If you love those small and elegant neck pieces that don’t crowd your neck, but rather give a classy vibe, this piece is custom crafted for you!

          This subtle necklace features a delicate pattern with little hollow loops strung alternately and inlaid with zirconia decorations in the center.

          Our Hollow Pendant Necklace is made from Copper and has the following benefits:

          • Antimicrobial
          • Antifungal
          • Hypoallergenic

          In all, this necklace is safe for your skin and would not leave your skin dry and itchy after use. 


          Cosmic-themed jewelry is very well known and believed in, due to its symbolism and mystical connection to astronomical imagery. This pendant, set with a captivating color-changing Moonstone, is guaranteed to turn attention. The stone is set in a circular bezel and held in place by prongs. The centerpiece is complemented with Zircon crystals throughout the design.

          Eternal piece: Aurora heart necklace

          The gem carries calming and intuitive energy that is needed in life. This particular gem is especially significant and compelling for lovers. Our Aurora Cosmic Heart Necklace promises its wearer a look of radiance and a touch of positivity. 

          Special features:

          • Made of sterling silver with a silver plating
          • Manually processed and polished
          • Adjustable extension chain

          However, it is important to take well care of this product. It is advised to keep the necklace out of contact with perfumes and other chemicals. We also advise you to keep the piece away from extreme heat and avoid water. Besides this, Thaya recommends you avail this gorgeous necklace to make a statement.


          With attention to detail and fineness, this piece of jewelry reflects a nautical pattern. Thaya Jewels’ Compass Bracelet has a hollow compass pendant with a needle in the center. The initials of the directions are etched on the pendant to give it an authentic and realistic appearance. The bracelet’s chain has a semi-anchor design, giving it the perfect minimalist look. 

          Eternal piece: Compass Bracelet

          It is made of pure, unadulterated copper which is safe for your skin.

          If you love unorthodox, unique pieces with designs that are out of the box and youthful, we definitely recommend you to get our Compass Bracelet and turn heads with it.


          One of Japan’s biggest tourist attractions has to be its Cherry Blossom season. These flowers are symbolic of spring, which represents a time of renewal and the fleeting nature of life. Taking inspiration from this, Thaya Jewels introduces its Cherry Blossom Stud Earrings.

          Thaya Cherry blossom Earrings

          Our stud earrings feature beautiful cherry blossoms that are made up of natural shell powder. This shell powder is hypoallergenic and totally safe to wear in the long run. Our Cherry Blossom Studs have an elegant pink hue that speaks of vibrant and strong womanhood. 

          Since Women remind us of a flower blossom, soft but brave enough to face a storm, we dedicate this charming and ethereal piece of jewelry to the face of feminism. 


          Love is a beautiful yet unexplained thing. It leads to understanding and tolerance between partners, which finally culminates in a fate of happiness. Taking inspiration from this philosophy, we have crafted our Meet By Chance Couple Rings.

          Eternal piece: Couple Rings

          As minimalist and beautiful as the female ring is, the male’s ring is simple and generous. It consists of a half cut of matte, and another half cut of high-quality scrub polish. The color of this gorgeous couple’s ring will last a long time without tarnishing. It will also never turn your skin green like cheap jewelry often does. 


          Other benefits include:

          • Resizable in nature
          • Lead and Nickel Free
          • Extremely low possibility of rash and skin irritation
          • Perfect for daily wear and special occasions as well

          If you want your special one to feel loved on her day, these couple rings are the perfect piece to gift and make her feel appreciated. You can also gift this on occasions like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Engagement, Graduation, and many others too! 

          Thaya riri gif

          Thaya takes pride in its original art pieces that always catch the eye. Our hard work and authenticity have been appreciated by our global audience immensely. Our traditional workmanship ethic ensures every woman gets exactly what she wants and needs. The enchanting and minimalistic pieces of Thaya Jewels, are exactly what you need to be the confident girl boss, and continue to slay the day.

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